7 Best Shooting Games For Iphone That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Shooting Games For Iphone

It’s easy to think that shooters are only for consoles and PCs, but this isn’t always the case. After all, mobile games aren’t known for being fast-paced and high-stress.

If you want to play a good shooting game, you can find a lot of good ones on mobile platforms. iOS, in particular, has a lot of shooting games that use mechanics from other genres with FPS or TPS combat.

This is a list of the top 10 best shooting games for iOS, with most of them being free. Enjoy! If you’re looking for some good FPS fun or a new way to play, read on!

1. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Developer: Genera Games (Spain)

Size: 701.5 MB

In-App Purchases? Yes

Release Date: July 2017

This is a game that lets you play as a sniper in a first-person shooter. It encourages you to push yourself and improve your skills until you can confidently call yourself a master. For people who want to play alone, the game has a campaign where they can lead their own elite resistance force, as well as a variety of challenge modes where they can test their skills against the clock and other enemies. Tournaments on the internet pit snipers against each other, giving players the chance to show off their best skills.

Cover Fire has easy-to-use controls, better aiming and cover mechanics, and a wide range of realistic weapons that make the game more fun. If you like sniper-style shooting, you might want to check this out.

2. Pixel Gun 3D: FPS PvP Shooter

The best iOS shooter game for competitive players

Developer: Cubic Games

Publisher: Pixel Gun 3D (Cyprus)

Size: 1.7 GB

In-App Purchases? Yes

Release Date: May 2013

Minecraft servers can be fun to play with friends, but if you want a more FPS-like experience, Pixel Gun 3D is for you. If you’re in a clan, you can all work together to explore the game’s huge, rotating map selection and build fortresses that can withstand even the most intense sieges from NPC enemies.

If you like shooting games and battle royale games, Pixel Gun 3D is a great choice for you. It has 10 different game modes, 10 fun-filled mini-games, and a wide range of weapons. With so many options and skins, the game is very customizable and allows players to rise through the ranks in their own unique way.

3. Sniper Strike: Shooting Game

Sniper Strike Shooting Game

The best first-person shooter (iOS) for high-stakes action

Developer: Mobile Gaming Studios (United Kingdom)

Size: 236.8 MB

In-App Purchases? Yes

Release Date: November 2017

In Sniper Strike, a shooting game that takes place in a 3D world, players get to enjoy the action of a triple-A game in a fast-paced way. Player’s have a lot of options for how to play the game. There are three different gameplay modes and both cooperative and competitive multiplayer options. If you want to fight, you can join a clan or fight against other people online.

Sniper Strike is a high-quality game that makes you feel like you’re in the game. It has very detailed environments and strategic rescue missions. Improve your weapons and other gear to give yourself an advantage as the missions become more difficult.

4. Modern Combat 5

The best FPS game for iPhone

Developer: Gameloft (France)

Size: 1.6 GB

In-App Purchases? Yes

Release Date: July 2014

A single-player campaign and a multiplayer game that is both intense and fun are included in the new Modern Combat game. If you want to get rid of the person who thought up all this chaos, you’ll need your wits about you as you fight through an anarchist world.

Modern Combat 5 lets players choose from nine different character classes, which they can then improve with class-specific skills. Players can also level up in single-player or multiplayer mode, unlocking new weapons and abilities through successful missions and mastery of lower-tier items. All in all, this is one of the best games for iOS you can buy.

5. Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

The best adventure shooter for iOS

Developer: Gameloft (France)

Size: 2.2 GB

In-App Purchases? Yes

Release Date: June 2013

Lets you leave your mark on the city of sin in Gangstar Vegas. A huge, open-world map based on the notorious city lets players do up to eighty high-octane missions of theft and murder. The game builds on the previous games in the Gangstar series by adding new weapons, vehicles, and costumes to make the gameplay even more unique and immerse players in the world around them.

In addition to the compelling story mode, Gangstar Vegas has a lot of fun challenges that will keep players on their toes, like robberies, auto races, and many other mini-games that keep them busy.

6. Sniper 3D Assassin: Gun Shooting Games

The best sniper game for iOS

Developer: Fun Games For Free (Ireland)

Size: 324 MB

In-App Purchases? Yes

Release Date: November 2014

Sniper 3D is different from other sniper-style shooting games because it has a lot of different missions. Players always have something new waiting for them when they pick up their phones because the game doesn’t have a well-thought-out story.

In Sniper 3D, there are realistic graphics and animation, thirteen different environments, and a lot of different weapons to get and use. If you want to kill new types of enemies and get better at fighting, the game has events that last for a short time.

7. DOOM Classic

DOOM Classic

To start this list, we have to start with the FPS game that we think helped to lay the groundwork for the FPS genre we know today. Using the Chainsaw and the BFG 9000, you can rip and tear through the original three episodes as well as Episode Four, Thy Flesh Consumed, with the help of some of the game’s best weapons.

The game has three different types of controls, and it comes with the original soundtrack. Even though you can also enjoy your music in a way that makes you feel like a demon-kicking, ass-kicking machine. Doom Classic is a paid game that you have to pay for. Doom Resurrection can be bought after you finish all the levels. It will give you a lot more bloody fun.