9 Best Board Games For 8 Year Olds That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Board Games For 8 Year Olds

1. Magic Maze

Magic Maze

Aww, I’m sorry! A mage, a warrior, and a dwarf have all lost their things. To get the things they need for their next adventure, they have to break into the local Magic Maze store. No, they can’t.

Magic Maze is a great cooperative board game that doesn’t have a problem with alpha gamers. Each player can control any hero they want, and they can make that hero do a certain thing. People do a lot of different things, from bravely exploring a new place to just riding the escalator. To do so, you need to communicate and work hard together.

Children learn important skills as they move through the map in a grid-like way. They also have fun together. To keep yourself from getting caught by the security guards, use your best loitering skills before the timer runs out.

2. My Little Scythe

“Young man, your time has come.” Gather your Little Scythe and find out who you are.

When you play My Little Scythe, you and your family can compete against each other. You go on an adventure in the Kingdom of Pomme.

My Little Scythe is based on the best-selling game Scythe. It’s a game where little players take turns moving, looking, or making, all in the hope of being the first to get four trophies. By completing quests, learning magic spells, and even having a pie fight, kids can be challenged and have fun at the same time, all while having fun.

In Scythe, young people can play as very cute and adorable characters. This makes it easy to introduce them to the world of the game. A great game for people of all ages and skill levels: This game is great.

3. Azul & Azul: Summer Pavilion

Azul & Azul Summer Pavilion

At the beginning of the 16th century, the king asked Portugal’s best artists to build a huge building. In order to honour the most famous members of the royal family, the king wanted to build a summer pavilion. Unfortunately, he died before the project could even start.

It’s called Azul: Summer Pavilion, and it’s a game where you have to make the most beautiful designs. A game where players make tiles and put them on their own player boards to get points. Be careful not to waste your resources!

Azul is a great way to learn how to play card games and make patterns. You can now get a single wild tile that can be put on your board with Azul: Summer Pavilion!

For kids who like games with design and patterns, Azul is the game for you. Azul has beautiful tiles that your kids can use to make complicated designs.

4. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

The harvest is done, and now it’s time to party! Decorate the lake at the palace with beautiful floating lanterns to get ready for the festival that is about to start soon.

When you play Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, each player takes turns placing tiles on the lake. Each player gets lantern cards based on how well you place the tile. There are cards for both you and your opponents. Make a set to get points and honour your family.

As a board game for 8-year-olds, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a great choice. It has a lot of different types of mechanics, like tile placement and hand management. It really covers a lot of ground!

With bright lantern cards and a cute wooden boat, this is a great abstract game that everyone will enjoy.

5. Ingenious


Ingenious is another tile-laying game that’s great for family game nights. It’s the best strategy game for the whole family.

Hexagons are used to lay tiles in the game. In this game, each player places a colour tile on the game board in turn. Points are earned when players get the same-colored icons to line up with each other. But these clever hexagons have a secret. You win if you get more points than anyone else in your lowest score colour.

Ingenious may sound complicated, but it’s actually very easy to learn, simple, and even a lot of fun to play with! As someone who likes to think about how to make patterns, this game is perfect for you, because there is very little that is left up to chance.

For the first time, Ingenious is a game that appeals to both serious gamer and non-gamer alike. With its high replayability, it will keep the whole family busy for hours.

6. Money Bags Coin Value Game at a Glance

In the game, the goal is to land on a square that says “Do this” and get money for your pocket. It’s a good idea for everyone to look at their money when a player crosses the finish line. There is a winner!

Coin Value: Money Bags The game is very fun and educational, but it’s also very easy to play and quick to learn. It’s a good time for kids who are just that age to start making their own money.

7. Clue/Cluedo – Classic Detective

Clue-Cluedo – Classic Detective

In the best board games for 8-year-olds, we couldn’t leave out Clue, or Cluedo to the British. This game made me so happy when I first played it when I was about 8 years old. I loved the murder mystery theme the most. It’s still sold and played a lot in a lot of places around the world.

8. Dragonwood: A Game of Dice and Daring

No, I don’t think I can. They are angry ogres, goblins, and even dragons that live in a forest in the middle of a mythical world. Will you be the bravest and win?

Beginners learn strategic skills in Dragonwood because the landscape of the game is always changing. Adventure cards are used to earn dice that can be used to fight against other players.

People who play this game can shriek at an unfriendly troll, step on firebugs, or hit a dragon with a magical sword, among other things.

Dragonwood is a great game for kids between the ages of 8 and 10. It’s easy to learn and a good way to learn about fantasy games. Dragonwood is very good at combining card drafting and dice rolling.

It’s a great game for kids who like to go on trips. Take a walk through a mystical forest and let your imagination run wild… if you’re brave enough to.

9. Agricola: Family Edition

Agricola Family Edition

Your job is to lead your family to good health, money, and happiness!

Agricola: Family Edition is the first edition of the famous game. To make it more family-friendly, the game doesn’t have cards and has simple rules. Players will start the game with two members of their family on their farm. They can, of course, add more family members during the game. In this way, the game shows how important it is to have enough food. It can be hard at times!

A simplified worker placement game called Agricola: Family Edition lets kids feel good about having a well-built farm, no matter who wins the game.