7 Best Outdoor Family Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Outdoor Family Games

During the next time you have a get-together outside, it might be fun to play a game that is good for outside (instead of a walk for the umpteenth time). We’ve already talked about a lot of games you can play, like the best two-player board games and the best board games for families. Here, we’ve rounded up the best outdoor games that Amazon users have praised the most

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

“Spikeball is one of the best lawn games ever made,” says one reviewer, listing the reasons why. “It is easy to take with you, set up, and play quickly.” People use the word “fun” a lot, and most people think this game is good for people of all ages. They say they’ve played with kids as young as 5 and adults as old as 65, even a pregnant mom. It’s a game like volleyball, but instead of the ball going over a net, the ball hits it and the other team serves. There are many people who say it’s a good way to stay fit. Many people also like how easy it is to take this game with you to a party. It’s fun to play this game on the beach, in the grass, and more places, but you need a lot of space to play. “Everything comes together quickly and easily, so it’s easy to move around!”

Win Sports Store 3-in-1 Giant Checkers and Tic Tac Toe

You can play checkers outside even if you’ve been playing alone for a long time or you’re teaching someone how to play for the first time. This huge kit comes with everything you need. This “rug size checkerboard” is great for “teaching young kids how to play the game inside or on the beach.” This is a good thing because they can take the rug and plastic pieces to the river without having to worry about them getting wet. A few even say that it has made outdoor, socially distant gatherings more fun. Some people say the large rug helps them “not be close to each other” while still having fun together. People lined up to play the winner of the last game and what I really like about this game is that you can also turn it over and play tic tac toe. This was a big hit at a party outside. In the same way that others who like this game’s low price point have said, “Well worth the money.”

GoSports Cornhole Pro Regulation Size Bean Bag Toss Game Set

GoSports Cornhole Pro Regulation Size Bean Bag Toss Game Set-1

Among corn hole boards, “this Cornhole PRO bean bag toss game set is what I’d call the best.” In a lot of reviews, the word “quality” is used a lot. Many people also like that these foldable boards are easier to move than wooden ones. Reviewer: “I have played on a lot of different sets in my time, and this one is up there.” You don’t want the boards to move around too much, but they’re not too heavy to carry for a long time. Many reviews talk about how easy it is to take this game to the beach or on a camping trip. This set of corn hole is also light enough to go to “Aruba and Mexico,” according to one person. You’ll be able to play for a long time no matter where you set up your game. During a lot of play, the boards and bags held up well. “The bean bags have not broken apart, even though they have been used on a paved parking lot!”

GoSports Portable PVC Framed Cornhole Toss Game Set With 8 Bean Bags and Travel Carrying Case

In the words of one reviewer: “This is not meant to be used in competition, but it’s great for recreational fun.” According to reviewers, this set is so easy to move that fun can happen anywhere because it is so small. According to a reviewer, this will make you “ready for a beach, a back yard, and a tailgate.” It’s easy to “take along and store” because it folds into a bag. “We have taken this to family barbecues and camping,” one reviewer says. “It’s easy to put together, and it comes in a small case that makes it easy to carry.” Other people said they loved the price. “There are a lot of more expensive options out there, but I’ll tell you, this does the job for a lot less money.”

Capture The Flag Redux: The Original Glow-in-The-Dark Outdoor Game

Capture The Flag Redux The Original Glow-in-The-Dark Outdoor Game

Reviewers say that this new version of capture the flag is great for kids to play. Some people say they bought this for their son’s 14th birthday. They all had a great time. From 6 to 14, as well as adults, “everyone played.” They say this is a great way to get kids moving. “The kids had a lot more fun with this than they did with flashlight tag.” Another parent said that this set is great for birthdays because it comes with a lot of different things. A parent: “My son got it for his birthday. We took it to a party with a lot of other kids.” “They played this when it got dark and couldn’t stop.” When it comes to games outside, you might think summer and games go together. One reviewer says that kids love this game so much that they play it all year long. “We play in a big field behind the kids’ school even when it’s cold.” People say that the kids just dress warm and wear mittens, and all the running around keeps them warm. They say it’s worth every penny if the price is a problem for you. “I was afraid to buy this game because of the price, but it’s worth every penny and more.” I bought this for my son’s birthday, and every time he brings it out, it’s a big hit. A lot of kids and adults are worn out and laughing when they come in. They say how much they love the game.

A complete beer-pong set, no table required


The idea is pretty clever: A small, lightweight ping pong set with cups, balls, stands, and a carrying case. Now you can play beer pong almost anywhere, without having to set up a whole table for it.

The set comes with only two balls, so you’ll have to chase down a lot of bounce-off shots. As for the plastic parts, they all feel a little cheap, which makes this feel a little too expensive for what it is.

For beer pong fans who want to play on the go, this is great.

Frisbee golf meets cornhole

Frisbee golf meets cornhole

Kan Jam

Two-on-two game Kan Jam is fun. The “Kan” is a hard plastic bucket with a hole in the front. It is used to store things. There is a goal: to throw a flying disc through that slot or into the top hole. A member of your team can try to swat it into the middle of the Kan. You get different points based on what happens. Then the other team has a turn.

People with older kids should play this outdoor game, partly because it takes some coordination to fling the ball accurately, which might be difficult for a younger child, and partly because Kan Jam can be rough on the hands because you’re always swatting at the ball.