13 Best Movies Like The Skeleton Key That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies Like The Skeleton Key

1. The Skeleton Key (2005)

The Skeleton Key (2005)

a young hospice worker becomes embroiled in the occult practices of a mysterious cult in the Louisiana bayous while caring for an elderly invalid in a remote mansion

2. The Prestige (2006)

As time goes on in London at the end of the 19th century, Robert Angier, his wife Julia McCullough, and Alfred Borden become close friends and helpers to a magician. In the wake of Julia’s tragic death during a performance, Robert accuses Alfred of being responsible, and the two men grow bitter rivals.

Both become well-known magicians, and one tries to sabotage the other’s show on stage. A successful magic trick is performed by Alfred, and Robert becomes obsessed with learning Alfred’s secret, which has tragic results.

3. Gothika (2003)

Gothika (2003)

In the mental health care industry, Dr. Miranda Grey works in a penitentiary. She’s married to Dr. Douglas Grey, the department’s chief of staff, who also works for Dr. Pete Graham. The patient, Chloe Sava, who had been abused by her stepfather, claims that the devil rapes her in her cell frequently.

The next morning, Dr. Miranda wakes up in a hospital bed, accused of a terrible crime but with no recollection of the incident that led to her being there in the first place.

4. Audition (1999)

He is a widower in Tokyo who raises his son Shigehiko Aoyama alone after losing his wife. When Shigehiko, his teenage son, asks his father, a middle-aged man, why he hasn’t remarried seven years later, Shigeharu meets his friend, a film producer named Yasuhisa Yoshikawa, and reveals his plan.

Shigeharu, on the other hand, finds it difficult to approach any available women for a date, so Yasuhisa organizes a phony audition to find the movie’s lead actress. Shigeharu becomes enamored with the stunning Asami Yamazaki, whose portfolio they receive. Shigeharu sets Asami up on a date despite the wise counsel of Yasuhisa. But who is this Asami I keep hearing about?

5. New Nightmare (1994)

New Nightmare (1994)

Heather Langenkamp, from the film ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ is being terrified by a phone call that sounds eerily similar to the film’s antagonist, Freddy Krueger.

Heather begins to have doubts when her husband is found dead in a car accident with slash marks all over him. This is especially true when she learns that Wes Craven is penning a sequel to ‘Nightmare on Elm Street. It doesn’t take long before she realizes she must revert back to Nancy Thompson if she intends to defeat Freddy.

6. Clue (1985)

six people are implicated in the murder of six people in this movie: a butler, and a maid. Professor Plum works in D.C., where everyone else lives, and the guests all meet there. It’s possible that Colonel Mustard is a client of Miss Scarlet’s who had an affair with Mrs. White’s husband while working as Yvette’s maid, and so on.

In order to avoid being exposed, blackmailer Mr. Boddy gives each of the guests a weapon and orders them to kill butler Wadsworth. Incorporate the hilarity of Mr. Green’s bumbling into the murderous web, and you have a whole group of people caught up in deception, lies, and murder.

7. What Lies Beneath (2000)

While working on his doctoral dissertation at a prestigious research university, Norman Spencer becomes increasingly concerned about his wife Claire, a concert cellist who suffered a life-threatening injury in a car accident a year ago and who has just sent her daughter Caitlin, his stepdaughter, off to college.

For the last few years, the young Claire has been experiencing paranormal activity, including seeing a young woman’s reflection in water and hearing voices in their lakeside Vermont home.

Claire, who is growing more alarmed by the events, believes the phenomena have something to do with the couple who live next door, especially now that the wife has mysteriously vanished. Claire begins therapy at her husband’s insistence and tells him she believes the house is haunted. What is his piece of advice? Make an effort to get in touch with me. Using a ouija board and the assistance of her best friend Jody, Claire sets out to discover the truth about What Lies Beneath.

8. 1408 (2007)

1408 (2007)

Mike Enslin, a cynical and skeptic author, examines paranormal phenomena in haunted hotels, graveyards, and other locations, and usually disproves the mystery. He travels from Los Angeles to New York while working on his latest book, and stays in the hotel’s possessed room 1408, which is never again available to hotel guests.

This request is rebuffed by the reluctant hotel manager Mr. Gerald Olin who offers an upgrade as well as exorbitant alcohol and finally reveals that more than fifty guests have perished in the cursed room over the years. As a result of the threat Mike makes to Mr. Olin that the hotel will be held liable, the hotel allows him to check in. Later on in the night, he discovers that guests in room 1408 may not survive their stay.

9. The Uninvited (2009)

In the wake of her mother’s death in a fire, young Anna attempts suicide and is subsequently committed to a mental institution for treatment. Anna still has no recollection of the events of the night her mother died, ten months later.

She is discharged by Dr. Silberling because he says she has resolved her problems. Steven, her father and a well-known author, welcomes her back to the family home in a secluded mansion on the coast. Rachel Summers, Anna’s mother’s former nurse, is now her stepmother.

While swimming in the ocean, Anna runs into her beloved sister, Alex. She learns that Steven failed to deliver Alex’s letters and CDs. As time passes, Anna begins to believe that Rachel is responsible for the death of her mother. Both Alex and Anna make the decision to look for evidence that Rachel is the murderer, and only Anna is able to discover the truth about the fire in the boat house.

10. Before I Go To Sleep (2014)

Before I Go To Sleep (2014)

Christine Lucas, forty, finds herself in bed with a stranger in a strange house. The man introduces himself as Ben, his wife’s husband, and says that ten years prior, she was involved in a car accident and suffered brain damage. Christine has no recollection of her early twenties until she wakes up every morning. Christine is under the care of Dr.

An expert in neurology, Nasch calls Nasch every morning to remind him to look at the video in the camera that she’s been given to record her thoughts and progress. She soon learns the truth about the people and events around her.

11. White Noise (2005)

Many people believe she fell into the river while attempting to change a flat tire and now her car is disabled next to it. Several weeks later, her body is discovered upstream, in line with the accidental death theory.

Jonathan Rivers, her bereaved husband, decides to meet with Raymond Price, who approached John before Anna’s body was discovered with news that she was trying to contact him from beyond, based on events around him. As of that time, John was doubtful of Raymond’s claims of EVP: that he is in contact with the afterlife via electronic means (radio, television) that can be recorded.

Raymond’s “clients” Sarah Tate and John become obsessed with EVP as they receive more and more audio and video messages from Anna in the afterlife. When John suspects that Anna is trying to help others with the information she has, his obsession shifts slightly.

In combination with John’s learning that not all good comes from EVP, the nature of those messages and their connection to Raymond lead to the possible belief that John dabbling in EVP may be dangerous in and of itself and the cause of those potentially deadly issues in which he should help.

12. The Host (2006)

Park Hee-bong, a man in his late 60s, is the focus of the film. In addition to running a small snack bar along the Han River, he also has two sons, a daughter, and a granddaughter who all live in the same house.

To look at their way of life, the Parks appear to be no different than the average Seoulite. An immature and incompetent man in his 40s with no ties to his family, Hee-elder bong’s son Gang-du is a burden to the family. When it comes to their two children, Nam-il is the youngest and an unhappy unemployed grouch, while Nam-joo is an Olympic-level archery medalist and member of the South Korean national team.

An unknown monster emerges from the Han River’s depths one day, causing panic and killing people. It also takes Gang-daughter du’s Hyun-seo hostage and disappears. There is great sorrow among the family members as they have suffered the loss of someone close to them. In any case, as soon as they learn she is still alive, they make the decision to save her.

13. The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)

The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)

Beginning with a chorus girl being tutored by an opera ghost who terrorizes the French Opera House’s entire cast and crew. Finally, after driving the lead soprano to madness, she and her companion depart. In spite of this, the soprano doesn’t want her show stolen, so she returns the following night.

The phantom demands that his protégé be given leading roles in future films. The Vicomte de Chagny, his pupil, falls in love with the Phantom, while Christine, the Phantom’s student, falls in love with him. As a result of his rage, the Phantom abducts Christine, and she becomes his everlasting bride. Will Vicomte Raoul be able to foil this evil scheme?