9 Best Fighting Games Ps4 That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best fighting games ps4

What are the best PS4 games that fight? People who play fighting games are some of the most dedicated people out there. This type of game has a lot of competition, and the PlayStation 4 has a lot of great beat-’em-ups. There are traditional 2D brawlers and 3D fighters, as well as anime-themed games.

On the PS4, there are a lot of good games for everyone, but which are the best ones for fights? This is what we think are the best games for Sony’s system, taking into account how well they look, how much content they have, how popular they are, as well as how strong and deep their combat is. Click the link for a more detailed list of the best PS4 games. You might also want to check out our list of the best PS4 anime games if you’re a big fan.

1. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (PS4)

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (PS4)

For us, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is one of the best licenced anime games for the PS4. It’s also the best game in CyberConnect2’s long-running series. This is a great team-based brawler that’s full of content. It’s full of detail and polish, and it’s a lot of fun. In Naruto Shippuden’s story mode, it covers the last act of the series. The game has a lot of big boss fights that do the source material well. Overall, this is a great and beautiful game, even though it has a lot of characters that aren’t very competitively balanced.

2. Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost ON (PS4)

Most of the games on this list aren’t traditional beat-em-ups, but Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs. Maxiboost ON (phew!) is still a great game to play with your friends or family. With deadly melee combos and tense long range shootouts, this is a mostly team-based brawler in an arena. In this game, there’s a lot of emphasis on movement, and there are a lot of playable mobile suits. This should give fans of the game plenty to play with. When it comes to Gundam, Maxiboost ON has a lot of different types of games for you to play alone, with your friends, and with other people, making it a very complete package.

3. The King of Fighters XIV (PS4)

The King of Fighters XIV (PS4)

The King of Fighters XIV is a well-made game that has a lot to offer. It has a huge character roster and some of the best team-based battles on the system. If you like technical 2D brawlers, this game is worth a look even if you don’t like how it looks. In this well-made game, you can play around with team composition and open-ended combos to see what works best for you.

4. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (PS4)

If you can get past the ridiculous season passes and the game’s title obsession with the female form, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is a good fighting game that’s fast, fun, and good at what it does. It’s a 3D brawler that’s easy to pick up and play, so it’s a good choice for people who want to learn more about the genre. It also has a lot of different game modes to choose from and a lot of different characters. That doesn’t mean we don’t think it’s the best Dead or Alive you can get for your money.

5. Melty Blood: Type Lumina (PS4)

Melty Blood Type Lumina (PS4)

You’ve never heard of Melty Blood? Type Lumina is the latest game in a fast-paced fighting game series that has always had a lot of fans. A lot of attention is paid to tight combos, cancels, and quick moves in this title. On the other hand, Type Lumina isn’t very hard to get into at the very beginning. A good automatic combo system can help new players learn about the general flow of a match, and most special moves don’t require complicated button presses. Besides that, the Melty Blood games have a unique tone that comes through in the characters, who are both real and interesting at the same time. Oh, and the soundtrack is really good.

6. Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [cl-r] (PS4)

Don’t let the name put you off: A great 2D fighting game called Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [cl-r] is out now. It has a lot of different and interesting characters that you can play. [cl-r] is the new one. It’s a lot better than the previous one, [st]. Under Night In-new Birth’s mechanics make this edition the best yet. Even though the game doesn’t have the same level of fame as other combo-heavy brawlers like Guilty Gear or BlazBlue, the game still has a lot to offer and master.

7. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a game that comes after Persona 4 Arena. Players fight each other as characters from the Persona game series. It’s possible for players to use a wide range of attacking moves, combos, and unique abilities. Story mode: The game has a visual novel-style story mode that will be fun for fans of the whole series. If you like beat-em up games, this one is for you. It has cool anime-style graphics that make the game really go for it when you play it. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a great game if you want to fight in 2D animation.

8. Samurai Shodown

A lot of people know that SNK is a well-known company that has made a lot of popular fighting games over the years. Samurai Spirits, also known as Samurai Shodown, was one of them. It was a popular series in the 1990s, but there were a lot of gaps between games in the series. The last time this series came out was in 2009, when it was called Samurai Showdown Anthology. In 2019, we got a new one called Samurai Shodown.

People who have played the game before, like Haohmaru and Nakoruru, are back. The game was made with Unreal Engine 4. The developers even made seasons for this game, which means that more fighters were added to the roster and the game is still getting new things. Season 3 is still in the works. A lot of people don’t like to play games like this. As a result, this team is more concerned with planning carefully and having a bigger impact on defence than just going on the attack.

9. WWE 2K16

WWE 2K16

A lot of people like WWE as an entertainment sport, and there have been a lot of video game games based on it. For this list, we chose WWE 2K16. There were a lot of changes made to WWE 2K16 from its predecessor, WWE 2K15. For example, there was a new submission type mini-game where you had to move the joystick in a circle in a cat and mouse style chase. In the same way, there are only so many reversals that you can do. You have to be a little more strategic in the future when you decide when to do a reversal against your opponent.

If you like wrestling, you might want to make your own wrestler. Players can make their own wrestler, entrance, moves, and more thanks to a wide range of customization options. There are a lot of different fictional and historical characters that people have made up and shared with each other online. For those who want to see it, this one has the 2K Showcase, which features a single wrestler from WWE 2K16 with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the focus.