10 Best Anime Characters With Brown Eyes That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Anime Characters With Brown Eyes

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Dark brown eyes are my personal favorite (despite having green eyes).

The majority of people have brown eyes. Brown eyes can be found in the eyes of anywhere from 55% to 79% of the global population.

Africans, East Asians, and Southeast Asians are more likely to have dark brown eyes than people in Western Asia, Europe, or North America.

Individualistic, self-confident, tenacious, and empathetic are some of the characteristics associated with people having brown eyes.

When I was looking at anime, I realized that while many characters had blue eyes, there was a surprising lack of brown ones.

It occurred to me that many anime characters had golden brown or amber-brown eyes, and while this may or may not be legal, I went ahead and included them. Check out this list of anime cuties with brown hair!

MaL was used to compile this list since I wanted to include the most well-known brown-eyed beauties. As far as I can tell, C.C. from Code Geass has no brown tinge to her eyes, hence she was left out of the list.

10. Himeko Inaba

Himeko Inaba

K-ON! : The Kokoro Connected

In spite of her calm demeanor, Himeko can be abrasive and awkward in social situations.

After the formation of the school club The Student Cultural Society, she made her first real pals. Its vice president is Himeko. In spite of the fact that they are there to learn about different cultures, they often just have fun.

Despite her tough exterior and frequent use of profanity, she cares deeply about her pals and will do whatever it takes to keep the group together no matter how difficult the task may be.

9. Nagisa Furukawa

The Clannad Anime

If Nagisa were real, she’d be my best friend

Even though her physical condition is highly debilitating, she is not bitter in any way! Even though she is shy, she is always kind to everyone, including complete strangers.

8. “Cat Burglar” Nami

“Cat Burglar” Nami

It’s One Piece!

What do you think about Nami? Exactly, that’s the reward for her capture!

The Straw Hat Pirates, of whom she is a member, are a well-known pirate band. She was clever, clever, and devoted to her friends. Her ultimate goal in life is to compile a globe map (best of luck, Nami!).

7. Nishimiya Shouko

In the Silence: An Anime Story

In spite of her deafness, Nishimiya is a strong and confident young woman. She perseveres, despite being bullied and having no one to confide in.

Even though she was abused in the past, she is able to forgive people who wronged her and is a kind person who doesn’t keep any grudges.

She moved me to tears, and I’m not even a crier. I’m not going to give anything away, but her narrative is heartbreaking and depicts her battle with depression and suicidal ideation.

6. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya: The Melancholy of Haruhi

Are you just another human being? That’s unfortunate! They don’t interest Haruhi at all. She gets bored with the mundane in an instant!

She is driven by her desire to lead a life of distinction. She started the SOS Brigade to keep herself entertained while she was doing well in school and athletics. There is an unofficial school group called the SOS Brigade, which is full of weirdos. The irony is that she doesn’t know this and has powers she doesn’t even know she possesses.

5. Mikoto Misaka

The Toaru series is an anime.

For as long as I can remember, Mikoto has been one of my favorite anime characters. I admire her so much because she is constantly willing to put herself in harm’s path to protect others in need. And did I mention that she’s a tsundere by accident?

On top of all that, she’s the strongest Electromaster and third-strongest Esper in the game.

4. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a popular anime series.

She is one of the strongest wizards in the anime.

She exudes self-assurance, strength, and compassion in equal measure. In the same way that Natsu and Gray do when they fight and make a mess, she is a dominant individual who frequently chastises others for their bad behavior. However, despite this, they all love one other like siblings and both Natsu and Gray have an utmost regard for Erza as a person and a magician.

Her strength and independence make her the one to protect and guide others. She stands out from the “Please save me, I am just a useless cute anime lady” cliché since she has proven herself to be a strong fighter in the face of powerful adversaries. During the Alveraz arc, she ascended to the rank of sixth guild master, demonstrating her inherent leadership abilities.

Erza is an excellent illustration of what a waifu should look like. She is a strong woman who is protective of those close to her, even if it means experiencing great pain in order to keep her comrades safe.

3. Revy

The Black Lagoon is a popular anime series.

Having this chick as an enemy is not something you want to do. He is a cruel, sadistic, and quick-tempered killer, and he doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone, including unarmed civilians.

One of the most powerful allies and the most terrible foes in the world.

2. Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki

It’s a Sword Art Online Anime

Asuna Yuuki, one of the top waifus in the world, is in second place.

Despite her demure appearance, she is a formidable swordswoman, earning the nickname “The Flash” because of her prowess with the rapier.

Additionally, she is an extremely kind, loyal and loving person once she gets to know you.

1. Taiga “Palmtop Tiger” Aisaka

The Toradora! anime

Our beloved Palmtop Tiger is the most requested brown-eyed girl.

Despite the fact that she appears to be an adorable loli, she is a tsundere, and I wouldn’t chance it with her!

Finally, she breaks out of the tsundere prison and emerges as the charming Taiga she was all along.