13 Best Anime Like Avatar That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender is no longer airing, but that doesn’t mean you should stop watching amazing animation.

Even though the final episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender aired over a decade ago, we’re still smitten with how fantastic this show was. Most of us, after finishing Avatar, have been hunting for anything similar since since we finished the show.

In addition to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko’sLegend of Korra and Aaron Ehasz’sThe Dragon Prince, what other Avatar: The Last Airbender-related works are out there? But we did a little digging and came across a couple Japanese animes that could be a match. You should keep in mind that not all of these are perfect suggestions, but we hope that one of these eight will be the perfect fit for you.

Louis Kemner’s update from October 23rd, 2020 is now available: Avatar: The Last Airbender’s reintroduction to Netflix brought back a slew of fans who hadn’t seen it in years, as well as a slew of new ones. It may be finished for Aang, but the adventure continues in The Legend of Korra and fans of these shows are sure to appreciate them as well. After Avatar: The Last Airbender, there’s more to come.



If you liked Avatar’s filler episodes, you might love a more laid-back adventure animation where side missions are the sole way to get the protagonist to his or her destination. While fighting phantoms with regalia in the shape of a deceased teenage guy named Yukine, and a high school girl Hiyori, we accompany the wayward god Yato as he takes odd jobs in order to acquire devotees. There will therefore be many exciting fight sequences involving superhumans.

However, the concentration on Japanese culture and religion is the most compelling feature of Noragami. If you enjoyed Avatar’s Asian elements and are curious about Japanese culture, this is a series you should check out.


To save a society from famine and a disastrous drought, can one justify killing a child? Moribito raises an important moral question. Here we have a Prince who is protector of the water spirit, and his father, Emperor, believes that he is a demon and hence orders his murder. Fortunately, the Prince’s mother is more forgiving and asks a warrior named Balsa to take her son and protect him.

Moribito, as you may have guessed, isn’t the kind of adventure that will take our heroes down a route that they will enjoy. Moribito, on the other hand, might be the perfect anime for Avatar fans due to its fantasy aspects, historical setting, and the topics it addresses.



In case you’re looking for some action/adventure involving demons and exorcists, D.Gray-man might be the anime for you. The story of Allen Walker, an Exorcist tasked with stopping the evil Millennium Earl from destroying the planet, is told through the eyes of this anime. The good news is that Allen isn’t going it alone. He is accompanied by the laid-back Lavi, the stoic Kanda, and the compassionate Lenalee.

Fans of Avatar may be interested in the anime’s focus on tragedy and, more especially, the death of a loved one. The Millennium Earl can resurrect the dead by transforming them into demons, which only serves to spice things up (and make things painful). Despite the grim outlook, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The humor and action in D.Gray-man are just the right amount to keep things interesting. It’s easy to care about the protagonists because they’re flawed and interesting characters in their own right.


When Yuusuke dies protecting the life of a small kid, he is pushed into the world of spirits and demons in Yu Yu Hakusho. He’s given the opportunity by the spirits to become a Spirit Detective and protect the planet from wicked spirits. After a playful beginning, Yu Yu Hakusho gradually matures into a mature and complex tale.

The ever-escalating nature of shounen anime makes Yu Yu Hakusho a battle anime at its core. There are, however, several episodes focused on the characters’ backstories and interpersonal interactions that allow us to get to know them better. With its well-developed, appealing and sympathetic characters, Avatar and Yu Yu Hakusho have a lot of the same characteristics.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The Tengen Topp Gurren Lagann narrative is one of the most ludicrous and outlandish that I’ve ever seen. Even while the world of Gurren Lagann isn’t quite as thoroughly established as the world of Avatar, it’s nonetheless fascinating all the same. It also contains enormous robots.

For a show that uses emotional connection and the force of battling spirit to travel through time and space, it’s perhaps best that the show doesn’t even bother to explain the inner workings. In order to enjoy Gurren Lagann, you must be willing to suspend your disbelief. Inspiring character growth, especially Simon’s, makes it easy to feel immersed in the lives of the characters, who are well-written. Even though it’s a happy narrative, it deals with serious subjects like death, which is a major plot point.


Even though bending isn’t magic in and of itself, it does work in a similar manner to other magical systems. You may also be interested in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, if you’re a fan of magical systems and powers. This anime follows the exploits of Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana, all of whom are heavily influenced by the tales found in the classic collection of Arabian Nights stories.

As the heroes traverse the world in pursuit of dungeons, they meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures and traditions. If you’re a fan of fascinating lore that’s rooted in the actual world, you might want to check out Magi. As with Avatar, the anime explores issues of familial and friendship ties.


Hunter x Hunter (2011)

It’s hard to go wrong with a program like Hunter x Hunter if you want a young protagonist with a can-do attitude who goes on an adventure with his buddies to grow up and achieve his goals in life.

Gon, a twelve-year-old on the cusp of becoming a Hunter, is the focus of the episode. Hunters are among of the most ferocious people on the planet, capable of taking on a wide range of risky duties. Due to his adversaries’ greater strength, Gon must constantly study and develop. As much as the program is about the epic journey, it is also about the unexpected turns and cross-overs the characters encounter along the route. It’s simple to get immersed in the characters’ stories because they’re well-developed and each has a unique ability. You won’t be disappointed if you enjoyed Avatar’s combination of a kid’s show vibe with serious topics.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the final game on our list. To satisfy all of your Avatar: The Last Airbender itch, there’s just one answer: Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants. Check. A well-written story with a compelling theme and a well-executed plot. Characters who are fully developed, relatable, and who grow and change as the story progresses, yes. The film has a good mixture of comedy and action. Check. Surprisingly mature and philosophically sophisticated. Superhero battle sequences are always a treat.

Two brothers are on a quest to reclaim their bodies after a botched human transformation attempt left Ed with an arm and leg and Al with his full body. In the course of their adventure, they meet people who become their allies, friends, and mentors. Brotherhood is a film that will make you feel happy and sad at the same time.


The Seven Deadly Sins

There are plenty of action scenes and fantastic magical skills, but this series isn’t quite as gloomy as other works of fiction that deal with the seven deadly sins. There are demons, ghouls, faeries, and more in this fictional depiction of the British Isles.

the seven deadly sins lead by Meliodas is the hero we’re dealing with here. In the name of the peaceful kingdom of Liones, they will boldly take on any challenge together.


With its pre-industrial, pseudo-European backdrop and heavy emphasis on magic, this series has been compared to The Seven Deadly Sins. Fairy Tail is the most powerful guild of wizards in the land.

Elements such as fire, lightning, water, earth manipulation, and wind will be familiar to Avatar fans. They also have some extremely fantastic dragons that are the star of the show.


Fans of firebending, take note. After a massive catastrophe decimated the whole planet, humanity was eventually able to rebuild itself. While the demons formed from spontaneous combustion can be destroyed by the magical power of fire, this time humans have learned how to harness that force.

The protagonist is Shinra Kusakabe, a fire soldier who uses jets of flame to propel himself and deliver tremendous kicks to his opponents. He and the other fire soldiers face a massive threat: a secretive cult that is aiming to bring the planet back to a state of total destruction. Every aspect of your life is at risk.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

In spite of the fact that it’s an isekai anime, this is still an enjoyable show to watch. One day, an ordinary businessman is resurrected as a magical blue jelly blob and vows to use his newfound abilities to make the world a better place for everyone.

In this mythical realm, a man by the name of Rimuru Tempest sets out to unite the warring races and establish a kingdom based on equality and harmony. If you’re looking for Civilization-like gameplay with plenty of action, this is the game for you.


Even if they haven’t seen it, this anime is well-known among fans. This anime isn’t set in the future; rather, it takes place in early modern Japan, when demons roam the night and special swordsmen, known as demon slayers, hunt them down.

This anime has a lot of fantastic magical powers and sword fights, and its Japanese setting is sure to appeal to fans of Avatar: the Last Airbender. A tremendous delight to watch, especially since the combat scenes are so meticulously produced.