10 Best Ipad Adventure Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Ipad Adventure Games

Giant Dancing Plushies

Giant Dancing Plushies

Giant Dancing Plushies is a rhythm game in which huge cuddly toys run through a city, like a child’s version of Godzilla. Your job is to make them dance to the music in the game, or to your own music, if that option is available when you play.

Wisely, the controls and timings are very simple. You have to swipe (or do nothing) on the beat to play the game. There are also weapons that can be used with step combos like in fighting games, so you can unleash furry fury on your enemies.

The whole thing is a lot of fun. If you want to eat all the candy-colored treats in the game all at once, you can’t do that because the game doesn’t have an IAP system.


Vectronom is a psychedelic world where geometric shapes move and move and move and move and move. People in your shape, which is a beat-nodding cube, are in charge of getting from point A to point B across a constantly shifting obstacle course filled with spikes and holes.

The best way to play this iPad game is to pay attention to the choreography that’s in front of you. Then, swipe to do something that’s part rhythm action, part slalom, and part dancing. You swipe into empty space because you know that a platform will show up on time, if you do everything right.

In the game, each area has its own personality, from the Autobahn’s sea of squares to Spike Jump’s crazed personality. All the time, Vectronom’s soundtrack changes from thumping electronic ear-smashing to more gentle waltz songs. As long as you don’t get frustrated too much (again, Spike Jump), it’s a hypnotic, tantalising experience.



Wicked Eye is not like a game where you have to move around. The platforms are still there, and the same enemies are roaming around, throwing things at you from time to time. It looks like you’re a floating eye, but instead of moving around, you stay put. This is what is said to happen these days when a witch wants to get her things back from a kleptomaniac knight.

Simple: Swipe to move, tap to stop. Witcheye’s level design is what makes it so good, though. This game has a lot of items that you can get by carefully moving around and smashing your enemies. If you want to get them all, though, you’ll have to be very careful. This is even more clear in the frequent, fun boss fights.

Witcheye works very well on the iPad. There’s a lot of room for your finger to swipe, and the old-school pixel art looks great.

Pulse: Volume One

People who play Pulse: Volume One can move their bodies in time to music. The instrument, if it is even possible to call it that, has a neon pulse that moves across concentric circles.

Those circles move around a star like planets, and you must tap the notes when the pulse comes to them. Miss, and there’s a sound that makes you sick.

That might seem easy at first. In the early songs, there is a kind of mindless noodling entertainment. Compositions start out simple, but then they get more difficult. This will test your dexterity and sense of rhythm, so you should pay attention.

There’s only so much space on the iPad that this game can work. It’s a fun and tactile game that puts a new twist on rhythm games.



Jumpgrid is a fast-paced arcade game that pits you against a psychopathic obstacle course that wants to make you fail. Only way out is to jump to another spot on a three-by-three grid, eat all the spinning cubes, and then run to the teleporter that will take you to the next, more difficult, test.

It feels like a small Frogger/Pac-Man crossover was smashed into Super Hexagon with a hammer, and then that hammer smashes your ego as any sense of pride you had about your gaming skills quickly turns into a sticky pulp.

But this ride is one to stay with. Take the clockwork patterns to heart so you can start making speed runs that make you feel like a real gamer. When you finish all 100 levels, there’s an endless mode that’s a lot of fun to try out.


Helix looks like a rough-and-tumble 1980s video game. A big blinking eye is your character. As enemies appear from the screen edges, your character moves around. This is how the game works: The goal is to stay alive, but you can do more than just dodge (albeit less than shoot).

A line starts to form around an enemy as you move around them. If the line is closed, the enemy bursts into flames, giving you some time to get away. Some enemies need more orbits, or you need to circle them in a certain way, and that’s all there is to it.

But Helix’s simplicity isn’t bad for it. You can play this on your iPad because it’s a focused, brilliantly thought out arcade game. You’ll love the lurid graphics, the responsive touchscreen controls, and the hard-as nails gameplay that makes you want to play again and again until you can’t stand it any longer.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a side-on game where you have to keep going until you die. It’s about Alto, who likes to sandboard on huge dunes, jump into the air, do all kinds of tricks, and then try not to land (i.e. crash) in a way that makes his face full of sand.

This is a great game for your iPhone, but it might not be what you usually think of when you think of an iPad game. But just like its predecessor, Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey is a beautiful game that’s more complex than it looks.

It looks great, with interesting weather effects and day/night cycles. As you complete challenges, you slowly unlock new goals, environments, and abilities, but if at any point it all feels too much, you can switch off with the zero-risk Zen Mode, which leaves you with a serene soundtrack and endless desert


Because it’s so thought-out and tactile, Frost feels like a living piece of art. Sparks and barriers fly across the screen in dozens of different scenes as you direct flocks of neon creatures toward orbs. Once the orbs are full, you can move on to the next one.

Finally, FROST is a game that makes you find your way through. It helps you understand what’s going on and how to reach your goal. But FROST is very different from its peers. There are a lot of interesting and fun things about the abstract graphics, but it also really wants you to play, try new things, and find out.

Most of the puzzles are easy, and you should be able to finish the game in a few hours. If you did that, you would be missing the point. FROST is an iPad game that you should enjoy and enjoy.

Among Us

Among Us

The game Among Us first came out in 2018, but it took over the world in 2020 as the perfect, paranoid, quarantine game. You and your friends control cartoon astronauts who work together to fix your spaceship. Secret saboteurs are working to kill you and your friends in a very quiet way. To find out the truth or keep up the ruse, use some old-fashioned social manipulation to get what you want.

Asphalt 9: Legends

A racing game is a great way to show off new graphics technology because of its shiny cars and speedy cars that can go very fast. Asphalt 9: Legends isn’t any different from the other games in the Asphalt 9 line. This beautiful free game will show you how much you love your new tablet.