10 Best Games Like Slither.io That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Slither.io

The original Snake game, which was popular on Nokia phones in the 1990s, has been resurrected as an iPhone app. It was thrilling to see the battle to see who could construct the longest snake. This evolved into Slither.io, a current title that can be played on any device, whether it’s a smartphone or a computer. Slither.io has a snake that eats dots to grow longer, just like the classic snake game. Additionally, hundreds of players can engage in friendly competition online. In the event that you have become tired of Slither.io and are looking for games that are comparable, you’re in the right place. The following are 18 Slither.io-like games you must play in 2020.

There may be some in-game purchases in some of the free games on this list.

1. Agar.io


With over 100,000,000 downloads, Agar.io is the most popular game on this list. Instead of being a snake, the user takes on the role of a dot or ball. To increase in size, you must consume smaller dots and other players.

The ball gets slower as the player gets older, but it has the capacity to break into smaller masses and discharge mass as well. Smaller balls may be defeated and the leaderboard can be climbed with a variety of different tactics. Agar.io has spawned a whole new genre of games, and there are plenty of others that are just as enjoyable.

2. Diep.io

The casual game Diep.io is a good choice if you’re not a fan of snakes but still want to shoot other players. You play as a tank on a Slither.io-like map and your goal is to fire down the floating items while avoiding other tanks on the map. By destroying targets or other tanks, you can level up your tank and get access to new tank upgrades and abilities.

Game options on Diep.io range from a free-for-all mode to one in which players compete against each other in teams of two to four to one in which they try to dominate the map. Yes, I believe I have what it takes to be one of the best players in this game.

3. Worm.is


Slither.io’s clone, Worm.is, is nearly identical. Consume objects dispersed around and try to devour your adversaries in the process. The question is, why clone? Well, the gameplay is considerably more fluid now, and there are also new features like the ability to speed up and eject mass, as well as a zoomed-out view of the map. As a bonus, the game includes a discussion area at the bottom right, making it more engaging.

In addition, the game provides a variety of skins for the worm, as well as a barrier on the boundaries that instantly kills your worm if it gets too close. Even if there aren’t many other players online in the game’s web edition, you can still play with your pals.

4. Tankio 3D

3D version of original Tankio, Tankio 3D is a tank fighting arena that resembles Diep.io in many ways. Control a tank in a 3D map with the goal of blowing things up and taking out your opponents in order to win the game. In order to level up and customize your tank, you must complete all of the objectives in the game.

The game features a total of 16 different types of tanks. Unlike the other games on this list, you play Tankio 3D offline against AI opponents who level up along with you. You can save your valuable bandwidth by playing Tankio 3D instead of Slither.io, which is a terrific alternative.

5. Mitos.is


Mitos.is is a simplified version of Agar.io that may be even better. Improved mobile gameplay, as well as a variety of game types, keep the user engaged in the game. The goal of the game is to grow in size and consume your opponents, just like Agar.io.

In addition, it has the power to evacuate mass and travel at high speeds, as well as the ability to split in half and generate new cells. Aside from potions and armors, the game offers a wide range of additional improvements.

6. Splix.io

Possibly the most unique game on this list is Splix.io. With a basic appearance and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Snake, it is a very fast-paced game. Colored blocks begin the game and the goal is to expand your cage by moving around the open region.

To fill the empty space, a snake-like line emerges from the block. While you’re out of the picture, you’re out of luck if your opponent crashes into your block. The gameplay may appear straightforward, but the rapid-fire movements give the impression that it is incredibly challenging.

7. Snowball.io


Snowball.io is an excellent Slither.io substitute in which you control a snowball that expands in size as you progress through the level. You can score points by flinging opponents off the field with the snowball. If you want to snipe your opponents, you can either control a giant snowball or split it into several smaller ones.

The controls of the game are quite straightforward, but the difficulty increases as you continue. The ability to customize your character is an additional perk of the game.

8. Osmos HD

A new Slither.io spin-off, Osmos HD, attempts to replicate what Slither.io does, but in a somewhat different manner. Osmos HD, unlike the other games on our list, is a one-on-one game, but its gameplay is still worthy of inclusion. Participants assume the role of a cell tasked with consuming motes. A propelling substance is used for movement; nevertheless, excessive ejection could limit the size of your cell to a little speck.

As a result, it will be more brittle and more easily broken down by larger cells. You must balance speed and size in order to consume as much as possible, and the lovely graphics make it a joy to look at.

9. Arrow.io


You play as a blocky archer in Arrow.io, a Slither.io spin-off in which you strive to take down your foes with a bow. To protect oneself from arrows fired by your opponents, the map of Arrow.io contains barriers that you can hide behind.

As you progress through the game, you gain access to a variety of abilities that can aid you in defeating or defending yourself against your enemies. There are both single-player and multiplayer options to keep you interested in the game’s easy controls.

10. Nebulous.io

Nebulous.io is yet another variation of Agar.io, but the goal remains the same. Dots on the map must be collected in order to increase your blob’s size. Beware of larger blobs, as they will devour you if you come too close.

You may personalize your blob with over 500 different skins, and the game offers a variety of game types, including single-player offline mode, multiplayer online mode, a battle royale mode, and more.