10 Best Shows Like Letterkenny That You Need Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Letterkenny

Since Letterkenny is regarded as one of the best modern sitcoms ever made due to its quirky humor, fans of that show will enjoy these similar shows.

Letterkenny is widely regarded as one of the best Canadian sitcoms of all time due to its unique brand of humor and constantly evolving plotlines. Hulu purchased the series originally produced by video-on-demand service Crave because it was so popular. The show was renewed for a seventh and eighth season by the network.

While Letterkenny is known for its clever jokes, it’s also home to a unique rural/small-town setting and a tight-knit community. Not all comedies with similar settings and written characters are as good as this one. Watchers looking for similar shows to Letterkenny should check out these ten.

1. Bless This Mess (2019-2020)

Bless This Mess (2019-2020)

This ABC comedy will appeal to fans of Letterkenny because of the small town atmosphere and friendly people. There are two seasons to the show, and each episode lasts about 30 minutes on average, so it’s a quick watch.

Newlywed couple Bless This Mess moves from chaotic New York City to a farm in rural Nebraska that the husband inherited from his aunt.

However, things aren’t as tranquil as they had hoped. An elderly man has set up camp on their farm, and the rest of the community is gullible.

2. Trailer Park Boys (2014 – Present)

Trailer Park Boys has had 12 seasons and 105 episodes so far. Anyone who enjoys comedies should be able to get by on that much viewing for a couple of weeks. The series has spawned two films and two spin-offs.

Sunnyvale Trailer Park residents try to make ends meet by committing minor crimes and evading the police, which is the focus of the story. It’s a shame for them because they’re either caught or fail in their criminal endeavors because of good people.

3. Eastbound & Down (2009-2013)

Eastbound & Down (2009-2013)

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are the executive producers of the HBO comedy series Eastbound & Down. Ferrell is also a member of the ensemble. In the second and third seasons, another well-known actor, none other than Matthew McConaughey, appears as a recurring character.

The show centers on a professional baseball pitcher who, years ago, left his hometown to pursue a career in the big leagues. However, as a result of his professional struggles, he is forced to return to his hometown and work as a physical education teacher.

4. Hart Of Dixie (2011 – 2017)

Do you remember seeing Cress Williams from Black Lightning before? If you’ve never heard of him, he’s the star of the CW’s comedy-drama series The 100.

‘Hart of Dixie’ is about a general practitioner who, after failing to become a heart surgeon in New York, accepts a job in the fictional town of Bluebell, Alabama. Patients have a difficult time connecting with her because of her image as a “city” doctor.

5. Hardy Bucks (2010-2018)

Hardy Bucks (2010-2018)

Hardy Bucks, an Irish sitcom, began life as a collection of webcomic sketches. As a result of the sketches’ success at prestigious comedy competitions, a full-length TV series was ordered. Universal Pictures went on to make a film in the future.

The action takes place in Castleland, a fictitious rural town in West Ireland.

It’s about five guys who keep trying to leave town for America to enjoy the luxuries of city life. Unfortunately, they keep failing. As a result of their frustrations, the comedic elements are born.

6. Northern Exposure (1990-1995)

Letterkenny’s offbeat humor can be found in the CBS comedy-drama series. Do you have any doubts about its superiority? A total of 57 awards were given to NorthernExposure during its run, including 27 Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series.

“Northern Exposure” follows newly graduated New York City physician Joel Fleischman, who is sent to an Alaskan town to pay back a loan to get his medical degree.

Despite his efforts, he has a lot of trouble adjusting to town life and is unable to connect with the people due to their bizarre personalities.

7. The Ranch (2016-2020)

The Ranch (2016-2020)

You can watch Netflix’s comedy/drama series The Ranch to catch up on Ashton Kutcher’s comedic performances from Two and a Half Men and other shows that you may have missed out on.

The fact that the main character has sports roots makes it reminiscent of Letterkenny. There is also a rural setting in a small town.

The show centers on a dysfunctional family in the fictitious town of Garrison, Colorado, where they own a farm called the Iron River Ranch. There are two brothers, one of whom played professional football in the past, a farmer for a living and a local bartender for a living.

8. The Red Green Show (1991-2006)

The Red, Green, and Blue Show had a remarkably long run for a procedural crime show. In total, there are 305 episodes in 15 seasons of this CBC sitcom. To this day, reruns can be seen on a number of different networks.

The story revolves around Red Green, a handyman who comes up with ingenious ways to complete menial tasks quickly and amusingly.

In addition, Green serves as the president of the local men’s club in Possum Lake. Each episode is divided into three sections, each of which focuses on a different topic.

9. Corner Gas (2004-2009)

Corner Gas (2004-2009)

The show Corner Gas aired from 2004 to 2007, totaling 107 episodes. It was one of CTV’s most popular shows. Even today, the show’s reruns can be seen on television. Amazon Prime subscribers can watch Corner Gas online.

For 37 miles in every direction, the only place where the events of the Canadian sitcom take place isCorner Gas. The cast includes the owner of the gas station, the retail assistant of the convenience store, the owner of a nearby diner, and the police officers who keep the peace in Dog River, a nearby small town.

10. Schitt’s Creek (2015 – 2020)

As of the 7th of April, 2020, Schitt’s Creek would no longer be on the air. There are a total of 80 episodes, so anyone who decides to watch it will be in for a long binge. In the course of the show’s run, it received a great deal of praise, and one of the stars, Catherine O’Hara, won an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series.

When a once-wealthy family is relocated to Schitt’s Creek, things get interesting. After purchasing the town for their son’s birthday several years ago, the family is now stuck in it and must learn to cope with their newfound poverty. All of the humor is derived from their tribulations.

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