12 Best Female Characters In Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024


When video games were first being made, almost all of them were made for men. They were the ones who went to arcades alone with their quarters, because gender roles were much stricter back then.

Things have changed for the better over time, which is good for everyone. Slowly but surely, many books started to have amazing female characters.

At first, almost all of them were just beautiful women. But as games changed over time, so did the characters in them.

We’re lucky to live in a time when badass female characters are common on TV and movies.

To make a short list, we’d have to leave out a lot of great characters, so here’s our ranking of the best female characters in all of gaming.



I didn’t have a PS Vita when the first Gravity Rush came out, so I couldn’t play it. So PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was the only place I met Kat.

Her ability to change the force of gravity made her one of my mains very quickly.

Because she can change gravity, she can make very creative levels for her games.

Her design as a character is also beautiful. The gold details on the black fabric go well with her tanned skin and blonde hair. She looks like a goddess from Sumer, and I love that.

Fun fact: Dusty, her black cat familiar, is the source of her gravity-related powers, even though she is the one who uses them.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

This cowgirl from the Mojave Wasteland is one of the best companions in Fallout: New Vegas because she talks a lot.

Even when you wouldn’t expect it, Cass always has something interesting to say.

She seems sad when you first meet her, and she likes to drink moonshine to forget her problems. But it’s the end of the world, so it’s only fair.

I mean, what good is a liver when “mauled by Deathclaws” is the leading cause of death?



Rayne, a dhampir who kills Nazis, was one of the first video game characters to make it out of the medium and into books.

In particular, she was featured in Playboy magazine in 2004.

It might seem silly right now. But back then, it was still an important event.

It took decades for most people to take video games seriously, and these kinds of experiments were key to making gaming what it is now: a respected art form.

Rayne used to be a popular cosplay character, which showed that both male and female gamers liked her.


In the Dead or Alive series, there are plenty of hot bad guys.

But Kasumi is a bit of an icon and the face of the series.

Since the mid-1990s, she’s been kicking ass. Her roles in Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden won her a lot of fans.

She seems nice, has a cute face, and has a killer body, but don’t be fooled by her looks. She can beat you to a pulp faster than any man, no matter how big or strong he is.



Katherine is probably a better choice for Vincent’s happiness in the long run, but Catherine’s mystery makes her stand out.

As a demon, she takes on the form that her victims want the most.

Vincent’s girlfriend Katherine’s twin is younger and more sassy. She often dresses like a cabaret dancer.

Catherine’s pixie-like personality and hot body show how much fun life can be when you don’t have any responsibilities.

It’s easy to understand why Vincent did it.

Any of us would get in trouble with this girl.

Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui is the only game character I can think of who fits the “sex symbol” description as well as she does.

This modern female ninja got a lot of attention because she was the first female character in an SNK fighter game. She also got a lot of attention because she was very attractive.

At the time, arcade games were mostly played by men, so this was the obvious thing to do.

Still, Mai is liked by more than just men.

She is a cosplay character that girls love to dress up as way too much. It’s as common as it is strange to run into a half-naked ninja on the subway on your way to a gaming convention.

Aya Brea

Aya Brea

Parasite Eve is one of those series that got big enough to compete with Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII, but then slowly faded away.

Still, the main character Aya Brea is still a symbol of the early days of 3D games.

This American police officer’s cells have mutated mitochondria, which lets her stay in charge even when Mitochondria Eve turns the cell’s powerhouse against its hosts.

It also gives her superhuman abilities once she wakes up, making her a pain for the bad guy.

Her cold and moody attitude is typical of “cool” characters from the late 1990s and early 2000s, but Aya wears it better.


Mario used to save cute girls from bad guys long before Princess Toadstool was born.

In particular, he was trying to save Pauline.

After she got into a fight with Donkey Kong in the game that started the Mario series, she disappeared for a while.

As we see in Super Mario Odyssey, she used this time to become a good singer and politician.

She is now the mayor of New Donk City. With her beautiful voice, she brings hope and cheer to the people who live there.



Hellblade is not the most popular game around. It’s still a great game, though.

And that has a lot to do with how great the story is and how well Senua is written.

This Pictish warrior from the Middle Ages in Scotland has schizophrenia and psychosis.

She thinks that a dark force is pushing her to save her lover’s soul from Helheim, and she sees signs of that dark force everywhere.

Senua keeps going even though she has been through so much pain and darkness. She is determined and shows how mental illness affects real people.

Maya Fey

Maya is now the leader of the Fey clan and the master of the Kurain Spirit Channeling Technique, but in the first Ace Attorney game, she wasn’t even close to as put together.

She was a normal 17-year-old girl at first.

She was a medium already, but other than that, she was just a normal girl.

She was the perfect assistant for the strange Phoenix Wright because she was friendly and took things in a lighthearted way. She was a bit clumsy, but it was in a very cute way.

She is no longer one of Phoenix’s helpers. But she stayed his trusted advisor for the rest of his life.


Rosalina was an interesting new character in the Mario universe.

A god or goddess who lives forever doesn’t seem to belong with princesses and plumbers.

Her story is also sad for a character in a Mario game.

Rosalina lost both of her parents when she was young. She was alone in the universe, but she made friends with the Lumas, a race of star-like beings with short lives who started to treat her like a mother figure.

She gave the Lumas what they didn’t have: a mother.

It’s a story about a family who found each other in a cold, dark universe and became close.

Yuna, Final Fantasy

Yuna, Final Fantasy

Complex says that this Final Fantasy X character is a “capable summoner” who deserved her own game, Final Fantasy X-2, and a place on their list of the 50 best video game heroines.