8 Best Far Cry Games Ranked That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Far Cry Games Ranked

In the best Far Cry games, you can see why they were so important and influential for Ubisoft. From its humble beginnings in 2004, when the game was made by a company called Crytek, to where Ubisoft Montreal has taken it today, the Far Cry series has been on an amazing journey. This is a list of the games in the Far Cry series.

The best Far Cry games tell a story of careful refinement, with Ubisoft tweaking the formula from one game to the next as it moves its frantic first-person shooter action to bigger and more exotic open worlds. Far Cry is where you go to have fun. You can explore huge areas, shoot huge waves of intelligent enemies, and hunt anything that moves on four legs to make better weapons and armour. Is it on our top 10 best Far Cry games of all-time list, or does it not even make it on there? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Far Cry Instincts

Far Cry Instincts

Far Cry’s console debut is understandably less ambitious than the first game in the series, which took place in 2004. The first PC game had a lot of freedom, but this more linear shooter doesn’t have as much freedom as the first PC game. It’s still technically impressive, but it’s also predictable. Do Halo and Instinct compete for Team Green’s best FPS title, or does Instinct come close? Not at all. Compared to other games from the early ’00s that shoot, “Instincts” isn’t bad at all.

Far Cry New Dawn

If nothing else, this is proof that the apocalypse is going to be very pink. This is an unnecessary but still fun Far Cry 5 spin-off. Aside from its lurid colour choices, this brash side game does well by taking the open world of its parent game and making it bigger and more dangerous.

This is how Far Cry New Dawn moves away from the game that inspired it: It has some great new weaponry. The nuclear blast that ended Far Cry 5 leaves a long-lasting impression on the game that came after it. Example? The headline crossbow is one of the most satisfying weapons to have ever been used in the series.

Far Cry

Far Cry

The first game in Ubisoft’s “madcap” series was made by a company called Crytek, not one of the company’s own studios. During the early 2000s, Far Cry was one of the first games to let you play in a sandbox.

Let your Hawaiian mercenary run wild across a sunny archipelago in the original Far Cry. The game gave you a variety of vehicles, different routes, and a huge open map to mess around on. Late-game mutants aren’t very smart, but they aren’t very smart. Absolutely. Still, Far Cry is one of the first games to show off PC hardware from the early 2000s. Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 are both great examples.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 

Video game history has seen a lot of silly sequels. This one isn’t one of them, though. When Ubisoft saw how popular Far Cry 3 was, they decided to make a follow-up game with 1980s action star Michael Biehn in it. Sounds good.

If you’re a fan of 1980s culture, you’ll love Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, which is one of the first games after the millennium to do so. It has synth-heavy music, neon dragons bright enough to burn your eyes, and an over-the-top script that makes Commando look like Citizen Kane. Blood Dragon is a fun, self-deprecating side trip.

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4

The game that made Far Cry a fan of crazy villains. In this Himalayan-set sequel to Far Cry 3, Troy Baker plays Pagan Min, a villain who is even more over-the-top than Vaas. Far Cry 4 is a follow-up to the action of Far Cry 3. The quiet and calm Ajay Ghale is piloting gyrocopters over incredible mountain ranges, shooting snow leopards in the face, and riding Dumbo’s cousin into crazy shootouts when things get bad. It turns out that pet elephants can crush a lot of enemies in an extra squelchy way.

Whether or not Far Cry 4’s fictional Himalayan province of Kyrat is like its predecessor’s sun-kissed Rook Islands is up to you to decide. Not at all. Still, this sequel is built on the foundations of a modern-day FPS game.

Far Cry Primal

Perhaps this is the most extreme example of Far Cry’s love for animal sidekicks. This caveman detour is still the most experimental of all the mainline episodes in the series. Far Cry Primal puts players in the fury robes of a surprisingly talkative neanderthal. The first Far Cry was supposed to be about dinosaurs, not a little bit disappointing mutant murder, but that didn’t happen.

Primal may not give you shotguns or AK47s, but who needs automatic weapons when you can command a chorus line of ancient feral beasts to murder your enemies at the drop of a prehistoric hat? You can train wolves, bears, leopards, and even sabre-toothed tigers to fight for you. Then you can use them like furry, heat-seeking missiles to fight your enemies. When it comes to animal attacks, no other game in the series does them better than this bold prequel.

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2

Those are all the fires. It’s been a long time since the last game in the series, but Far Cry 2 has a cult following that no other game has. Dr. Moreau’s monster-killing isn’t what you’ll find in this brutally gritty sequel. It’s a shooter that wants to make you feel bad.

To avoid a game-ending blackout, get malaria. Then eat pills every 15 minutes to keep the game going. After you’ve shot down half a dozen well-armed guerrillas, your jeep’s engine dies. When you go into a firefight with a friend, you’ll have to revive them every 17 seconds because they keep getting shot in the spleen. Far Cry 2 makes you crawl through a river of shit for every small victory you make.

But, this African open-world is worth all the hard work because it’s so rewarding. When you have to keep juggling pill-popping, engine-fixing, and gun-repair instant reactions in your head at all times, your victories are hugely satisfying when they come. Oh, and the fire effects are so cool. Is there something you want to do with a flamethrower that you don’t want to do? It’s your turn! The zebras are lovely, but try not to burn them all to death.

Far Cry 6 – 2021 (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC)

When the game comes out, Far Cry 6 will be set in a war-torn tropical paradise. It will also have some of the most important new gameplay additions that have been made in the Far Cry series so far. As the game progresses, the fictitious world of Yara grows bigger and bigger. It gives the player new quests, activities, weapons, and more to play with. When Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito leads the charge, it all comes together as one of the most powerful and terrifying villains in all of Far Cry. Anton Castillo is played by Esposito.

Some of Far Cry’s more complicated mechanics have been scrapped in favour of things like looting, gathering resources, and upgrading weapons. This makes for a game that improves on some of the best parts of Far Cry while also pushing it into the future. A huge game with a lot of cool customization options, weird animal sidekicks, interesting characters, and a lot of things to blow up is called Angry Birds.