10 Best PC Pokemon Games That You Should Know Update 03/2024

Best PC Pokemon Games

Trying to find the best Pokemon games for your PC? It’s only a dream that Nintendo will ever make a mainline Pokémon game for something other than their own games. It doesn’t matter how often PlayStation games come over or how often Xbox games come because of Game Pass. Nintendo may never follow.

There are still a lot of other things you can do, though. There are now a lot of great PC games that are based on the Pokémon games that were popular on the Game Boy. Some of these games recreate the Game Boy experience, while others make Pokémon into an MMO or a life simulation.

The games on this list are all based on Nintendo’s monster-hunting goliath. Some are very similar to Pokémon, while others only have a few things in common. All of them are great and worth checking out.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monsters, Inc. is a spin-off from Capcom’s big monster fighting series, but it’s all about taming and becoming friends with creatures called monsties. When you play this game, you become a monster rider and protect a special Rathalos egg while taming your friends and guiding them through turn-based battles. “It has a little bit of Pokémon in it,” says our 80 percent Monster Hunter Stories 2 review. “You can have a team of up to six Monsties that you can change out depending on how the battle is going.” You don’t have to be a monster hunter fan to enjoy this version of the game’s combat. You can also make new monsties by splicing their genes together in powerful new ways.

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

Iconic monster-taming game Monster Rancher 1 and 2 are back, but this time they’ve been remade in HD. As in the originals, you raise, train, and battle your monsters. You can also download monsters trained by other players to battle against. The original games made new monsters when you put random CDs into your PlayStation. KT has brought this system back by letting you search a music database for music titles that will make monsters.



On this list, Temtem is the closest to the Pokémon formula that you can find on this list. You have teams of creatures who fight each other, different regions to explore, and an evil band of hooligans to take down. If you want more Pokémon, you can’t get any more than that. Due to Temtem’s 3D animations, battles are huge and hard to win. NPCs and gym leaders, known as Dojo masters in the Temtem universe, are actually pretty hard to beat. There’s no way you can easily breeze through battles in Temtem. Besides, it’s an MMO, which means you can fight and go on adventures with friends and strangers.


The game Ooblets is a Pokémon game that’s also a farming and life simulation, so if that’s what you want, this is it. It’s a game where your little friends don’t fight each other, but instead compete in dance battles, which is a nicer alternative. It will be fun to build a team of different types of cute little ooblets with different abilities. Each oob is just as cute as a button. If you get tired of all the dancing, the life-sim parts of the game are also fun.

All of these things have taken me a long time to do. Ooblets is still in Early Access, but there’s still a lot to do and most of its story is ready to play.

Look no further than Gloopy Longlegs if you’re still not sure about Ooblets, but you should try them. Convinced?

Monster Crown

Monster Crown

In most creature collecting games, you have to fight and then capture the animals that come across your path. Even though you fight monsters in Monster Crown, you can also make deals with them to join your team. That’s pretty cool. Another thing that makes this game different from the other games on this list is that the scope of its story is much bigger and it has a much darker tone when it comes to heroes, legacies, and bad rulers. There’s also a lot more emphasis on breeding your creatures and making powerful new species. There are more than 1000 things you can do with science to make things happen.


As one of the best Pokémon games out there, Nexomon is also one of the most polished ones. The animations are fun, the world is full of colour, and the creatures are a well-designed group (of which there are 300). It’s a lot easier than some of the other games on this list, like Temtem or Siralim Ultimate, so it’s a good choice for people who want to have a more relaxed time playing. This is the most difficult part of the game because you have to choose from three starter Nexomon that are all very cute. They are a baby beaver with a pink flower, a yellow Tiger Cub, and a pink lizard.

Siralim Ultimate 

Siralim Ultimate 

For a game that has more to it, Siralim Ultimate is the best choice for you, but it’s not the only one. One of the main things this game is is a monster-catcher and a dungeon-crawler, where you go through randomly generated “realms” to get resources and find valuable loot. Siralim Ultimate is the thing that stands out the most to me. It is so big. In this game, players can choose from 30 different character specialisations, equip 700 different spell gems, visit 30 realms, choose a guild to work with and so on. There is so much to do that it can be hard to know where start.

Siralim Ultimate has more than 1200 creatures, so if you like collecting things, you’ll have a lot of fun.


PokeMMO is a free multiplayer game based on the Pokemon games. It covers the first five regions that were added: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. It’s based on copies of the original games. There is a catch: You can’t leave a region until you finish its main story.

Among PokeMMO’s other selling points:

Breeding Pokemon for competition should be sped up.

People play each other in tournaments that use the same competitive tiers from Smogon’s popular Pokemon Showdown game, which is very popular.

It doesn’t feel the same to some fans when they’re older because the competitive scene isn’t healthy. If you’re a fan of both casual games and games that require a lot of strategy, this MMO should be right up your alley.

Catch: Because this game runs on ROMs, players have to extract the files from the original copies of the games they want to play before they can play this one! Today, many of the games in PokeMMO are pricey, which is how they should be. There’s no doubt that this is going to be a treat for everyone who likes Pokemon.

Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover

Despite the controversy surrounding the website, there’s no denying that 4chan has played a crucial part in Internet history akin to Pokemon’s role in gaming. Pokemon Clover was released in 2014, and it’s a ROM hack of the classic Pokemon FireRed, which is where I first learned about the series. It’s a parody of the chaotic, meme-filled culture of the 4chan image boards.

Like the original game, Clover contains 386 Pokemon to catch. All of these are original works of art. Some memes, like “Pengas” (based on “pingas”) or “Falcaptain” (based on Captain Falcon), are parodies of well-known memes. Others poke fun at more sensitive topics. More than 100 hours of high-quality content can be found for those who want to finish. The Fochun region is where you start, and the Ebin Isles are where you finish.