11 Best Bomberman Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

best bomberman games

It’s hard to think of anyone who hasn’t played Bomberman at least once in their lives.

There have been more than 70 official games for the cute bomber over the last 30 years. He’s been all over the world, helping people blow each other up without having to use real gunpowder.

Because of its simple gameplay and action-packed gameplay, the series has been played by every generation of gamers since it was first released. Hudson Soft, which has since broken up, made the games.

There have been so many manga and anime adaptations of Dyna Blaster (as he was known in Europe), as well as cameos in so many other multimedia works, that he’s gone from being just a video game character to becoming a pop culture icon.

Even if you’ve been playing with bombs for a long time and aren’t sure what to play next, I give you my top picks for the best Bomberman games ever made.

Bomberman DS (2005)

Bomberman DS (2005)

When it comes to Bomberman, the single-player factor is always important. I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people remember it only for the multiplayer.

This game makes it easy and comfortable for friends to get together so they can try to blow each other up. If you have enough consoles for everyone, you can play Bomberman DS together.

It’s true that it has some annoying mic features.

DS is for you. “Blow up” really means “blow.”

Bomberman (1985)

Bomberman has more than 70 games in its history. It has come a long way since its start.

Because this old-fashioned game looks like something you’d find next to Minesweeper and Solitaire on Windows XP, it is hard not to like the old-fashioned charm.

Bomberman’s simple gameplay and timeless appeal make this old game as fun to play now as it was when it first came out. You might think you’re about to play Metroid because of the cover art. Ha!

Bomberman MAX (2000)

Bomberman MAX (2000)

When I can take simple games with me, I love it.

In the old days, the GBC was a godsend. I could play Bomberman on it.

The single-player mode was very well-done, with 100 complex stages and optional tasks to complete in each one to save the charaboms from certain death.

This was also the first time Max, a friend of Bomberman, was seen. Max is the protagonist of the “Red Challenger” version of the game, while the original Bomberman is the star of the “Blue Champion” version of the game.

Bomberman ‘93 (1993)

Don’t be fooled by the cover art. Because this TurboGrafx-16 game isn’t just fun, but it’s also beautiful.

In this game, the sprites are very detailed and look textured, the colours are vibrant and attention-grabbing while still being harmonious, and each of the game’s seven worlds has its own unique setting.

With a very good single-player and 5-man multiplayer, it’s a good choice for anyone who wants a game that makes them feel like they’re a bomber.

Super Bomberman R (2017)

Super Bomberman R (2017)

The most recent game in the Bomberman series may not have as much personality or appeal as other games in the series.

But this one can be played on all major consoles, and you can play online with up to seven people. You can also play against each other in person.

Despite being owned by Konami, which seems like a death sentence these days, it’s still a good way to play the classic action-puzzler with updated graphics.

Mega Bomberman (1994)

The core gameplay of Bomberman is so simple and well-thought-out.

If a developer can go outside the box for a little while and not break it, you have to be grateful for that.

Mega Bomberman on the Sega Genesis is a game that lets you ride a kangaroo-like creature and fight bosses that are very unique.

It also has a very small number of enemies, so you can kill a lot of them while admiring the crisp sprites.

Bomberman Tournament (2001)

Bomberman Tournament (2001)

In the GBA, the best Bomberman game is called Bomberman Tournament.

This game does a good job of adding a lot of extra depth to the single-player experience without sacrificing the gameplay of Bomberman.

A Quest Mode where you explore Zelda-like worlds even has RPG elements in it

Bomberman Tournament also has a good story, and it makes Max more of a character than he was in the GBC’s Bomberman Max.

Bomberman Generation (2002)

Long-running games were having a hard time finding their place in the industry in the early 2000s after the fifth generation of consoles was all about being different and new.

What this GameCube masterpiece came up with was a completely new single-player experience that took the basic ideas of the original Bomberman and mixed them with action-adventure exploration-based gameplay.

When it comes to movies, it’s called The Legend of Bomberman.

While it was fun to play and had a lot of great multiplayer options, my favourite thing about this game has to be the timeless cel-shaded graphics that still look great more than 15 years after they were first made.

Bomberman Land Portable (Worst)

Bomberman Land Portable (Worst)

In Bomberman Land, instead of the main game you came to play, there are a lot of different mini-games to play on a side trip. It’s not that the mini-games themselves aren’t fun, but the intermission between the games gets very long very quickly.

To save a theme park and play a lot of fun games sounds like a lot of fun. Getting to the games, on the other hand, is the hard part. It makes most people want to throw the console across the room.

Bomberman: Act Zero (Worst)

There is no doubt that if this were a family get-together, Act Zero would be the bad boy. When a company tried to outdo its predecessors by jumping headfirst into the shiny new age, it made a mistake. It ended up with bad reviews and bruised egos as a result.

As long as they didn’t try to change the mechanics of play, it could have worked. When you try to make things more complicated, it never works out well. Bomberman was made simple for a reason. Taking away the most important power-ups and replacing them with hard to use and poorly thought-out game play.

Bomberman Blast (Best)

This is a great way to play the game because it doesn’t have all the extras that come with a full Bomberman game. Most people don’t play the franchise for their in-depth storylines and emotional gameplay, we want a party game.

This is what you get, both online and offline, when you buy Bomberman on Wii. They threw in a couple of extra game modes to put a little extra party in party mode and kept the rest simple. Fans of both old and new games can come together without having to worry about how to finish a game or learn new buttons.