8 Best Video Games ToPlay Drunk That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Video Games ToPlay Drunk

There are some things in life that are only for grown-ups and characters in video games. Drinking is one of these things, and it’s one of them. For good reason, too. A glass of whiskey on a cold night, or a cold glass of beer on a hot day, can be romantic, but in the end, things get a little messy. Well, at least they do in games. In Skyrim, GTA 5, or Watch Dogs, you can get drunk in a safe or not-so-safe way.

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0

Going to one of the many bars in Yakuza 0’s world isn’t just a way to relax. It’s also a great way to make sure you’re at your best for a fight. Whiskey is a great way to get your heat metre full, make gang members more aware of you, and unlock skills that can’t be used while you’re sober. The best part is that these skills can’t be used while you’re sober. Booze isn’t all bad.

Watch Dogs

Having a drink to relax after work is made into a game in Watch Dogs, which makes it more fun to drink. During Ubisoft’s open world hacking game, Aiden has to down shots in order to beat the local heavy drinker in not one, but three levels of drunkenness. As Aiden gets drunker, the more difficult the quick time events become. This is how you get him to go under the table.

These drinking games can be done in three locations and each area has levels from 1-11, meaning there are 33 drinking games to be done if you want to unlock the hilarious Beer Belcher and Social Lubricant achievements. Is that not the case? We have both, and our livers don’t like us for it!

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas

At some point, alcohol was always a part of the Fallout games, but only in the third game did alcohol have an effect on gameplay or your character. From then on, booze has had positive and negative effects. Most of the devil-water you’ll find lying about in the wasteland increases your strength and charisma, but lowers your intelligence (that sounds about right, judging by what we’ve seen in our local on a Friday night).

It also rewards people who know how to pick a good favourite drink. As long as you choose the Whiskey Rose perk, it turns whiskey into a combat boost. It removes all negative effects from booze but makes whiskey raise your damage threshold by two and wasteland tequila raise your damage threshold by three.


You can picture flagons of mead and pewter goblets of spiced wine in your mind when you drink in a high fantasy setting. As close to reality as Skyrim Special Edition can get, getting drunk in Skyrim leads to some Blackpool-style pranks that you’d expect to see on a lads’ night out in the streets of the city. You’ll start to stumble around like a Khajit who’s high on moon sugar if you drink enough alcohol. You’ll also have to deal with the weird combination of getting some stamina back and taking a big hit to your stamina regeneration rate.

Only two fancy drinks have added bonuses that make them chugworthy: Colovian Brandy makes you more charismatic, (fortifying your speech by 10 points for 20 seconds), and Argonian Bloodwine lets you briefly breathe underwater and resist 40% of poison for 50 seconds. It’s usually not a good idea to jump into a lake while you’re drunk, but with that nectar running through your body, it will almost certainly make for a great story to tell at your inn the next night. However, getting drunk isn’t the only way to get drunk. You can also drink a lot. Accept Sam Guevenne’s invitation to join him in a drinking competition to start the quest A Night to Remember, which makes putting a traffic cone on the head of a statue look like child’s play. The quest is called “A Night to Remember.”



There is a bottle of Merlot waiting for me somewhere over the sea. They don’t sound right. It doesn’t matter, though. In Bioshock, you can drink a lot of good alcohol as long as you don’t mind your EVE going down a little. When you’re hurt by a splicer and can’t move, pouring a bottle of alcohol down your throat helps you a little bit (When in reality it would reduce blood coagulation and increase the bleeding). Drink a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time, and your vision will become blurry for good reason.

Booze Hound gene tonic, on the other hand, makes drinking alcohol restore EVE instead of taking it away. In Rapture, you don’t have to worry about getting completely bungalowed. The only drawback is that you’ll have a hard time distinguishing that poster from the splicer who is now ramming a hook into you. Oh well, I’ll have another shot of Red Ribbon Brandy to help heal that open wound.

Monster Hunter World

Getting your grog on might not give you any advantages on the battleground in Monster Hunter World, but what better thing to do with your mates while that one pal continues to fiddle with their loadout? Head up to the Gathering Hub, sit down at a table, and get to work. Knock back a few brews and then just you try to get up. Even if you ate meat first, the giant beers in Monster Hunter World will hit you hard. Walking becomes difficult, and you’ll eventually fall to the ground spreadeagled on your back, awestruck by the wonder of alcohol. It’s even funnier if there’s a bunch of you staggering about too.



Another game that went unnoticed is Gazillionaire, which is both very frustrating and very rewarding when you figure out how things work, but it’s not easy. A group of interplanetary entrepreneurs journey through space and engage in trading goods and investing to come out on top with the largest net worth by the end of the game. Don’t judge until you’ve tried it.

Family Game Night

People who don’t live near each other can still play board games like Scrabble and Connect Four on the computer. If you don’t have a lot of friends to play with in person, you can still have fun with these games online. And even if you do, eliminate the messy clean-up with this set of electronic versions.