5 Best Escape Room Board Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best escape room board games

Like real-life escape rooms, escape room board games have things you can change or look at for clues. When you “escape” from a game, you have to change the game pieces permanently, which means you can only play the game once. Other games, on the other hand, can be reset so you can play again. Play time will depend on how quickly your group solves the puzzles. For single-use games, it’s a good idea to buy one that lasts longer so you can get the most out of your money.

Escape room games don’t have set player ranges like traditional board games do. Playing with more people can mean there are more people to work with than puzzles to solve. Hints are another feature that can make your escape room game more fun. For this reason, most options have a set number of hints in case your group gets stuck. Because even if you know how to solve a lot of puzzles, it can be nice to have some helpful hints on hand.

1. An Immersive At-home Escape Room Game


There are 19 puzzles your group must solve in order to finish this escape room box set. To set the scene, players have an hour to solve the box’s puzzles before a mad scientist turns them into werewolves. You can play this game at home if you want to. The set comes with clues, note paper, and three real lock boxes that players must open to get the prizes. Play this game again or give it to your friends so there is less waste. If you have an Amazon Alexa device, you can also connect this game to it to make it even more fun. This set was challenging enough to keep people interested, but there were no red herrings or puzzles that were too hard to solve.

Some people thought it was a great game. They played it with a group of six people. In this game, it’s important to pay attention to the small things. In this game, there are no “red herrings,” which makes it difficult but not frustrating. Some of the things I liked about it: It’s not easy, but if you pay attention to clues and details, it all makes sense in the end. “6 out of 6 people I played with said they really liked the game, even though we had to spend an hour and 9 minutes to solve it.”

2. A Beginner-friendly Escape Room Game With A Roller Coaster Theme

A Beginner-friendly Escape Room Game With A Roller Coaster Theme

It’s a good game for people who are just starting to play escape room games. There is an app called “Kosmos Helper” that makes it easy to look up game rules (like how a game-master would help during an in-person escape room session), but it isn’t necessary if you want to play without technology. Players need to solve puzzles and decode cyphers with the help of the decoder wheel that comes with the set. It is a one-time game because you have to fold, rip, and cut the materials to solve the puzzles. The paper and pieces are all recyclable. You get a certificate and social shareables when you finish the game. This makes it feel even more like a real-life escape room because you can share your times and scores with other people.

One reviewer said: “We love the EXIT:The Game sets! They’re so fun!” Each game has its own set of puzzles and all the tools you need to have a fun hour or two of problem-solving with your friends. The game comes with Help Cards that give you more information if you get stuck. We try to figure out how to play the game ourselves. Because the game is likely to be made up of materials that have to be folded and cut or drawn with, it will be a one-time game. For a date night, we think it’s a good price.

3. An Escape Room Game For ‘star Wars’ Fans


For people who want to play escape-room games, Unlock! sells kits that use cards to make up different mysteries and quests for people to choose from. With each set, there are three different quests. There’s also a companion app that helps make it even more fun. For example, with the Star Wars set, the app plays droid noises and themed music. In this game, most of the time, cards are used. This means that you can play each quest over and over again. Because there are no physical parts to look at or unlock, it’s best for people who like puzzles in escape room games because there aren’t any to look at or unlock.

They said: “I’m a Star Wars fan. I love this movie!” To play while you’re in quarantine, I thought this game looked like a lot of fun! I was amazed. We had a great time. The way the app works with you is very clever. They should make more. If I like Star Wars, I’ll look at the other themes.

4. A Horror Game That Can Be Replayed

A Horror Game That Can Be Replayed

A horror board game called Betrayal at House on the Hill is a great choice if you want to play for a long time and enjoy escape room stories rather than the physical clues. Before you start one of the game’s 50 haunts, you and up to five other players go through a haunted house made up of randomised room tiles (think “Clue” with moving board pieces). Each haunt has a different scenario and win condition. Others require players to work together to get out of the haunted house, while others make them use their wits to solve puzzles or fight off the game’s bad guy, so they can get out of the house. There are a lot of complicated things about Betrayal, and the horror parts might be too scary for younger players. I’ve had the base game for almost three years now, but I haven’t finished all 50 haunts. There is also an expansion pack for people who play the game a lot, but I haven’t yet.

The following is what one reviewer said: “A lot of replay value.” Every time we play, we start a new game with a new story. “In one game, the house is sinking, and we’re trying to get out. In another, we’re looking for nightmares that have come to life. Each time, it’s different and unique.”

5. Unlock!


The magic of Unlock! is how it turns your dining table into an escape room with just rectangles of card and a few swipes on your phone or tablet with its companion app. There is one deck of cards in each set. The deck has numbers on the back and bright pictures on the front, and each set comes with one.

You start with a room card that lays out the theme (there are everything from dusty temples to cartoon circuses). It also has a lot of numbers and letters. You look for the cards with the same number in the deck and lay them out, building the space up as you go. Some cards might be locked doors, mechanisms that can be solved with a digital puzzle on the app, or things you’ll need to get out. It’s all about these things. To put them together, like by putting a videotape in an old VHS player, you add up their numbers and see if there’s a card that matches the sum.

It’s easy to imagine that you’re looking for clues in a real place while shuffle the deck and look closely at cards for hidden numbers. After a long time, the door finally swings open to reveal a whole new room. It’s as exciting as the real thing.

Unlock! is a good place to start if you want to play escape room games. The publisher, Space Cowboy, has print-and-play demo rooms that you can play for the price of a few sheets of A4 paper and a little printer ink. Make sure you print the adventures in colour and at a high resolution so that you don’t end up having to squint at a hard-to-read visual puzzle. It’s a good way to play the game before you buy it.