10 Best Games To Play At School That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Games To Play At School

Name the most popular educational video game of all time now! People who say Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? or The Oregon Trail are likely to have said that.

These games were made in the last century. edutainment has never really taken off because there hasn’t been a lot of production and the games aren’t very long. Big video game companies with big budgets, or “triple-A” (AAA) companies, have started to fill in where the edutainment industry hasn’t been able to do enough. Using video games to teach and test students is becoming more common in schools. In case you’re planning to use games in the classroom, here are the top 10 video games that are both fun and educational.

Minecraft: Education Edition


Minecraft: Education Edition is the best game-based learning tool on the market. The game still has the open-world, sandbox charm of traditional Minecraft, but it also has educational tools and lessons that are very interesting. A new Chemistry update for Minecraft first added lessons. This update asks students to “discover the building blocks of matter, combine elements into useful compounds and items, and conduct amazing experiments with new lessons and a world that can be downloaded and played.” Their most recent update, Aquatic, added a new underwater biome for them to look at and enjoy. It comes with a lot of lessons you can use in your classroom. Students can use the new camera and portfolio to record everything they learn in Minecraft and export projects that they can use in a lot of different ways.

Assassin’s Creed

A long-running, popular video game series called “Assassin’s Creed” lets players go back in time as members of the Assassins’ Guild to stop the Templars from taking over history and making it their own. A game called Assassin’s Creed: Origins has been made by the game’s developer, Ubisoft. This version of the game is non-violent and educational. There are 75 historical tours in Origins that last anywhere from five to 25 minutes. They all take place in Egypt. Set in the game’s open world, they talk about things like mummies, growing plants, and more.

Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a lot like SimCity, but with a lot more of everything in it Cities: Skylines is a very detailed and in-depth city building game that teaches students how to think about systems. Students have to balance problems caused by systems, like taxes and citizens’ happiness, waste management, traffic, zoning, pollution, and much more. Cities: Skylines is good at teaching civil engineering, civics, and environmental awareness, but it’s also good at teaching system thinking.

Offworld Trading Company

Congratulations! This means that you’ve taken over the running of your own trading company on Mars. Problem: The other CEOs want to run your company into the ground so they can get all of Mars’ valuable resources. This is a bad thing. Can you beat the competition as you turn basic materials into more complex goods that can be sold and take over the market? You can play Offworld, a real-time strategy game, to learn about basic economic concepts like supply and demand, markets, finance, and the value of time. Students can start on the path to economic success with a fun tutorial that is easy for them to read and follow along with.



SiLAS is a new video game that helps students learn about social-emotional skills through digital role play. Choose an avatar first, then act out a social situation in the video game with a teacher or another player. People can see and hear each other in real time as they play it out. Students and teachers can then look back at the interaction to see how well they did. If you want to use SiLAS, you can use its onboard curriculum to meet Universal Design for Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Support standards, but you can also use it to teach your own curriculum. This is because SiLAS has patented technology and emphasises active learning, which separates it from other social skills programmes that are mostly paper-based and passive. SiLAS’ active lessons have been shown to make students more interested, which leads to better social skills that can be used in the real world, too.

Rocket League

I recently started the first middle school esports team in the country. Rocket League is a game that my students play against other schools. Despite the fact that Rocket League is just cars playing soccer, it can be used to teach students the same things they would learn in traditional sports, like how to be a leader and communicate with other people. Schools that want to start an esports team should play Rocket League. It’s a good game for this.

DragonBox Math Apps

DragonBox Math Apps

On this list, DragonBox Math Apps are one of two edutainment video games. They’re some of the best math games you can play as a video game on the market. All the way up to algebra, these apps will make math the most fun for kids.

Tangle Tower

Another point-and-click, the murder mystery adventure Tangle Tower will delight players with hilarious dialogue, a fun art style, and enough twists to keep you guessing until its final scene. Sure, there are a few loose ends towards the game’s conclusion, but what murder mystery has ever actually answered for all its plot holes? The genre is about great characters, great dialogue, and lining up a bunch of wacky clues. On these, Tangle Tower delivers in spades. Available on Nintendo Switch and iOS.



There is a cat-shaped ball that wants to help you smash all the blocks on each level of this game. If you play Piffle, you’ll be mindlessly throwing blobs of happiness for a long time. At some point, your biology teacher will say something disgusting. Besides, High Heels isn’t as bad as it used to be because of its beautiful art style. People can use Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Mini Metro

At this point, the game is a classic. It’s all about making the best metro map for a busy city, like New York or London. It has simple rules and is very forgiving, which make it a good game to play while you wait for everyone else to finish their tasks for the day. Mini Metro has been around for a long time for a good reason, so it must be good. People can use Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.