8 Best Ninja Games That You Should Know Update 02/2024

best ninja games

Because some of the best PC games let you play as ninjas, this is a good thing As it turns out, it’s a very popular genre, and you can only get so far by hacking through the weeds with your katana.

Eight of the best Ninja games, plus two new ones that are coming soon, are on this list. They’ll make your inner ninja happy. There are a lot of classics, like 3D stealth games, but we’ve also put in some weird games to show how diverse the ninja world is. Take a look below. We’ll see you on the other side.



It’s not hard to make Warframe sound cool without having to work very hard at it. There are ninjas in space in the sci-fi looter shooter, as well as combat that emphasises quick moves like knee slides and bullet jumps. It took a few years for Warframe to really get going, but now it’s one of the best free PC games out there.

To be a ninja is a lot more fun when you play a game like Warframe. It lets you fight with other people, but it also lets you be faster and more action-packed. However, the art of being sneaky isn’t lost in this game. You can creep past danger, kill hapless grunts, and line up shots with a silent bow. Warframe now has a lot of fans and a lot of missions and content for you to do with your katana.


The best stealth games make it hard and exciting to sneak around. Despite the difficulties of making a 2D game work with 3D gameplay, Mark of the Ninja pulls it off perfectly. It’s fun to hide from enemies in the dark or behind objects in the environment thanks to some clever visibility mechanics in the game. It’s important to stay hidden and stay quiet so that your enemies don’t find out where disturbances and heavy footsteps come from. It’s the cherry on top of the cake in this indie game about ninjas. It has a great stealth kill system.

For the first time, Klei has made a remastered version for all major platforms that has better art and all the items from the game’s Special Edition DLC. The game was released in 2012 to almost universal critical acclaim. So now is a great time to find out why Mark of the Ninja is one of the best PC ninja games.



Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun takes the formula from the Commandos series and moves it to Edo-period Japan, where it works just as well. People in the war have different abilities and strengths that you have to learn how to use. Hayato, for example, can use his reusable shuriken to kill enemies, and Aiko can use her sneezing powder to make enemies see less. In this case, clever use of powers and abilities is the key to success. It can make the difference between walking through a busy area and being ripped apart by a group of angry people.

Shadow Tactics’ level design encourages you to be creative and try new things, because there are often many ways to complete tasks. Each character helps you do things in a different way and often rewards you for trying new things as you try to improve your runs and complete bonus tasks. As a strategy game, Blades of the Shogun is one of the best on PC.


If you want to make a game like Ninja Gaiden, The Messenger is one of the best. During this game you play as the Messenger, who is on his way to deliver an old scroll to the top of a distant mountain in an attempt to save the world from destruction. The sidescrolling gameplay is a lot like the classic NES games, but it also has a lot of modern features, like skill upgrades and a lot of different ways to get around.

With its tight controls and satisfyingly liberating loudstepping mechanic, The Messenger is known as one of the best new side-scrolling action games in years. If you attack an enemy in the air, you can get two extra jumps. In addition to retro graphics and one of the best soundtracks we’ve heard in a while, The Messenger is a must for fans of ninja games.



Aragami is a stealth game that is based on the classic ninja series Tenchu. It asks people to quietly move through a few open-ended levels. The goal of this game is to kill as many enemies as possible without being seen. You can throw kunai, set magical traps, and teleport around the world with supernatural abilities. It’s very satisfying when you use this toolkit to its fullest extent.

Aragami is also one of the few ninja games that you can play with a friend or a stranger because it has multiplayer co-op modes. When one of you makes a mistake in a co-op game, the laughs start to come when you have to deal with a situation that has gone awry, just like in all of the best games.


The Metal Gear series is filled to the brim with sci-fi ideas and a complicated plot that doesn’t make sense. Fortunately for us, it also has some great cyber ninjas. Everybody loves Raiden, so Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance follows him on his quest for… revenge, um, or vengeance? Any idea what Revengeance is? You can just know that it involves a lot of sweet sword moves and spinny moves.

Revengeance was made by Platinum Games, which is known for making games that look good when you fight. It has the same fast, combo-heavy fighting mechanics. Raiden’s sword can be used in a “free slicing” mode, where you can slow down time and slice enemies into tiny pieces, like cutting off a limb and then slicing it into human sushi. This is an interesting trick. A ninja fight on top of a speeding train is a big change from the stealth-focused Metal Gear Solid games. But there’s no denying the fun that comes with a crazy fight on top of a speeding train!


Shadow Warrior 2

The main character’s name is Lo Wang, and there are a lot of jokes about penises in the game. Shadow Warrior 2 is a good ninja game if you can get past these things. There aren’t many first-person games that are about ninjas. You can get right in the middle of the action as you slice, dice, and shoot your way through hordes of monsters. They have to keep up with the times, right? They can have a little gun as a treat.


The only way to play this game now is if you still have a PlayStation from the old days. The best ninja games list wouldn’t be complete without it, even though that isn’t the case. Tenchu is the ultimate ninja game. You can sneak around Japanese towns, poison rice balls, throw down caltrops to slow down your pursuers, and silently draw your blade across the throats of guards who aren’t paying attention. It hasn’t aged well because of a draw distance that only lets you see two metres in front of you. Hopefully we’ll get a new version of it one day.