8 Best TV Shows Like Covert Affairs That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 05/2024

TV Shows Like Covert Affairs

These are my top choices for television shows like Covert Affairs. The list is not arranged in any particular order. Take use of the suggestions.

1. Fairly Legal (2011)

Fairly Legal (2011)

At her family’s law company in San Francisco, Kate Reed is frustrated with the legal system, so she chooses to leave her position as an attorney and start her own business as an arbitrator. Because of Kate’s sensitivity to people and her knowledge of the legal system, she is a natural choice for the job of mediating disputes. But when it comes to her own personal conflicts, she’s a little less forgiving. When it comes to dealing with personal issues like her soon-to-be ex-husband Justin, Kate’s clever helper Leonardo comes in handy. As a mediator, she’ll be put to the test by personal issues and the unusual situations she’s assigned.

2. Necessary Roughness (2013)

Necessary Roughness (2013)

Dr. Dani Santino’s Long Island psychotherapy practice began as a result of a painful divorce. Terrence King, the standout wide receiver for the New York Hawks, a local professional football team, is her first major test as a team therapist, and she is determined to help him overcome his demons. Athletes, musicians, politicians, and other high-profile clients all seek the help of Dr. Dani after King’s remarkable improvement both on the field and off it spreads word about her successful tough love therapy. On top of that, she’s a single mother to two teenagers and is re-entering the dating pool.

3. In Plain Sight (2008)

In Plain Sight (2008)

In the Federal Witness Relocation Program, Mary Shannon is a seductive but formidable U.S. Marshal who protects witnesses as they relocate to the Southwest to start new lives. When it comes to dealing with Mary’s mother, Jinx, and sister, Brandi, Marshall Mann, Mary’s fellow marshal, is not much of a help.

4.  Unforgettable (2011)

Former investigator Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) has a strange disease that prevents her from forgetting anything, making it difficult for her to consult on a case lead by her ex-boyfriend, Detective Al Burns (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) (Dylan Walsh). Although she still harbors a crush on Al, she decides to take up the shield once more and join his squad permanently. To help her solve her sister’s unsolved murder, Wells hopes the unit will be able to assist her along the road.

5. Human Target (2010)

Human Target (2010)

Christopher Chance isn’t your average security guard. Rather, he’s a unique individual. When everything else fails, he’s the one who gets called in to protect you. His job is to protect his clients at any costs, therefore he becomes a human target until the threat is gone. With the help of Winston and Guerrero, Chance races against the clock to save his client and uncover the truth behind each task they take. Each quest reveals a little more about Chance’s dark past.

6. Royal Pains (2009)

When a hospital trustee dies, Dr. Hank Lawson’s fast pathway to success is disrupted. One weekend in the Hamptons marks the turning point in his life, as he helps a guest in need of medical attention. Hank’s younger brother, Evan, encourages Hank to enter the private medical service industry. Hank had envisioned a career as a doctor serving the wealthy, famous, and infamous residents of the Hamptons.

7. Common Law (2012)

Common Law (2012)

The LAPD detectives Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell are the best example of an odd pair in television history. Former juvenile delinquent Marks and ex-lawyer Mitchell are two of the most intriguing characters in the film. One of the department’s best Robbery-Homicide Division detectives, they have a problem: themselves. Because of the strain on their working relationship, their new-age captain has them go to couples therapy to try to mend their “working marriage.” To help Marks and Mitchell better understand and resolve their issues in order to continue solving crimes, Dr. Ryan, a tough-as-nails therapist, enters the picture.

8. The Glades (2013)

He relocates from Chicago to Palm Glade, a small, tranquil town in Florida where golfing in lovely weather is the norm and crime isn’t. He thought so, at least. Soon after he joins the FLDE, he discovers that the citizens of Palm Glade are anything but law abiding, as seen by the regularity with which they are found murdered. How can a man relax if he’s constantly being summoned back to the office from the golf course? Longworth might be able to spend more time relaxing if he wasn’t so brilliant at solving these mysteries.