9 Best Games For 2 Year Olds That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best games for 2 year olds

My husband and I love board games. There you go. It was our favourite thing to play board games all night until the sun came up.

Our lives before we had kids were different.

As soon as our son turned two, we looked for educational toys for 2-year-olds. To our surprise, we found a lot of educational and learning board games that even toddlers could play. We were very excited about this.

I know you aren’t sure. You can’t imagine your 2-year-old sitting down to play a board game. This is why the people who made these board games for kids are geniuses! When you look at the games I’ve chosen, you’ll see why.

Your 2-year-old needs to play games with you all the time in order to grow up. A lot of different skills are taught, including gross and fine motor skills, reasoning and logic, memory and cognition, hand-eye coordination, and a lot of other things as well! They will also learn how to follow the rules and have good social-emotional skills that are important for when they go to school.

It’s important to play games and spend time together with your 2-year-old so that you and your family can bond and make great memories for years to come. For games to play with your 2-year-old that are both fun and educational, check out the list below.

Best Games for 2-Year-Olds

Games for two-year-olds are here. My son has been playing with some of these games for years, even when he was a little boy.

Despite the fact that my son is now in middle school and my daughter is in kindergarten, they still play games like Candyland and Hi Ho! Cherry-O.

Some of these board games are for kids who are 3 and up, but my kids were able to play them when they were 2. When your child is playing, pay attention to see if they are ready. Put the game away and try again in a few months.

1. Roll and Play Game

Roll and Play Game

It has been a family favourite since my son was 18 months old. He is now 5. This game is by far the best for your 2-year-old.

The rules are easy: You roll the big plush cube, pick a card with the same colour, and follow the instructions on the card. This is how you play. Do fun things like “roar like a lion” or “find something green.” There are 48 cards in 6 different categories.

The Roll and Play game teaches kids about emotions, counting, body parts, colour, animal sounds, and actions. It also shows them how to roll and play. It’s a great game for a 2-year-old who gets a little bored because the activities will get everyone moving.

My kids love this game, and they can play it again and again. Because the Roll and Play have won a lot of awards, like an Oppenheim Platinum Award and a Play Advances Language Award, this isn’t a big surprise.

2. First Orchard Game

You can teach your 2-year-old about teamwork with First Orchard, which is a fun game. if you work together, you’ll have a lot more time to pick fruit from the trees before the raven gets to the end.

You either win or lose together in the game. Simple: Your 2-year-old won’t have any trouble understanding the rules because it’s so easy to follow, You can let your toddler play with the pieces because they’re big and strong, so she can handle them.

If you want to learn about colour matching, where fruits come from, and the different types of fruit, First Orchard is a great game.

3. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

They love to use tongs. I don’t understand why. Both of my kids used tongs to pick up small things when they were little.

Those are the things that make the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game so fun! A squirrel squeezer is used to pick up the acorn that matches the colour of the spinner. You then carefully place the acorn in your log. This game is a great way for kids to improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while learning about colours and counting.

Set up and put away are simple with high-quality parts in this game that is easy to play. As one of the Amazon reviewers said, “If you’re on the fence about getting this game for your kids, get it! You won’t regret it!”

4. Button, Button, Belly Button

The belly button is a favourite thing for kids. Those are two things they love to do: read books about belly buttons, and they always lift up their shirts to touch their own belly buttons. So why not play a cute game that will let your kids show off their belly buttons, too?

The belly button, the belly button, the belly button, the belly button Button is a simple game that will help your toddlers learn about colours and improve their spatial skills. Your kids will move the wooden button mover, then match the card to the bear or button on the board.

They can show everyone their belly button if they have both the same colour button and bear cards.

5. Here Fishy Fishy! Magnetic Fishing Game

Here Fishy Fishy! Magnetic Fishing Game

Because he’s two years old, your child can’t stay still and needs something to do with his hands. This game is for him!

A die is rolled. After that, your child needs to hook fish that match the colour. If you do well, your child will get a piece of the puzzle for his board. As soon as he gets all five pieces and finishes the puzzle, he wins!

You can finish a game before your child runs off to do something else.

If your toddler isn’t yet ready to follow the rules, you and your child can just fish together.

6. Seek-a-Boo Game

The first time I saw the Seek-a-Boo Game played was when my child was in his Montessori class. All the kids were having a good time and running around, trying to find the right cards.

As your child learns and grows, you can use the cards as an introduction to animals, colours, foods, and so on, and then work your way up to the match game. So it’s a great game to bring to playdates. You can play with just a single child or a group of children.

This game is great because it’s easy for 2-year-olds who don’t fully understand the meaning of “gentle.” The only downside is that the cards bend a lot. You might want to laminate the cards for long-term play.

7. Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game

Ladybug’s Garden Memor

It will save you a lot of time if your 2-year-old likes memory games but hasn’t learned how to be careful with the cards. This Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game is just what you need.

The ladybug-shaped wooden caps hide the illustrations below. Instead of cards, you use the wooden caps to hide the illustrations It’s time for your child to flip the ladybugs over and see what pictures are underneath. They need to find the matching pair before anyone else does.

My son and I played this game when he was two years old at a friend’s house. During the game, my friend and I were amazed at how well he could remember. Soon, he found all the pairs and beat us all at the game. Keep in mind that your kids can be very smart.

8. Shopping List

Published by Orchard Toys

People in our house play a lot of games where they flip cards over and try to find matches. Most of them are from when I was a child (does anyone else in the world have a Hamtaro memory of their own? We found out pretty quickly that a simple game of memory is a big hit with the little ones.

It’s possible that Shopping List is the most popular game in our house. For her birthday, our daughter got this game. She was so excited to have her own game. We didn’t notice that she made all of the pieces by herself while we were away from the house. When we came back, she had the whole thing set up and ready to play. “Are you ready to go shopping?”

Everyone has their own shopping list and a cart or basket to put their things in. This means that the person who finds all the food they need first wins. If you think about it, games like this work on things like remembering things and paying attention. They also work on basic things like waiting for the next time you can try something.

9. Panda’s Picnic

Panda’s Picnic

Published by Peaceable Kingdom

When you’re picking games for 2-year-olds, it’s doubly important to think about how they’ll play and how they’ll think. Because the box is actually a picnic basket, Panda’s Picnic has been a favourite of our daughter’s for years. The game comes with a picnic blanket, plates, and cardboard cutouts of food items to complete your picnic play time.

Panda’s Picnic is one of the best games for 2-year-olds because it teaches basic skills like colours and shapes. This makes it a good game for teaching kids how to play. The idea is to play a simple game to finish your plate, either by colour or shape. As long as you let your imagination run wild, though, this is a great toy for kids. Our daughter still grabs this picnic basket off the shelf, takes out the picnic blanket, and sets up to play the game or play pretend. When we have a picnic, we often invite our puppets to join in the fun. We’ve used this a lot.