7 Best Idle Games On Steam That You Should Know Update 02/2024

best idle games on steam

If you’re not familiar with idle games, they may have a bad reputation. They’re also called clicker or incremental games, and they can be hard to get used to. Because a game can be played by itself, many people think it doesn’t have as much value.

That’s not true at all. You can play a lot of simple games that have enough depth and strategy to keep you coming back. It’s true that there are also more direct games in this article, but they still make for a fun and easy time.

You can play these games on Steam today. They cover a wide range of genres and are for people of all levels of knowledge.

Here, there’s likely a game that fits your needs.

The Longing 

The Longing 

This is the most interesting idle game on Steam because it does the opposite of what you’re used to in the genre.

It takes a long time for The Longing to run out of time. One of the best things about this game is that it’s a mix of adventure games, walking simulators, and idle games. It has a 400-day calendar. It doesn’t matter whether the game is open or not. Time moves in real-time.

It’s your job to wake up the old kings from their sleep after 400 days. It’s possible to leave the game and come back next year if you want. The clock starts as soon as the game starts. The Shade will be lonely if you do.

The whole cave system is yours to explore as much as you want. You can find furniture and other weird things to decorate the Shade’s underground home. When you do this, time moves a little faster. The game could even let you read full-length novels in order to help speed up the time.

If you think this game is going to be fast, think again. The Shade moves at the speed of an iceberg, and puzzles can take days or even weeks to solve. One example is that there’s a secret area that you can’t get through. You have to wait for the water to drip down so you can swim across.

Nonetheless, I tried to go to every place I could because I was drawn to The Longing. Most places have something that will make you laugh at some point. Others go nowhere, even if you spend a long time watching the Shade climb.

The Longing has no enemies or anything that could kill you. The goal of the game is to pass the time in a way that is both meditative and addictive. How you spend those 400 days and reach your goal is all up to you.


As the game progresses, the goal is to play enough to make the game “idle.”

A pickaxe is all you have with you when you start on a small island that is very far away. When you play for an hour, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do.

The main gameplay loop is to get a lot of resources to make buildings, farms, gear, and a lot of other things. It’s then that you use your new shiny tools to get resources faster until your machines are fully automated.

When you buy nearby land with gold that has been processed, you can turn your small island into a whole country. These lands also have interesting things, like quest-giving NPCs, treasure puzzles, or dungeons, which make them more interesting than other places. It doesn’t matter how big the island is, having more land means more resources will be found there.

Dungeons make up the bulk of the game’s difficulty. There is a combat gauntlet in there that needs your best items and healing supplies, so you should make sure you have them before you go in! Epic boss fights and unique dungeon items are always part of it.

You can make your own weapons and armour and learn new skills and get better as you play, but the game doesn’t hold your hand. You get experience points for almost everything you do, from cutting down trees to killing slimes. Then, it’s up to you to decide how to spend it.

Forager is very different from the other games on this list. It requires a lot of active involvement. But as you get better and start to automate more things, it quickly becomes one of the best idle Steam games to choose from.

Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder thinks of you as the ruler of a fantasy kingdom that has inns and blacksmiths. It works like a typical clicker game, where you click to get gold and spend the money you get to build things that earn you gold on their own.

There are two ways you can be a good or bad leader in Realm Grinder. People who are actively playing the game say the first is better, while people who aren’t playing say the second is better.

All of the things you build and the groups you join will be affected by the decision you make. For example, if you choose to go down the path of darkness, your land turns into a desert of decaying trees. You have a river of lava around your town, and that’s not even the worst part.

When you build things, they all have the Lord of Darkness theme. You can build things like Hell Portals and Slave Pens to make money without you having to do anything.

In this game, there are six factions that you can choose to join, and each one gives you a different reward. To get gems in long sessions, I love allying with Demons. Their skills make it easier to build late-game structures, which makes it easier to get them in long sessions.

You can start over again, but you can keep your gems. This is like most of the games on this list. You can also choose to be on the other side and join forces with different groups.

Surprises await you in the game. It knows when to give them to you, and it has many more in store for you.

Luna’s Fishing Garden

There’s a calming and unique feeling when you play fishing minigames. You can just sit back and play Luna’s Fishing Garden, a 2D idle game that makes you feel good about yourself after a hard day.

A lot of people enjoy this game because of its cute sprites and relaxing music, as well as how easy it is to play. You can play it on Steam because its graphics are so good. Luna’s Fishing Gardens makes its players feel like they’re in a zen-like state of mind.

Cassie wakes up on an island that is owned by a fox spirit called Luna. Your goal is to fix up the island. To do this, you need to get rid of all the trash and debris, trade, plant trees, and harvest them. This will bring more animals to the archipelago. But most of the time, you’ll be catching and taking fish.

Stardew Valley is a game that many people enjoy. This game will be a lot like that game for you. In both games, you can play a minigame called “Fishing.” You use the green bar to move the fish until the metre is full, then you let it go. You can’t do that in Stardew Valley.

If Luna likes these fish, you can give them to her to trade. In return, he will give you leaves that you can use to buy more things that can help you earn more money, as incremental games go. This is what he will do. You can also plant trees or gardens that will help you make more leaves without you having to do anything.

If you catch certain fish in exchange for more space in your inventory, there is also a “light quest system.”

You can finish the main storyline of the game in 3 hours, but you can still play and keep building. Overall, it was a short and relaxing trip.

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

Starts out easy but gets more complicated the more time you spend on it. Don’t let that scare you off because it’s a simple game at its heart.

You click on monsters until they die, then use the gold you got from them to make your damage per click better. As a last option, you can hire companions who will do their own damage to take some of the stress off your hands.

Each of the companions has special abilities that can be unlocked at certain points in the game if you invest in them. Soon, you’ll be able to leave them alone and they’ll be fine without your help.

When you’re able to rise and start getting hero souls, Clicker Heroes is at its best. You can use these souls to buy ancients that will give you and your heroes extra help and boosts. Because there are so many, you can change their effects to fit your playstyle. This is because there are so many of them.

I like ancients that help me play more passively, like making my companion do more damage. But you can also choose a more active build that makes you do more damage per click.

Quick tip: Keep an eye out for bags that show up on the screen. This is a list of free rubies that you can use to buy better deals at the shop.

Enchanted Heroes

If you want to play an idle game in 2021, Enchanted Heroes is likely the best one you can find. It is a simple game that doesn’t have any high-end actions in it. As a hero who has been charmed, you can play the game in this way. What kind of person do I want to be? It’s up to me. As soon as you click on a monster, you can kill it. Another way to treat your wounds is to click on the character. With time, as you move forward, you can improve your weapons and other things. In this game, if you can’t play for any reason, the enchanted hero will start to kill the monster all on his own. This means that the game will keep going even if you don’t play it. You can join the game at any time and keep going from where you left off.


Play like a Hero

A simple and easy game to play.

To kill the monsters, click on them and then press the kill button.

You can improve your weapons and other things.

Grow Defense

Grow Defense

Do you like to play games that have warriors and castles in them? Play with the knights and castle in this game. In this game, you can take over your enemies’ castles and protect your own castles with the help of a knight or a soldier. 3D game: This is one of the best idle games because it gives you the best experience. When you play this game, all you have to do is click on the castles you want to take over. Besides taking over other castles, your job is to keep your castle safe from attack. In order to grow and improve your characters and weapons, you have to keep going through the game.


With the help of your army, you can win Castles.

Keep your castle safe in this 3D fighting game.

To get to the castle, click on it.