7 Best Looking Roblox Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best looking roblox games

Roblox is a huge platform that has a lot of different video games on it. It has millions of games that are always being added to as more and more developers start making newer games. Roblox is a social platform, so users can not only play these games but also chat and make these games through Roblox.

What’s even better, is that Roblox is free to use. This means that you can play all of the games on Roblox for free without having to pay even a penny. There is only one place where you might need to spend real money: to buy in-game currency, which is called Robux. This money is used in both Roblox’s official store and all of the games that are on Roblox.

Most Realistic Roblox Games

Roblox has a lot of different types of video games, which has led to a whole new type of game. As anyone can make games through Roblox, we can see some pretty unique ideas in some Roblox video games.

However, most games on Roblox are for kids. There are also a lot of games that are better for people who just want to play with other people online. For people who want to have a real experience in these Roblox games, it can be hard to find. This is why we’re going to show you five of the most realistic Roblox games that you can play. Here, you can see them all.

Apocalyptic Planet

Apocalyptic Planet

This is a video game made by BlackHoles. Apocalyptic Planet has a lot of different things to do. According to the name of the game already: It’s set in a post-apococtoic setting, and the main focus is on being able to stay alive. However, the most interesting thing about this game is how it makes its players feel like they’re playing a real game.

There is no doubt that the game has a better apocalyptic setting than any other Roblox game we’ve seen. This is also what makes this game look so real. Through this game, you will get to see a big city fall to its knees because everything has been destroyed. Zombies have wiped out most of the population with you being one of the only survivors left. Also, it’s worth noting that the game has a lot of gameplay on a big scale.

Legal District

There are a lot of real-life games made by Roblox, and Legal District is another great one of them. The game is made by Aliman3. The most important thing about this game is that it’s based on the Dishonored series a lot.

They are one of Bethesda’s most popular games, with First Person gameplay that moves very quickly. This doesn’t mean that the game is a complete copy of these other games. In fact, we found that only the game’s environments were more like Dishonored. This video game has its own unique story that can only be told by playing the game. In this way, you can get to know a city that isn’t well-known.

Project Paris

Project Paris

Project Paris is a video game made by AgentTech, which makes games. A Roblox game that is both realistic and immersive might be the best choice for you. Because this game recreates real-life places into its game, it’s great. This is a great game.

This not only makes the game look good, but it also makes it look very real. It’s not just a real-life simulator, though. There are many surprises in the game that we won’t tell you about. Some of the things this game has to offer are even better than they first seem.

When you look at this game, you should be proud of how well the developer did. Even more so when we think about the fact that this is a game that was made with Roblox. To be clear, the game is set in Paris, so you can see the different buildings in Paris.


In this game, you build things. It was made by Asimo3089. The game is as good as Project Paris when it comes to making you feel like you’re in the real world. In fact, the way the game shows off all of the game’s beautiful buildings is just amazing.

However, the buildings in this game aren’t always based on real-world places, like the previous game on the list. This is both good and bad. When the developer was able to be unique with his ideas, he was able to make a detailed building the way he wanted to, which made him more unique. All in all, this is a very immersive game that should really keep you interested in its details as well as its gameplay. This is also why we think you should play it as soon as you can.

Ancient Steampunk

Ancient Steampunk

This is a unique game made by SteamRail for the Roblox game. Even though the game doesn’t seem to be very big, it is still a game that is unique and real. They get to go down into the unique depths of Ancient Steampunk in order to learn more about the secrets that haven’t been told yet.

As the game has a short map, the developer was able to be more creative with how the game looked. In the end, we saw one of the most realistic games that Roblox had to show us. I should also point out that the city itself is very good. When you’re just walking around the city, you should pay attention to small things like overgrown vegetation and more!

Summer Forest

A place where people can hang out and talk with friends is Summer Forest. It’s a great choice for people who want that. You can tell that the forest looks very real, with grass and god rays shining through the trees.

Playing here isn’t very exciting because there isn’t much else to do. Players are encouraged to just relax and enjoy the peaceful setting.

Roblox Brookhaven

Roblox Brookhaven

Roblox Brookhaven has been around for almost two years, and it has had billions of people visit it. Brookhaven has set up a place where players can act out different scenarios, like getting a job, making money, owning homes, going to movies, and even finding out what the town is all about. It’s a whole ecosystem at your fingertips.