11 Best Contra Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Contra Games

No one who plays video games today hasn’t heard of the Contra series. Many people played¬†

and fell in love with video games for the first time when they played the early Contra games. This series of “run and gun” shooters is a classic and a pioneer in the genre, and most of the games in the series have been well received.

As with many video game series, though, some of the Contra games don’t live up to the rest of the series. Even though most of the games have become legends, some fans don’t think they live up to what the series is known for. So, here is a list of every Contra video game, from the worst to the best.

C: The Contra Adventure

C The Contra Adventure

C: The eighth game in the series, The Contra Adventure, came out on the PlayStation console. It is by far the Contra game that people dislike the most. A lot of people didn’t like the game because it was boring to play and didn’t feel like the other games in the series.

Some people also say that this Contra game is a lot easier than the ones that came before it. This is mostly because the main character has a real health bar instead of the life icons that the series is known for.

Contra: Legacy Of War

Contra: Legacy of War is the seventh Contra game and the first one to come out for the PlayStation 1. Also, it is the first Contra game that was not made by Konami. This is what most players talk about when they say that the game is one of the worst Contra games Konami has ever made.

Even though it used the PS1’s 3D capabilities, many people didn’t like how it looked. Many people have also said that the game’s mechanics are broken, which takes away what so many players liked about the first games.

Contra: Rogue Corps

Contra Rogue Corps

Contra: Rogue Corps is the 14th game in the series, and as of 2021, it is the most recent one. Even though it was the most recent Contra game and used modern engines and features, this game didn’t get as much praise as the ones that came before it.

This is because of the game’s limited gameplay, which many players feel goes against the spirit of the first games, and its boring graphics, even though it came out in 2019.

Contra Force

The fifth game in the series is called Contra Force. As one of the earliest Contra titles, which has thus far been stellar, Contra Force had a lot to live up to. Ultimately, the 5th Contra title ended up being its worst so far when it was released.

A lot of players said that the game is slow and hard to control. It also had problems, like when enemies were on the screen, the game would slow down.

Neo Contra

Neo Contra

Neo Contra, the tenth game in the series, broke away from the usual side-scrolling style of the series. Instead, the game is mostly played from a top-down isometric point of view, and you can shoot in many different directions. It also sometimes uses a third-person shooter view, which fans of the series are already used to.

Even though the game changed from what the series is known for, many players thought it kept what made Contra great. It had fast-paced battles, controls that were easy to use, and over-the-top action, all of which worked well.

Contra: ReBirth

Contra: ReBirth is the twelfth game in the series, and it was released on the WiiWare. When it came out in 2009, many people thought the game was a tribute to the first Contra games. It felt a lot like the first few games in the series, especially Contra III.

Many players liked how the game’s combat was fun and how it used everything the series is known for. It had great bosses and was not too easy, just what you would expect from a Contra game.

Operation C

Operation C

Operation C is the third game in the Contra series. It was made for the Nintendo Game Boy and is the first handheld game in the series. Even though the Game Boy’s hardware was limited, Konami was able to put a Contra game on it and make it exciting and full of action.

Operation C was almost the same as the first two Contra games, which could be good or bad. One of the most common complaints about this game is that it used layouts, models, and even music from the first ones. Even so, most people who played it liked it, both fans of the series and people who had never played it before.

Contra 4

The eleventh game in the Contra series is Contra 4. It came out in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, making it the first Contra handheld game since 1991. It picked up where Contra, Super Contra, and Contra III left off, and its gameplay system is very similar to those games.

Many people thought that Contra 4 was the series going back to its roots. It’s a lot like the early Contra games in terms of how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else. The game did well because of these things and because they were done well.

Contra: Shattered Soldier

Contra Shattered Soldier

After Contra: Legacy of War and C: The Contra Adventure, which were both made by Appaloosa Interactive, failed, Konami decided to take back control and make the next game themselves. Contra: Shattered Soldier, the ninth game in the series, is what came out of this work.

Contra: Shattered Soldier went back to the game’s roots, almost as if to make up for what the first two games got wrong. It was another traditional 2D scroller with fast-paced action and a lot of challenge. In the end, people liked that the game went back to its roots and did it right. People also say that this game is one of the hardest in the series.


When it came out in 1987, Contra was a huge hit all over the world. At first, it was only available in arcades. When it came out on the NES and Famicom, it was finally available at home. Then, these versions of the game turned out to be better.

The game did extremely well. It set the standard for what a Contra game should be like with its over-the-top action, difficulty, responsiveness, and fun boss fights. If this game hadn’t done well, the well-known Contra series wouldn’t have existed in the first place. It also gave rise to the Konami Code, which is the most well-known cheat code in the history of video games.

Hard Corps: Uprising

Hard Corps Uprising

Hard Corps: Uprising, which is available digitally on the Xbox Marketplace and the Playstation Network, takes the familiar Contra formula and adds RPG elements and a mix of hand-drawn sprites and 3D environments.

There are two different game modes: the rising mode, in which you collect points to buy weapons, armour, and abilities, and the classic arcade mode, which is harder and takes away the shops that sell power-ups. Unlike in previous games in the series, your character can dash both on the ground and in the air, double jump, and deflect enemy projectiles.