9 Best Alexa Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Alexa Games

Alexa isn’t just for smart homes. She can also help you do things. On Amazon’s voice assistant platform, there are also a lot of great games that you might have already played on other platforms.

Even if you just want to play a game that makes you laugh, there’s a game for you. Here are 10 great Alexa games that everyone can enjoy.



Akinator is one of those games that make you laugh so hard that you can’t help but smile. You, your friends, and your family are all in on it. It’s a smart Genie who knows everything about you.

“Alexa, open Akinator” is all you need to do to start. Then, it will ask you a few questions to figure out who you are thinking of, and then it will figure out who you are. The more you answer, the better it can figure out who you’re thinking about.

When you use Akinator, it can figure out who you are. It can guess anyone, from celebrities to historical figures to cartoon characters, so it’s great. It’s a fun game to play with kids because it makes them think outside the box.

The Fake News Game

The Fake News Game

If you play the Fake News Game, you’ll be able to show off your news skills and put some of the conspiracy theories and fake news stories you’ve heard about to the test.

To play the game, just say “Alexa, open Fake News Game.” You’ll be asked a series of questions about fake news headlines, and you’ll get points for each correct answer. You’ll have to decide if it’s real news or fake news, and you’ll be amazed at how much of it is true.

It’s fun to play with your friends.

The Magic Door

This is a game where you can pick your own adventure. The Magic Door is like that. You can play it with your whole family.

If you want to play, just say “Alexa, open The Magic Door.” You’ll be playing in no time at all. It’s up to you to choose your own adventure in any of the nine different storylines. You can go to a spooky mansion or save monkeys on a tropical island.

Every story is different, so there’s a lot of replay value in the game you play. On top of that, the stories are spooky but not bloodcurdling scary, so they’re good for both kids and adults.

Hunt the Yeti

Hunt the Yeti

As a game that only has audio, Hunt the Yeti looks and plays a lot like the classic text adventure Hunt the Wumpus.

“Alexa, open Hunt the Yeti,” is all you need to do if you haven’t played it before. You’ll be able to play right away.

Game: The hunter gets lost in a cave and tries to hunt down a yeti. It’s very simple: The twist is that you have to tell him which way to throw his spear, using both your memory and your voice to do it.

If you’ve ever played Hunt the Wumpus, you know how much fun and how hard it can be.

If you have kids and want to play a game that everyone can enjoy, this is a great choice. It’s fun for adults, too!

Song Quiz

The game Song Quiz is the best place to start if you want to test your knowledge of music.

“Alexa, open Song Quiz.” The game will ask you to choose one of the different playlists. You can choose music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, or 2010. A song will then be played. You must guess the name and artist.

It’s a fun game for people who like music because it makes them think about different kinds of music from different eras and times. If you want to play something that the whole family can enjoy, this is a good game for you, too.

True or False for Family

True or False? This is the simplest Alexa game out of the bunch. is also the best.

To start, say, “Alexa, open True or False?” In the beginning, simple questions like “Is the sky blue?” will be asked. start with simple questions like “Do bears wear underwear?”

It’s a fun game for kids because it’s not too hard and makes them think. There are a lot of fun facts you might not have known before.

Also, adults like it because it makes them think about random facts and the world around them. True or False? If you want something quick and easy, True or False? is your best choice.

Either Or

Either Or

Either Or is one of the most family-friendly games on this list, and it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to play something silly with their whole family.

To play, say “Alexa, play Either Or.” You’ll be able to start right away. If you had to smell flowers all day or poop every 10 minutes, which would you rather do?

It’s a fun twist on the classic “Would You Rather” game because it makes people think about some pretty crazy things. It’s also great for family game night or if you want to play with your friends.

Deal or No Deal

During the game, you’ll pick a case from 22. Finally, there will be three rounds where you’ll open a number of suitcases. You’ll choose which suitcases to open in each round (just like the TV show). Open the cases with the least amount of money in order to reach the goal. Every time you play, the banker will give you a deal at the end of each round. You can accept or say “no deal.”

There is no doubt that you want the $1 million suitcase, but $400 thousand is just as good, right? “Alexa, play Deal or No Deal.”



Jeopardy is finally going to be a game show that you can play. With the famous game show now in your room, you’ll go through a series of clues and then answer questions. Some of them will be hard. You’ll also have to answer in the form of a question, like “What is…” or “Who is…”

New clues will be given to you each weekday, so your brain will get a workout during the work day. When you’re ready to start, just say “Alexa, play Jeopardy,” and she’ll do the rest for you.