10 Best Anime Villains That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Anime Villains

Anime series are only as good as their antagonists, and the following list of legendary anime villains proves it.

Before starting a new anime, it’s more crucial than ever to go over the finer points and make sure everything is in order. Having a well-written villain is one of the most important aspects of a successful anime.

Even though they’ve been undervalued, villains are just as crucial as the protagonists in series. Anime abounds, but not all of them feature compelling antagonists. But there are a few villains who have endured the test of time and are considered the best to date.

1. Nagato Uzumaki

Nagato Uzumaki

In Naruto, a knuckle-headed ninja named Naruto dreams of one day becoming the Hokage. In the course of Naruto’s journey to greatness, he encountered numerous villains, but only one of them had a lasting impact on him: Akatsuki’s leader, Nagato Uzumaki.

Nagato was too weak to battle with his own body, so he fought using the corpses of deceased people. Nagato’s character was shaped by his time as a pupil of Jiraiya, who taught him many valuable lessons. Nagato was a formidable man who held firm to his convictions.

2. Yagami Light

Anime fans know Yagami Light from Death Note, which has made him a household name. Light, a brilliant high school student, had his life flipped upside down when he found the Death Note that had fallen to the ground. To get rid of criminals, Light had to think about it for some time before he came to a decision.

Light, on the other hand, morphed into a homicidal killer of the defenseless. He assumed the identity of Kira and proceeded on a murderous rampage until he was stopped by Near and Mello.

3. Griffith

In Berserk, Griffith leads the Reborn Band of Hawk. All of the founding members of the Band of Hawk adored Griffith at one point in the story. When Griffith was on the point of passing away, he set off the eclipse, which killed nearly the whole initial group.

In his rebirth as Femto, he amassed a strong army of apostles, who could demolish entire towns. Griffith put his dream ahead of everything else, even his friends and morality, and this was what made him so dreadful.

4. Yohan Liebert

Yohan Liebert

In Monster, by Naoki Urasawa, Yohan Liebert is arguably the best villain in anime history. In terms of villainy, Yohan is unrivaled due to his mystique and outlandish appeal. Aside from his mind’s extraordinary power to create havoc, there were no superpowers in him.

No sorrow was ever felt by Yohan, who terrified an entire city. Unlike the majority of anime villains, he does not need special abilities to create an impact.

5. DIO

The characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have always been memorable. DIO was the most recognizable of such characters. For decades, he was a nuisance to the Joestar family. In one of the series’ most impressive feats, DIO took control of the entire world.

It was as easy for DIO to kill someone as it was for him to smash an insect. He also managed to kill numerous of the show’s most prominent characters, including Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Kakyoin, and so forth.

6. Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo

Once upon a time, Doflamingo was a Shichibukai, a member of the One Piece World Government. He deposed King Riku of Dressrosa and ruled the land for a long time.

As a Haki expert, Doflamingo is a formidable opponent. His demon fruit was awakened as well. Doflamingo is a merciless pirate with no qualms about killing his father and younger brother in the course of his criminal career.

7. Askeladd

In the first season of Vinland Saga, Askeladd was a standout character. He was the one who assassinated Thors, one of the series’ most illustrious combatants. Askeladd was a meticulous planner who meticulously plotted out each step of his journey.

Thorfinn was enthralled by him, and at one time, he began to revere him as a role model. First-season finale had him pretending to be insane and cutting the King’s head off.

8. Meruem


During the events of Hunter x Hunter, the Chimera Ant King Meruem was seen as a danger to humankind. When Netero, one of the most powerful Hunters, challenged him, he defeated him with ease.

When Meruem first encountered Komugi, he underwent a transformation of character. He evolved into a person who was less violent and had a broader perspective on things. However many people were killed by him, it wasn’t over.

9. Aizen

Sosuke Aizen is one of the best-known anime characters. A great deal of havoc was wreaked by Bleach’s opponent. When he first joined the Soul Society, he was captain of the Fifth Division, but he subsequently defected.

Aizen is a skilled manipulator and one of the few villains who can match his brilliance. Aizen’s intelligence made it possible for him to easily defeat many opponents. To control all five senses, Aizen used Kyoka Suigetsu.

10. Vicious


Cowboy Bebop’s villain, Vicious, is one of the most memorable characters from the ’90s. He overthrew the Red Dragon gang and rose to the position of leader. A veteran of the Titan War, Vicious knew a thing or two about fighting.

Cold-blooded and callous, Vicious was a killer who had little respect for other people’s lives. For him, chaos was the only place to be, and he made sure it would never cease. Spike Spiegel was eventually able to bring down Vicious.