15 Great Anime Featuring Strong Female Characters Update 05/2024

When it comes to anime, it is the strong female protagonists who stand out, be they in classics like Ghost in the Shell or more current works like Fate or Violet Evergarden.

There’s something for everyone in the world of anime, which is a hugely diverse medium. No matter what type of anime plot interests you most—a high-octane action flick centered around a cast of superhumans or a heartwarming portrayal of ordinary life with an endearing cast—there is something for everyone in the world of anime.

There are also a slew of fantastic anime featuring strong female leads. In fact, no matter what genre you prefer, you can usually discover five or more titles that are well worth your time. Perhaps our list can help you find a wonderful anime with a female protagonist right now.

Lianna Tedesco’s most recent update was on November 29, 2020: A male protagonist isn’t a rarity among anime viewers, but it’s not something that’s regularly brought up in debates about their favorite episodes. Since the rise of female characters in video games and anime, there has been a resurgence of tales that recognize female characters as being just as strong as male characters. A woman’s freedom and feminism are rarely seen in their complete beauty outside of anime. These days, there are a plethora of options for anime binge-watchers, including some of the most popular shows currently on the market.



The film Kill la Kill isn’t for everyone. It’s odd, if not bizarre. “Magical female anime on speed” accurately encapsulates the essence of Kill la Kill. It’s easy to tell you’re watching a Trigger anime by the illogical plot, the over-the-top character design, the vibrant backgrounds and explosion scenes, and even the unconventional approach to vital subjects.

The plot of Kill la Kill revolves around Ryuko Matoi, a woman on a mission to exact vengeance on the person or persons responsible for the death of her father. Honnouji Academy is a prestigious school where clothes are an important part of the competition hierarchy. She ends up at Honnouji Academy Indeed, clothing plays a significant role in the exploration of key concepts in Kill la Kill, such as fate, liberation, and sexuality. Because of this, the costumes are a little out of the ordinary. But it’s also a ton of fun, full of laughs and jaw-dropping action.


From the New World, a 2012 anime inspired by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, might be worth checking out if you’re a fan. From the New World is a coming-of-age tale set in a future paradise where humans have evolved psychic abilities, told from Saki Watanabe’s point of view as she recalls the events of her childhood from the future—from this new world.

The world of Saki is a mysterious and isolated community of psychic humans governed by a complex set of rules. There is a lot more to this supposed utopia than meets the eye from the very first episode. As Saki and her pals uncover the horrible truths about their society, we follow along. The truth, on the other hand, is both startling and entirely believable, and it will give you much to ponder.


Fate-Zero (2011)

Saber is one of the Servants that the Masters can summon in the Holy Grail Wars, one of the most recognized characters in the Fate series. Battle royale-style contests involving seven Master magicians, each summoning seven legendary heroes as their Servants, are what the Holy Grail Wars are for those who aren’t already familiar with them.

King Arthur’s reincarnation as a woman, Saber, took place in this universe. In addition to Saber, the game features the Assassin, Archer, Rider, Berserker, Caster, and Lancer classes as well. Each servant has a distinct set of skills, a fascinating backstory, and serves their Master. Beautifully drawn, the series features some of the best action sequences, and it also touches on some important philosophical concepts.


Most love stories, whether in anime or otherwise, tend to focus on the pursuit of a relationship rather than allowing us to witness its growth. However, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, one of the year’s best shocks, is an exception.

Two love stories are told in Wotakoi. There’s a story about two otaku friends who meet, start dating, and fall in love in a realistic way because of their shared interests. On top of that, they have an already established friendship/coworker connection that can be dysfunctional at times but is nonetheless healthy. Wotakoi is a breath of fresh air if you’re tired of the usual mushy rom-com fare.



It’s nearly impossible to describe Madoka Magica without spoiling it. However, it was released about a decade ago, and everybody who is familiar with anime is familiar with its twist. To summarize, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is far from what it seems. Madoka Magica is a dark and serious anime disguised as a charming magical girl series.

The story begins with two ordinary high school students encountering a Satan’s spawn cat-like creature who offers them enormous power in exchange for their transformation into magical young women. In the short time following their acceptance of the offer, they discover that the life of a magical girl is not quite what it seems. Madoka Magica has been widely praised for its writing and is considered one of the best anime series ever made.


It is the story of Nana, a 20-something woman, and her best friend. They are, despite having the same first name, two quite different people. One is feeble and naïve, whereas the other is arrogant and brazen in their approach. In pursuit of their dreams, one boarded a train to Tokyo, while the other boarded the same train to pursue her goal of becoming a singer.

Friendship and support for one another lead to a shared flat, where they live together and become closer. Nana’s life is a story of friendship, love, heartache, triumph, and the struggles of growing up. However, it is in the telling of the plot that this anime excels. Young adults who are struggling with the transition from childhood to maturity will find Nana’s realistic conversation and mental processes, sympathetic characters who act like real people, and compelling plotlines that resonate.



In this funny animation, a 25-year-old anthropomorphic red panda (Retsuko) who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trade firm (yep, the same company that made Hello Kitty and Gudetama) is known as Aggretsuko, short for aggressive Retsuko. When this cute little creature gets fed up with her boss and her obnoxious coworkers, she goes to a karaoke bar after work and sings death metal, which changes her into a terrifying demon-like version of herself.

Most individuals can identify with Aggretsuko’s stark honesty and cutting satire of contemporary reality.

Retsuko has a chauvinist pig of a boss at a job she hates, and all she wants is to be happy. There are instances when we have no control over the outcome of our circumstances. So, let’s grab a microphone and scream our heads off.


One of the year’s best anime, A Place Further Than the Universe, was released in 2018. From Japan to Antarctica, four girls embark on an incredible journey in this action-packed comedy. It’s Shirase, a girl who’s adamant about going to Antarctica in pursuit of her mother that brings Kimari out of his shell. The four begin an extraordinary journey when two more girls join them. The story of Shirase, Kimari, Hinata, and Yuzuki is joyful, encouraging, and uplifting.

Being crazy enough to follow your heart’s desires For many of us, overcoming the paralyzing fear of fully experiencing life can be a difficult challenge to face. The four ladies work together to overcome their worries as they go to an unknown location, and their antics will have you in fits of laughter and tears.


Violet Evergarden

One of the most beautiful animes we’ve ever seen, Violet Evergarden, is far from a style-without-substance show.

War, love, loss, and empathy all collide in Violet Evergarden. The film focuses on the protagonist’s struggle to reintegrate into society following her return from the battlefield .’s

A youngster orphaned and raised as a soldier, Violet never learned how to feel. With both her limbs amputated after failing to save her superior commander in a crucial battle, Violet decides to find out what “I love you” meant to him. In order to do this, she takes on the role of a ghostwriter for those who can’t write but still want to express their feelings in a letter. Violet grows and learns through her encounters with her clients over the course of thirteen episodes.


In the Ghost in the Shell series, Major Mokoto Kusanagi is one of anime’s most recognizable female heroines. Public Security Section 9 investigates high-risk criminal cases in a dystopian future when many citizens have been transformed into cyborgs.

However, despite their incredible benefits, technological innovations are not without their downsides. Criminals now have the ability to control the minds of their victims, alter their memories, and manipulate their sensory input thanks to the development of cyberbrains. brimming with activity and provocative concepts For anime fans, Stand Alone Complex is a must-see. For a strong female protagonist, it’s hard to find better. The third season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex will be released sometime in 2020, making now the ideal time to start watching.


Zero Two (Darling In The Franxx)

People weren’t simply binge-watching Darling in the Franxx because they wanted to see Hiro’s confidence grow. In every scene she appeared in, Zero Two, a covert term for hybrid-humans like herself, captivated and enraptured viewers.

Aside from the fact that it is one of the best mecha anime ever made, it is also extremely entertaining and emotional to watch due to the character’s high level of intensity and aggressiveness. In addition to strong female characters like Ichigo, Miku, Kokoro, and Ikuno, and their Franxx, who are just as much characters as they are, the soundtrack helps to enhance this show’s viewership.


Every episode ofSailor Moon exudes a powerful feminine vibe that almost needs no further explanation. Throughout the manga and anime, Usagi not only undergoes numerous transformations but also saves Tuxedo Mask on numerous occasions.

Even more impressive than that is how well-trained the rest of the sailors have become, with each offering their own distinct personality and a particular skill that they’ve developed since day one. TheSailor Moonseries has a lot to say about teamwork, feminism, and plain butt-kicking, and it’s classic in every category.


Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

A good’slice of life’ anime can sometimes be all one needs to make a bad day better..

Tohru, a character with a low profile, calls Fruits Basket home. Despite the fact that her strength may not seem like much at first, as the anime progresses, she becomes a more confident demeanor.

Despite the fact that she was surrounded by men, she was able to keep her sense of self and independence since she was a hard-working, honest individual. Many people might have crumbled under the weight of Tohru’s circumstances, yet she remained steadfast.


You can tell just by looking at this anime that it’s going to have a similar,Sailor Moon-likeenergy, but strangely much more so.

Madoka Magicka, on the other hand, is significantly darker, raising many of the thorny issues that have become synonymous with the show. It’s hard not to fall in love with this anime because each character brings a vibrant and significantly different personality to the table.

However, these strong individuals through a process of self-discovery that includes a few stumbles before they learn to fly, unlike other anime.


Clare (Claymore)

Clare, the protagonist of Claymore, is undeniably one of the best characters in the show. As it isn’t every day that humans are infused with demon blood in order to become great warriors, this anime had a distinctive storyline from the beginning.

Despite the fact that the women in this anime are kicking some major demon butts, it’s the guys who are in charge, so to speak, making this dynamic even more interesting.. Despite this, one woman’s power should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to proving oneself worthy of existing in a sexist world.