Top 24 Movies Like Would You Rather Update 07/2024

Movies Like Would You Rather

A young woman agrees to participate in a deadly game of “Would You Rather?” hosted by a sadistic aristocrat in order to help her sick brother.

You’ll enjoy these if you’ve already seen and enjoyed Would You Rather? You can check out a bunch of films that are similar to Would You Rather Down Below.

1. The Strangers 2008

The Strangers 2008


Two newlyweds returning to their isolated vacation rental house are awakened in the middle of the night by someone at their door, knocking on the door. Three strangers, their faces hidden behind masks, then launch an armed attack. The couple finds themselves in a violent fight for their lives, and they have to push themselves to the limit to stay alive.

 2. Devil 2010

The devil is trapped in an elevator with a group of people in the city’s skyline.

3. Grave Encounters 2011

Grave Encounters 2011


A paranormal reality show crew is trapped in a haunted mental hospital while filming a segment. While they are filming what will be their final episode, they are on the lookout for any evidence of paranormal activity.

4. The Collection 2012

When Arkin is snared by “The Collector” at an entrapment party, where he adds the stunning Elena to his “Collection,” he escapes with his life. Instead of getting better, Arkin is kidnapped by mercenaries hired by Elena’s wealthy father while still in the hospital. In order to save Elena, The Collector has blackmailed Arkin into working with the mercenaries to find The Collector’s bomb-riddled warehouse.

5. V/h/s 2012

In order to obtain a valuable VHS tape, a ragtag crew of misfits is sent into a desolate house by an unidentified third party. However, what they find is far more than they expected.

6. The Loved Ones 2009

The Loved Ones 2009


Brent Mitchell was asked to the prom by Lola Stone, but Brent declined, and now he’s in trouble. When Lola doesn’t get her way, what happens? In order to throw her own prom, she enlists the help of her father, which she insists on making her king and Brent his subject. Puppies love goes horribly, violently wrong, and that is what happens in THE LOVED ONES. Brent should’ve said yes when the opportunity arose…

7. Vile 2011

Young and attractive people awaken to find themselves trapped in a mysterious house, with no way out. (Of course, of course) A recording on a television screen informs them of their mission, and they are outfitted with new accouterments, electronic devices attached to the base of their skulls. They’ll have to inflict harm on each other and themselves in order to succeed. The devices collect the chemicals that the brain releases when it is in pain, and when they have a certain amount, they open the doors. If this isn’t done quickly enough, everyone will perish.

8. Eden Lake 2008

An immaculately timed horror-thriller about modern youth gone wild, Eden Lake never lets up on the tension. When a young couple goes on a romantic getaway to a remote wooded lake, the peaceful weekend is disturbed by a hostile group of local children. Weekend outing becomes bloody battle for survival when teens’ rowdiness turns to rage and the couple is terrorized in ways they never could have expected.

9. The Poughkeepsie Tapes 2007

When a serial killer’s decade-long reign of terror is revealed by the discovery of hundreds of videotapes showing torture, murder, and dismemberment in an abandoned house, the evidence becomes the most disturbing thing homicide detectives have ever seen.

10. Insidious 2010

Insidious 2010


After their son mysteriously falls into an endless sleep, a family discovers that evil spirits have infiltrated their home. When they ask for help from a professional, they find out how much more personal things are than they anticipated.

11. Sinister 2012

A true-crime novelist discovers footage that helps him piece together how and why a family was murdered in his new home, but his findings put his entire family in harm’s way.

12. You’re Next 2011

It’s not long before the mysterious killers who attack the Davisons on their wedding anniversary getaway discover that one of their victims has a hidden ability to fight back.

13. Evil Dead 2013

Evil Dead 2013


Young sobriety Mia and her friends go to a remote cabin where they discover a Book of the Dead that unwittingly awakens ancient demons who take control of the young people.

14. Mama 2013

Mama, a supernatural thriller from Guillermo del Toro, tells the chilling story of two young girls who vanished into the woods on the day their parents were murdered. Many years after they were abandoned, they are surprised to find that someone or something still wants to tuck them in at night after they are rescued.

15. Chernobyl Diaries 2012

Chernobyl Diaries 2012


Six curious tourists hire a ‘extreme tour guide,’ who, despite warnings, takes them to Pripyat, the site of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, which has been abandoned for more than two decades. After a brief tour of the deserted city, the adventurers find themselves stranded, only to learn that they are not alone.

16. Frozen 2010

In order to avoid freezing to death, three skiers stuck on a closed chair lift in New England must make life-or-death decisions that prove more dangerous than staying put and waiting it out.

17. The Purge 2013

The Purge 2013


In response to prison overcrowding, the government of the United States starts allowing 12-hour periods during which all illegal activity is legal…………………….. A family must defend their home from an intruder during one of these free-for-alls.

18. House At The End Of The Street 2012

A mother and daughter move to a new town only to discover that the house next door was the scene of a young girl killing her parents and then herself. By befriending her father’s only son, his daughter finds out the story is far from over.

19. Chained 2012

After murdering the boy’s mother, a serial killer kidnaps and raises him as an accomplice. The boy has spent years in captivity and now must decide whether to free himself or follow in his captor’s bloody footsteps.

20. Creep 2014

Aaron is looking for work when he comes across a strange online ad: “$1,000 for the day…. We provide videography services. We appreciate your discretion.” Because he’s strapped for cash and gullible, he decides to take the risk. To meet Josef, his film subject for the day, Josef drives him to a cabin in the mountains. Aaron begins filming because Josef appears sincere and the project appears sincere. Although Josef claims to be who he claims to be, as time passes, it becomes clear that his motives are anything but pure.

21. Friend Request 2016

With over 800 Facebook friends, Laura is having a blast in college as a well-liked student. In the end though, Laura’s life is cursed after she accepts a friend request from a social outcast named Marina….

22. Hush 2016

A psychotic killer targets a deaf woman in her secluded home where she lives alone.

23. Sins 2014

A smart but meek salesman, about to get married and drown in debt, receives a mysterious phone call informing him that he’s on a hidden-camera game show where he must complete 13 tasks in order to win a multi-million dollar cash reward.

24. As Above, So Below 2014

When a group of explorers descends into the Paris catacombs to investigate, they uncover a sinister secret about the city of the living dead itself.