10 Best Psychic Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Psychic Anime Characters

These anime psychics can actually blow you away without lifting a finger, as is the case with everything else in anime.

In anime, characters can exert influence over the minds of their viewers in a variety of ways. By simply thinking about it, some people have been known to manipulate items, see the future, read minds, and even start fires! Psychic talents have been conflated with spiritual capabilities in certain accounts, allowing them to see or even conjure the spirits of the dead. They can also be rather potent.

It’s usual for characters with ESP powers to get into difficulty, especially in settings where the phenomenon isn’t as frequent. Some believe they are witches, while others fear being experimented on to discover the source of their abilities. However, a number of anime have shown that individuals with psychic skills are the most dangerous.

1. Kimagure Orange Road: Kyosuke Once Used His Powers To Make It Christmas Everyday

Kimagure Orange Road

The protagonist of Kimagure Orange Road, Ky0suke Kasuga, is an esper. The power is passed down from generation to generation, as his siblings have the same abilities. Because of the zealousness of his family to keep their skills hidden, he has had to relocate at times.

He has the ability to teleport, telekinesis, and manipulate mechanical objects. He’s so powerful that he’s even been known to make Christmas itself repeat. However, he appears to be unable to read people’s minds.

2. Fruits Basket: Saki Hanajima Emits & Manipulates “Waves”

In Fruits Basket, Saki, or Hanajima or “Hana-chan,” is noted for many things, including her stoic nature, her strong connection with Tohru and her psychic powers.

Even mental waves can be picked up by her. She has the ability to read auras. She is also capable of emitted deadly waves. As far as she’s concerned, her powers are limited to the physical world, although she admits that the dead do emit feeble vibrations.

People mistakenly believe she is a witch, which hasn’t made her life any easier. Saki, despite the fact that Tohru has been referred to as a witch in this series, had a horrific experience when her wish to kill a bully nearly came true.

3. ESPer Mami: Mami Can Teleport & Levitate

ESPer Mami - Mami

She is the ESPer Mami Sakura Mami was a regular adolescent until she discovered she possessed extraordinary abilities, which she now used to solve crimes. Teleportation is her most notable power, which she utilizes with the use of a heart-shaped “Teleportation Gun” brooch on her left lapel. She can also fly and communicate with others via telepathy.

In the end, her capabilities are shown to be genetic because her ancestors were formerly hounded as witches, which fueled her desire to keep her abilities hidden. However, in the Akage no Anko prototype of the series, they were actually witches.

4. Witch Hunter Robin: Robin Is A Pyrokinetic Witch & Hunter

During Witch Hunter, there are witches. Robin’s skills are mostly mental in nature, and she is a pyrokinetic, which means she can control fire with her mind. It’s a trade-off for her powers, but she manages to get past it with the help of some reading glasses.

As the series progresses, so do Robin’s abilities. As a result, she is perceived as a threat. Furthermore, witches are sought down and harvested for experimentation in this planet.

5. Yu Yu Hakusho: Kazuma Kuwabara Combines Mental & Spiritual Power

Yu Yu Hakusho - Kazuma Kuwabara

It’s Kuwabara who appears to be the most ordinary of the yokai in Team Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho; nonetheless, he does possess some psychic powers.

“High Spirit Awareness” or “Spirit Intuition” are common terms for this ability.

He has telepathy, visions of the future, and the ability to conjure a spirit sword formed of spiritual energy, among other skills. His sisterShizuru appears to have comparable powers, therefore it looks that these powers run in the family.

6. Sailor Moon: Rei Has A Sixth Sense & Can Exorcise The Forces Of Evil

While Sailor Mars, Rei Hino of Sailor Moon, is well-known for her ability to control fire as Sailor Mars, each of the Inner Scouts has something unique to offer. Ami is a prodigy, Mako is a polymath, Minako is the princess’s doppelgänger, and Rei possesses psychic abilities.

As a character in the series, Rei’s abilities have been described as everything from ESP to black magic. Most obviously, this may be observed in her ability to discern the color of flames. “Akuryo Taisan,” one of her most well-known strikes, translates to “Evil Spirt Begone,” however some adaptations have made it appear to be a fire spell. A ghost that featured in a 1990s anime wasn’t as it seemed, and she figured it out before anybody else.

7. Mob Psycho 100: Mob Kageyama Has Mind Over Matter & Can See Dead People

Mob Psycho 100 - Mob Kageyama

Mob Psycho 100’s Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is a young psychic with mental powers and mediumship. Because of this, he uses his powers to fight evil ghosts and those with powers similar to his.

Despite his extraordinary skills, Mob maintains a humble demeanor, which he uses to teach other psychics a valuable lesson: that their abilities do not make them superior to others.

8. Pokémon: Sabrina Can Literally Turn People Into Dolls

In the Pokémon universe, “Psychic” is a type of Pokémon, although even some human characters, such gym leader Sabrina, are proven to have significant psychic skills.

In the original games, she is not a malevolent character. Her demeanor is portrayed more sinisterly in manga adaptations. By having her originally controlled by an alter-ego, the anime manages to balance the two extremes. Even though she’s only a doll, she has the ability to travel, perceive events, and even transform humans into dolls. Even her mother succumbed to the same destiny as her daughter. Haunter was able to liberate her in the end by making her laugh.

9. One-Punch Man: Tatsumaki’s Powers Have Practically Made Her The World’s Strongest Woman

Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)

Tatsumaki, the most powerful character in the world of One-Punch Man, possesses psychic powers, which are frequent in the manga and anime. She can fly, manipulate minds, create obstacles, have an effect on people’s health, and even call meteorites to her will. Even other psychics in the series appear to be under her control, or at the very least, she has the ability to expel them.

When she was younger, she was taken away from her family by scientists who used it as a guinea pig for experiments.

10. Akira: Akira Can Destroy Tokyo & Transcend Dimensions

Despite his age, Akira, the film’s title character, is a gifted psychic who regrettably becomes the object of political experiments by the government. By putting him in a precarious position where he can either live or die, the anime amplifies the misery of the situation.

With his immense might, he could easily wipe out Tokyo, as well as Neo-Tokyo, and he’s capable of crossing over into other dimensions and planes of existence as well.