Top 22 Movies Similar To I Am Legend That You Need Watching Update 05/2024

Movies Similar To I Am Legend

There are lots more films for lovers of I Am Legend who have comparable subjects and post-apocalyptic or dystopian settings. Take a look. Take a look.

The post-apocalyptic thriller Am Legendmay was not unanimously acknowledged by critics, but its triumph in the box office certainly proved deserved. While it was different from the novel – especially with its end – it remained a massive success and has been known to be a rather big dystopian film.

Furthermore, Will Smith has notably commended his performance, while his bond with his dog, Sam, is probably one of the most sensitive and disgusting. Fortunately, there are films like toI Am Legendthat fans can enjoy when they feel that this film isn’t enough.

1. The Book Of Eli

The Book Of Eli

The Bible of Eli also takes a more neo-western approach to its tale, placing it in a post-apocalyptic world, making it distinct from the crowd of similar dystopian and post-apocalyptic pictures. It was a box office success, including Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Mila Kunis.

The plot follows a man named Eli who tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Eli also had to bring a copy of a particular book to a safe place in the west of the United States with a mystery voice.

2. World War Z

World War Z contains zombies, similar to those of I Am Legend, in a leading role, however they have no vampire traits. Although both lauded and ridiculed, it was nevertheless a triumph in the box office.

It follows a man named Gerry Lane, who is an ex-UN investigator, based on the novel of the same name. As the zombie pandemic rolls out, he has to collect evidence to solve the problem and to determine the source of the infection.

3. Snowpiercer


Bong Joon-Snowpiercer ho’s was the debut director in the English language, which gave more acclaim to the worldwide filmmaker. The dystopian environment was explained in an unexpected manner, which encouraged critics to praise the film.

The story takes set in a world where climate change has made Earth uninhabitable and froze its surface, based on a French graphic novel. The only remaining human beings live on a continually moving train to prevent freezing, but the inequalities in the train lead to rebellion.

4. The Road

Although not the best-known film of its genre, The Road was a relatively successful business, but was given favorable reviews by reviewers. Starring Viggo Mortensen as the leader, it is similarly located in a post-apocalyptic world where individuals at all costs fight to survive.

On the basis of the novel by the same name, a father and his son journey to the sea, trying to survive and protect themselves.

5. Train To Busan

Train To Busan

One of the most recent versions of the zombie genre, the Action Horror Picture Train to Busan in South Korea was a big international success and shattered records, as the first Korean film in 2016 with more than 10 million theatrical audiences.

The story is set in South Korea and follows the group of different characters who get up and fight to survive as a zombie plague breaks out…

6. Edge Of Tomorrow

StarringTom Cruiseand Emily Blunt in Tomorrow’s leading roles, also known as Live. Die. Repeat, it is not an alien invasion per se but an alien invasion that may perhaps kill the Earth and all its inhabitants.

It shows a world in which most of Europe has been overrun by aliens, on the basis of a Japanese novel. The main character is in a loop when he takes part in the landing operation against the invaders, although he has no fighting experience.

7. Children Of Men

Children Of Men

Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men is often called one of the 21st Century’s best science fiction films – and this proves to be true. It incorporates creative one-shot sequences and examines such topics as faith, hope and salvation in a dismal future.

It was adapted from a novel of the same name and was published in 2027 in the United Kingdom, where the majority of individuals are infectious, which led to the breakdown of civilization. A civil servant who seeks to help a pregnant refugee flee to safety is the primary character.

8. District 9 (2009)

The District 9 filmmaker’s debut in Neill Blomkamp showed immediately that the director had much to offer the science-fi genre. Despite its minimal budget, the film was a critical and trade hit, exploring subjects like as xenophobia and social segregation.

Adapted from Blomkamp’s short film, it is held in Johannesburg, South Africa, which in 1982 was attacked by aliens in an alternative timeline. Now the aliens of insects must live with humans.

9. Mad Max Franchise (1979 – 2015)

Mad Max Franchise (1979 - 2015)

Rejuvenated by the latest Mad Max: Fury Road by Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, the Mad Max franchise remains one of Australia’s best examples. It was also a big success and helped establish director George Miller’s and the career of actor Mel Gibson in a dystopian future.

All four films are in a dystopian future where people are fighting for crucial resources and trying to survive along the way, with the protagonist Mad Max.

10. The Matrix Trilogy (1999 – 2003)

The Matrix was a great hit in the 1990s, thus it was inevitable that two additional films would be made Keanu Reeves (with even more being made now). With amazing filmmaking and action sequences, it revolutionized the genre of science fiction.

The plot follows a computer programmer named Thomas Anderson, who works surreptitiously as a hacker under Neo’s persona. He realizes to his amazement that the world in which he lives is not real but actually the Matrix, which is controlled by machines using human bodies for energy. He joins the resistance once he has been pulled out of the Matrix.

Kiki Evans enjoys anything from fantasy classics such as Lord of the Rings to unfamiliar films from outside such as Thirst. She is preoccupied with finding every little piece of information about any new cinema work she encounters. She also has three dogs and likes to swim.

11. Bird Box

Something has taken control, and the eyeballs are surviving. For one lady, having their children across the river promises a chance for a normal existence, but they must remain blindfolded all the time or face a sign of their darkest fear.

The film is based on a book by Josh Malerman from 2014.

12. A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Survival only depends on how calm you can be. This is especially difficult for youngsters, yet it’s their new normal. It’s up to parents to safely sail across a world of infested creatures. They pursue supplies, food and try to contact the outside world. It is just the Abbott family which defends their place among the beasts.

The performers learnt the movie’s sign language.

13. The Omega Man

A military scientist gets a chance to save himself before he succumbs to a plague created by conflict. He injects an untested vaccination into a fortified apartment alone and becomes immune to mutation. Now he has to persuade the other night mutants to take the vaccine to restore mankind.

The film is the second adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel “I Am Legend.”

14. 12 Monkeys

Imagine the possibility to return in time to prevent the destruction of the world by a terrible virus. A prisoner is offered an opportunity to preserve mankind for decades to come. He is not sent back to the right time, but instead sounds like a ranting maniac trying to convince doctors of a life-threatening disease.

15. 28 Days Later

A viral outbreak took fewer than 20 days to cause devastation in Britain and around the world. A man wakes from a coma into a strange new world, learning how to survive among people infected with a wrath. He’s lucky enough to show him the ropes of a few survivors.

A third version of the film series titles28 Months Later were discussed by Danny Boyle and Alex Garland.

16. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Ana doesn’t know the chaos around the city. Her husband is slain the next morning, but he reanimates into a zombie. She is looking for refuge at a shopping mall where she meets other survivors who take refuge. The party ensures the center as long as it can, but must escape the zombie garden to a more isolated place.

This is a rework of the 1978 same name film by George A. Romero.

17. The Girl with All the Gifts

The next generation of children is the future, and without them, “hungry” carnivores would slaughter every survivor in sight. Melanie is a rare flesh eater that can think and reason like an infected person. Everybody’s life is in her hands, but she’s got her own plans.

The film is an adaptation of M.R. Carey’s novel.

18. The Night Eats the World

The Night Eats the World

A man who lives in Paris attends a lifetime celebration before he leaves his office. Everybody’s dead the next day. The housing complex is surrounded by zombies and barriers. He lives out the apocalypse here before he learns that he needs to look for other survivors.

In an interview with Rue-Morgue, Dominique Rocher explained that when he was nominated for the literary prize, he discovered the text he adapts to.

19. Night of the Comet

Two sisters spend the night in different metal containers before a comet zombifies the rest of the city. A group of scientists saves the sisters, but they quickly learn that they know better than they can about the zombies and save the girl style of the global valley.

There’s a shopping spree at the end of the world.

20. Here Alone

Ann attempts to survive following a zombie infection by fending in the woods by alone. She maintains a hopeful outlook in the hope that a piece of civilisation will still be intact. Then she meets Chris and Olivia, but after being alone for so long can she trust them?

The film was awarded the Tribeca Public Award.

21. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil Apocalypse

A virus has invaded Raccoon City and is quarantined by the Umbrella Corporation. The residents announce their evacuation plans and prepare for their city’s survival. To make things worse, the company has launched a great soldier dubbed Nemesis, who is seeking for Alice, the only one who knows and takes down their dark secrets.

Milla Jovovich took three hours of hard martial arts training every day for four months to play the character of Alice.

22. The Last Man on Earth 1964

A man has been sequestered for years because of an outbreak that makes a living thing bloodthirsty. He has the same worldly schedule, hunts things by day, locks himself off by night and so on. It is the only immune being able to save the survivors, if any.

This film is another version of I Am Legend, a novel of 1954.