25 Best Japanese Anime Girl Hairstyles That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Japanese Anime Girl Hairstyles

Manga and anime are two of your favorite forms of entertainment, right? The anime hairstyles are always dreamy, as you’ve noticed. The charming and simple to the edgy and dramatic may be found in anime girl hairstyles. Many women draw their hair inspiration from their favorite books and television shows, so it’s no surprise.

Whether you’re a professional cosplayer or just want to appear like your favorite anime character, there’s an anime girl hairstyle that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Popular Anime Hairstyles

Hairstyles in anime The heroine’s face is softly framed by wispy bangs and a lot of layers. Even in real life, it’s an easy look to pull off. It works with all hair lengths, whether they are long or short.

If you want to look like your favorite movie star, you’ll have to put in the time and effort to master a certain look. There is absolutely no cost to being your own hero in this world! Here are some of our fave anime girl hairstyles without further ado!

1.  Eureka Seven’s Long Pixie Cut

Eureka Seven’s Long Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts in pastel green hues are often associated with anime hairstyles because they play up the sketched quality of the images. This style employs crisp lines and layering to give a very angular look.

2. Hitomi Mishima with Long Hair

Long hair is a classic choice for anime girls since it accentuates their youthfulness and femininity, two characteristics that are highly valued in the anime community. This outfit comes complete with a bow, which adds an extra dose of sweetness!

3. Ichigo’s Fringe with Graduated Bob

Ichigo’s Fringe with Graduated Bob

This aesthetic is rounded out by jagged, choppy lines with a lot of asymmetry in them. In anime, the asymmetric fringe has been there even before the emo movement embraced it. To fans of anime, it’s a trait they’ve come to associate with their favorite characters.

4. Juvia Lockser’s Curly Pigtails

Pigtails are the embodiment of innocence in anime, and they’re a staple of the genre. When it comes to anime girl hair, pigtails may be a good choice for those who like to express their femininity via their hair style.

5. Short Red Spikes of Kallen Kozuki

There are definitely a lot of symbolic meanings behind anime females’ hair color, and this is true for all anime characters. The character’s nature can be shown through the use of burgundy reds, so you can do the same with the colors you choose to enhance your hair.

6. Pastel Shade Hair by Kanna Kamui

Pastel Shade Hair by Kanna Kamui

People tend to think of classic anime hairstyles when you mention pastel colours and long bangs that accentuate doe-like eyes. If anime is what you’re going for, there’s nothing better than this look.

7. Maho Hiyajo’s Disheveled Layered Hair

Even though long hair can be used to convey lightheartedness, it can also be used to convey more serious feelings, such as depression or hopelessness. It’s common for the hair to appear unkempt, spread, and unkempt under these situations.

8. Maika Sakuranomiya with Long Pigtails

In the realm of anime hair, it is not uncommon to see hair that is so long that it extends past the waists of the characters. Whether or not this is true in the real world, long hair requires a lot of time and effort to develop and maintain.

9. Mikasa Ackerman with Choppy Bob

Mikasa Ackerman with Choppy Bo

Because of its universality, the bob haircut is becoming increasingly popular among anime characters. To maintain it anime, there must be a lot of jagged layers instead of a few straight lines.

10. Moriko Morioka’s Super Shiny Bob

It’s common in anime to see characters’ hair reflected in the light because of their shiny locks. In the real world, it’s a lot more difficult to achieve, so bring out the hair masks and shine spray!

11. Cute Hairbands

A common accessory in anime is the use of attractive hair bands to make characters look younger and more innocent. For girls who like anime hairstyles, this is a look that can easily be brought into the real world.

12. Long Locks with Bows and Asymmetric Bangs

Long Locks with Bows and Asymmetric Bangs

A lot is going on in this appearance since anime girl hairstyles are typically used by illustrators to convey the character’s uniqueness. Characters, like actual people, can have a wide range of personality traits, which is why their appearance is so varied.

Hairstyles like the asymmetrical fringe and long, curly buns are supposed to evoke feelings of innocence and childhood in the viewer.

13. Pigtails and Scrunchies

The combo of pigtails and scrunchies shouts schoolgirl! For this reason, anime is awash in depictions of young girls as schoolgirls, a form of innocence cherished by anime fans.

14. Rin Shima’s Updo

It’s common in anime for characters to sport a high bun with strands flowing about the face, which is both lovely and practical.

15. Rindou Kobayashi with Deep Red Hair

Rindou Kobayashi with Deep Red Hair

A character with hair this color is nearly certain to have a dark and dangerous side. It’s a popular hue for hair dye if that’s what you want to convey.

As a result of its cultural implications, the color red is used in anime to show how individuals’ personalities are reflected in their appearances.

16. Warrior Braids

It’s no secret that braided hairstyles are popular both in anime and the real world. Braided hairstyles for anime girls are common among warrior princesses; not only do they exude swagger, but they also have a functional purpose: girls who battle often need their hair out of their face.

17. Sagiri Izumi’s Long Silver Hair

Surely no one would have predicted that grey hair on young women would ever become fashionable. And yet, here we are! First seen in anime but has since been found in the real world The contrast between a character’s freshness and the hue associated with aging fascinates me.

18. Shades of Auburn

Shades of Auburn

Images of fire and heat are evoked by these auburn, blazing hues of red, orange, deep brown, and yellow. They’re meant to show off a little bit of a fiery personality.

19. Simple Braid

The simple braid is often used to depict the character’s everyday nature; the braid isn’t too fussy or overly styled, but rather a simple technique to keep hair confined and out of the way. This is perhaps inspired by real life. As braids are a common hairdo in anime, this is a good fit in real life.

20. Bob with Pointed Bangs by Serval

The question of whether the pointed bangs are part of the general animal image that is often seen in anime or a style in their own right is open to discussion. Styles like these are rare in the real world, but they can be easily achieved in a virtual environment like this one. In order to get this cartoon-like effect, bangs can often be pointed to one side, but they can also meet between the eyebrows.

21. Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail

Mischievous, klutzy, and clumsy characters with unkempt hair are all the more adorable in the anime world because of it!

These adorable klutzinesses wear their hair to match the anime story’s mishaps and a little bit of turmoil! If your hair tends to be on the prim and proper side, you can achieve this style by using a texturizing spray.

22. Beautiful Brunette

It’s common for anime girls’ hairstyles to be criticized for appearing unnatural and impossible to achieve, yet this isn’t always the case. There is a surprising amount of interest in brunette hairstyles, and this one is no exception.

23. Brown Hair with Bangs

Brown Hair with Bangs

These pointed bangs, whether they are an artistic portrayal of layered or feathered bangs or simply artistic license, give the figure a lovely yet nonconformist vibe, which is likely what the artist was hoping for.

24. Blunt Bangs by Yumeko Jabami

This design has a distinct anime vibe thanks to the use of a variety of different lengths and super-sharp lines. While it is possible to achieve anime hairstyles in real life, blunt bangs and varying lengths are the most common.

25. Yuzuki Eba with Long Flowing Locks

Yuzuki Eba with Long Flowing Locks

There are few more famous anime hairstyles for women than this: long locks of hair flowing behind the character, showing both volume and length. With a wand, you may achieve the anime look by softly curling longer hair to give it movement and body.

To express yourself and try out some new hairdos, you can also go for anime-inspired hairdos. Many options are available, from the simplest ponytail to the most intricate and creative buns and pigtails. For example, pigtails and other anime girl-inspired hairstyles can’t be missed.