11 Best Adult Android Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best adult android games

If you’re bored, Android games can be the best thing to do. This is because there are more than a million games on Google Playstore that we can try every day. Races, simulations and battle royale are just a few of the games that you can play. So if you can’t think of anything new to play on Android, there is one interesting category that you can try out instead. This is about Android Adult Games List 2022. A list of games you won’t find on the Play Store, but you can get them through a simple Google search. Some of these games are fun to look at and have a good story behind them, but they are not for kids. Some of these games have an interesting story line and simple challenges. In order to avoid downloading games that look like spam, don’t click on them.

If you don’t like ads, you might want to check out this list of Android Adult games. They’re all fun, but a lot of them are just there to show you ads. Do not expect to find them on the Play Store because of the 18+ rules. There is mostly a list of game names with a few details about how to play them. You have to look them up on the internet and find a good place to download them.

1. Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga

It is a high-quality simulation game where you play as a young man living in a small town in the middle of the country. With more than 65 characters to meet and talk to, Summertime Saga is at the top of the list because it has so much to do. 30 Unique Places and more than 20 mini-games are enough to play for hours, so don’t get bored. Also, the game gets new things all the time and it’s free. You can help the developers on Patreon to get special gifts.

2. Dreams of Desire

To get more, buy Dreams of Desire. It goes to the next level of visual novels by adding a little interaction and a little story. In Summertime Saga, there aren’t many things that can give you more than this can. The game is about a young man who is in high school and has a lot of problems. You have to make the right choice to reach your goals and not get caught.

3. Lust Epidemic

Lust Epidemic

You play as Brad, who is a student at East State University. This is a game that looks like a picture book. He ends up at the rival college during a hurricane and is trying to find his way back home to his own school. Brad finds a lot of secrets and mysteries while walking around the college campus.

4. MiKandi

Take a look at MiKandi if you don’t want to look for games or download Apk. It has its own app store with games for adults. It has HD videos, comics, apps, and games all in one place. It also has games that work with virtual reality, but that’s too much for a free app like this to give you for free.

5. Linda Brown Interactive Story

Linda Brown Interactive Story

It allows the players to be in charge of the romance between certain characters. There is a lot at stake in this story, and your decisions will have a big impact on how it turns out.

I don’t think anyone else can decide what you should or shouldn’t do. You’re the one who has to decide. Right now, check out this app on the Google Play Store.

6. Secrets: Game of Choices

As someone else, what if you could put yourself in someone else’s shoes and make their lives happen? Well, Secrets does that for you, too. You get a lot of different situations, and the choices you make affect the outcome.

Each situation has a new twist that you have to figure out, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. This question is sure to make you excited to think about what secrets it could uncover. Take a look at the mysterious world of Secrets from the Google Play Store.

7. Truth or Dare

There are choices in the Truth or Dare app that can make your friends turn red. An emotional truth or a fun date game are mixed together in this great Android game. You’ll never get bored with it. One of the best games for couples to play together.

8. Moments: Choose Your Story

Moments Choose Your Story

With more than 100k downloads, we can say that we can say that we Make interesting decisions in Moments, which is a game with a lot of different things to think about. It’s more like a picture book with a lot of different situations where a choice can make a big difference. There is a cool story with interesting people in the game. Play a part in a story or write your own.

9. maybe: Interactive Stories

It might be different from other choice-based games on this list because there are a lot of twists and turns as you find your one true love while you’ll be spoiled for choice. With each person, there’s a new twist to the game that you can play. Because it has top artists, authors, well-known webtoons creators, and new things that haven’t been seen before, this is one of the best games out there.

10. Nutaku


Nutaku is a lot like Mikandi in that he likes the same things. Online, there are a lot of porn games in an app store that you can get from there. Most games are animated in one of two ways: with anime or with a more traditional style. Another app store is better if that isn’t your thing. The selection is good, and the controls of the games we tried were easy to use with one hand. That’s what you want with this kind of thing.

11. SVSComics games

An Android porn site called SVSComics is on the internet. It has a lot of Android games on it. They also have games for PC and Mac if you want to play them. The games are all very easy. Most of them are just tapping the buttons or making simple gestures to do things. None of this is very important. You can find so many different things on this site. It has everything you’d expect to find at a fair, but there are also anime, cartoon, and other types of things there, too. Everyone is welcome here. All of the apps need to be sideloaded, so make sure you know how to do that. A lot of these games aren’t organised well on the site, so you might have to look around for a while before you find them all.