10 Best Mysterious Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Mysterious Anime Characters

When I don’t know something, I’m eager to learn more about it.= That’s why I’m drawn to mystery personalities.

It’s also why you’ll be drawn to a character even if you haven’t yet warmed up to him or her.

The “to be continued” message in a video game is a good analogy for this.

Seeing what happens next is something you can’t help but desire.

This is a list of 11 intriguing anime characters much like I’ve described.

1. Ai Enma (Hell Girl)

Ai Enma (Hell Girl)

Ai Enma was a mystery to me when I first saw Hell Girl.

The first thing you notice about her is that she’s very quiet and has a deep melancholy in her eyes.

Her quiet demeanor and limited vocabulary become more apparent as you watch her more.

It’s almost as though you’re standing on a pier overlooking the sea. Despite your best efforts, you’re unable to glimpse what lies beyond the surface.

And that’s what makes Hell Girl’s strange personality so compelling.

2. Shigure Kosaka (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)

It’s hard to shake Shigure’s demure demeanor and penetrating gaze.

You discover that she’s a pleasant lady with a surprising lot of wisdom..

There is more to Shigure than she reveals, even though she is a woman of few words.

She stands out because of her “mystique.”

3. Mei Misaki (Another)

Mei Misaki (Another)

In Another, Mei Misaki is a mystery. Horror/mystery anime.

Only a few things are known about her: she lives above a doll shop, is an introvert, and had eye surgery as a child.

Mei Misaki’s mysteriousness is enhanced by the anime’s concentration on the horror aspects rather than the characters.

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4. Jiren (DB Super)

Jiren is an extremely powerful fighter.

No one in the DB Super Tournament has the wherewithal to take on him.

That’s not all: There’s very little information out there on Jiren.

This just serves to heighten his mystique and make him even more of a threat to his opponents.

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5. Orphelia Landlufen (Asterisk War)

Orphelia Landlufen (Asterisk War)

According to the information we have, Julis Alexia had a childhood friend named Orphelia.

Orphelia eventually met a man who would forever alter the course of her life. Increasing her strength and giving her magical abilities.

That’s all there is to know about Orphelia’s personality.

And, like Ai Enma, she wears a mournful expression on her face that conveys more than the naked eye can perceive.

6. Ko Kimijima (Robotic Notes)

I don’t know what to make of this guy.

He’s the type of person who deliberately keeps his identity a secret. Except for a few minor points.

Even at the end of this sci-fi anime series, you’re still unsure of his goals and objectives.

As well as speculating on his character.

7. Gin Ichimaru (Bleach)

Gin Ichimaru (Bleach)

Bleach has more than 350 episodes in all. For the most part, those episodes feature Gin.

It begs the question, however – who exactly is this man? What else is he trying to hide from me?

Gin Ichimaru is my favorite anime character for these reasons. I was completely taken aback by the character development and plot twists he employed.

8. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji (Classroom Of The Elite)

It’s rare to see Ayanokouji’s countenance shift.

To sum up his personality, you could say he’s bland.

When you watch Classroom of the Elite, you begin to see facets of him that will surprise, surprise, or even puzzle you..

In order to understand more about his intriguing and terrible past, we’ll need a second season.

9. Kagetane Hiruko (Black Bullet)

Kagetane appears to be a vicious, twisted, and overly happy madman.

That’s why he’s so enigmatic. It’s because in actuality, his crazy has a purpose.

Furthermore, his seductive demeanor makes it difficult to discern his true motives.

His enigmatic demeanor is amply demonstrated by the mask he wears. As well as making it impossible for anyone to discover his plan until the time is right.

10. Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

Koko Hekmatyar (Jormungand)

Koko is a weapons trader who deals with the military, warlords, and politicians alike.

Other types of criminals are driven by a desire for a position of authority in the criminal underground.

When you first meet her, Koko resembles the sun. She’s constantly perky, bright, and happy.

On the verge of playing with her friends, she’s like a small kid at a toy store.

A blind person can clearly see that Koko has more to her than she lets on due of her allure.

She is, after all, an arms dealer who makes a fortune by financing bloodshed.

11. Decim (Death Parade)

Decim is a man who prefers to keep his thoughts to himself.

Because of his introverted nature, he is rarely seen without a book in hand.

Decim is one of those people you’ve never been able to figure out. Decim is a mystery.

At the same time, the way he appears is both attractive and strange. Inspiring you to learn more about him.

12. Kira (Death Note)

Kira (Death Note)

One of the best anime characters is Kira, or Light Yagami in Death Note. It’s also one of the more elusive sorts.

Kira is the name he gives to the persona he makes for himself.

And he’s able to commit and get away with things most people could only dream of doing thanks to his Alias.

When you first meet Light, it’s impossible to tell who he is because of the way he acts and what he wears.

It is only through arrogance that Light loses his “mystery” and his ability to go silently.

13. Sphinx (Terror In Resonance)

Terror In Resonance’s Sphinx is the mastermind partnership behind the terrorist strikes.

From the first and second episodes, it is clear that the characters are Nine and Twelve.

Light Yagami and other enigmatic figures have a similar style of movement. Keeping their true identity a secret and diverting attention away from it.