10 Best Anime Where MC Doesn’t Care About Anything Update 06/2024

Anime Where MC Doesn't Care About Anything

As long as the MC is feared by everyone, there is a feeling of fulfillment. They have a look of contempt in their eyes as they look down upon their inferior opponents, as if they believe they are better than them. I get goosebumps thinking about it. Because of this, we can also count on the fact that they’ll be both mysterious and frigid.

10. Rurouni Kenshin

rurouni kenshin

Himura Kenshin, the main character, is based on a real-life serial killer by the name of Gensai. Kenshin, like the historical character, was a vicious killer who could not be matched in combat. Unknown to anyone, he vanished after the outbreak of the Japanese Revolution.

To atone for his sins, he determined to never take another life, good or bad, and become a fighter, a defender of the weak, to atone for the hundreds of innocent lives that he had taken.

He trains in the Hiten Mitsurugi-ry, an old swordsmanship style that dates back to the 16th century. With this method, he becomes a one-man battalion capable of taking out a slew of enemies all by himself.

As long as he hasn’t been fighting, his name hasn’t faded from the public consciousness. Face-to-face rematches with him were the stuff of nightmares for everyone. Throughout the course of the novel, we’ll see Kenshin’s struggle to honor his promise amid a world of brutality and cruelty. Many of his foes would drop their swords at his feet and beg for mercy if he could simply prove his identity.

9. Demon King Daimao

A true idealist, Akuto Sai aspires to make a difference in the world with his own two hands. At order to come closer to his goal, he enrolls in the Constant Magic Academy. You have to agree to a prophecy before you can begin your studies at the institution. Rather than the title of Demon King, Akuto had in mind attaining a knighthood or herohood. You have to give the guy credit; he truly believes he can save the world.

Everyone in the school was frightened of him in a matter of seconds when the story spread. Akuto, on the other hand, remained steadfast in his goal of being a just and righteous king. In order to gain the confidence and faith of his peers, he will stop at nothing. Uncontrollable power, however, will always get in the way of him accomplishing his goals.

8. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Phantom Requiem for the Phantom

Nearly all criminal activity in the United States is overseen by a shadowy organization known only as “Inferno.” One of their human weapons, “Phantom,” is responsible for their immense power. The best assassin in the world is Phantom. It’s impossible to stop him or her because they don’t know what he or she looks like. You have no chance of surviving if you are his target.

One of Inferno’s scientists, known as “Scythe Master,” was responsible for creating Phantom. People are taken from their homes, erased from the minds of their captors, and then taught to be submissive slaves.

After witnessing an assassination carried out by the first Phantom, a Japanese tourist in the United States became the second Phantom. Because he has no idea who he is or where he came from, he has no choice but to follow the organization’s orders.

Zwei is the name given to the second Phantom. They now have two unbeatable weapons, and they’re expanding their empire over the planet. They will soon have complete control over the whole criminal underworld.

7. Arifureta

In another world, Hajime Nagumo and the rest of his classmates were chosen to serve as heroes who would defend humanity from the demons. Every one of them had a special ability or power that matched their battle prowess. Hajime was the unlucky one, as he was given a skill that was practically useless in combat. He was the most vulnerable of his comrades. The weakest, yet the most courageous!

Betrayed by one of his professed allies while practicing in the Dungeon, he sank to its darkest level. He was ready to give up and succumb to despair when he was surrounded by monsters a hundred times more powerful than himself. Hajime was about to be devoured when another monster killed the first and he took advantage of the opportunity to eat it.

Using the monster’s might, he hunted and ate everything in the dungeon in an attempt to escape. With such rapid advancement, he quickly found himself somewhere in the middle of a human and a monster. Hajime, who was formerly shy and nice, had a radical transformation. His demeanor also changed as a result of being enslaved and living in torment. With his newfound coldness, he killed without hesitation, whether it was a demon or a human.

In the dungeon, he discovered a room in which a vampire had been imprisoned. Yue was the name he gave her after rescuing her. They began working together, and their relationship quickly progressed to the point of love. They both resolved to leave and work together to find a route back to the world where Hajime was.

His old classmates didn’t recognize him when he was reunited with them. Because of his brutal methods of defeating the most powerful foes, they began to regard him as a threat. It wasn’t long before the human king who called him began preparing his removal.

6. The Irregular at Magic High School


Humanity has developed a technology that resembles magic in this sci-fi future. High-tech experts have the ability to flexibly bend the conceptions of the world through the use of equipment called CADs. Countries began opening schools specializing in the training of talented magicians, which were mostly utilized as weapons.

In terms of prestige, First High School is the most esteemed and the most hardest to get into. The kids at that institution are divided into two distinct groups, the “Blooms” and the “Weeds,” the latter of which is also known as the “Reserve.” Weeds are subjected to abuse, ridicule, and even thrown away.

First-year students Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki are siblings. Tatsuya was picked as a reserve, but the stunning Miyuki was made a Bloom. A person’s genuine potential can only be gleaned from experience, not from exams.

In spite of the fact that Tatsuya is widely derided as a Weed, he is actually quite talented. He is an expert in ninjutsu, a master of magic, and the developer of a spell that makes him a God. Those who are familiar with him from his previous guises shudder at the mention of his name and beg for forgiveness even before having to deal with him. His three aliases, each scarier than the last, all refer to the same terrible god-like magician.

His sister’s illness has forced him to take the Second-Course course. For someone with so much potential, this is an impossibility.

5. Blue Exorcist

Two alternate realities coexist in this spacetime continuum. People live in the beautiful and paradise-like place known as Assiah while the devils live in the hellish place known as Gehenna.

The demons must possess a human in order to leave Gehenna. It must be possible for the demon’s soul to be possessed by a body that is compatible with it. That’s why Satan, the ruler of Gehenna, hasn’t been able to cross over until now. Instead of waiting for the right host to materialize, he devised a plan to manufacture one. In Assiah, he was born to a half-demon, half-human son, who was not bound by their rules.

While growing up, Rin Okumura was unaware of his biological father’s identity. When Satan ordered that he return to Gehenna, his normal life was shattered. Angry at his beginnings, Rin sets out to become a Paladin, the strongest exorcist, and vows to defeat Satan.

Afraid of the uncontrollable and overwhelming power he wields as a result of his identity being revealed, everyone on Earth revolted against him. Despite the fact that his family and friends turned their backs on him, Rin is adamant that he save them all from the devil’s wrath and gain their acceptance as one of them.

4. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star

Until now, it has been regarded as one of the most horrific and bloody animes ever made. All manner of gruesome acts will be presented, including massacres, mutilations, and torture. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the rule of the strongest is in effect. Hokuto Shinken is a unique style of combat passed down from generation to generation by Kenshirou.

Using pressure points on the body, this kind of martial arts aims to make the opponent explode. He is the most feared fighter in the area since he is the only one who can use it. In a world when food and water are scarce, his deadly fighting style places him at the top of the food chain.

He is left for dead after being betrayed by his only two friends in order to win the affections of a woman. The news brought a huge sigh of relief to everyone. Nevertheless, Ken hasn’t met his demise yet, and he intends to avenge himself.

3. Legend of the Legendary Hero

Bearers of cursed eyes known as Alpha Stigma have the ability to analyze and duplicate all sorts of magic. However, they wield an all-encompassing power that is impenetrable to restrain. Every magician chosen as a vessel loses his mind to the voice echoing in their thoughts, driving them to destroy and exterminate every living creature in sight. If you value your life, you should do everything in your power to avoid coming into contact with anyone who possesses the Alpha Stigma.

In Ryner Lute’s case, the cursed eyes awoke at a very young age. Everyone he ever cared about left him when he went on a bloody rampage. In order to avoid yet another bloodbath, he is scared of himself and constantly strives to keep his emotions in check. As a result, he resolves to keep his magic hidden and to stop using it altogether.

That leaves him with two options: either stay at the orphanage, which serves as an experimentation site, and join the Roland Empire’s Magician Academy, which is run by the orphanage’s caretaker. It was a simple choice for him to make. As a new recruit, he plays the role of a lazy loser who can’t even cast the most basic spells to keep his secret hidden from his other soldiers.

His flaws were spotted by a single individual. Because he was aware of what he was, he still desired him as a friend and an ally. That individual was not the renowned Sion Astal, the next King of the nation. In order to save their homeland, Sion assigns Ryner the responsibility of finding the Relics that can do so.

2. Darker than Black

Darker Than Black

South America’s “Heaven’s Gate,” as it is now known, came out of nowhere. “Hell’s Gate” was released in Japan soon after. The sky as we knew it was destroyed and re-created with the arrival of the Gates. A contractor’s career can be compared to a constellation in the night sky.

A contractor is a person who has developed a unique talent. Nevertheless, when you earn something, you must also give something back. In order to cope with their immense power, they must also sacrifice their emotional intelligence in order to become soulless weapons. Every time a star disappears from the sky, it indicates that a construction worker has taken his final breath.

Except for their peculiar power and the fact that they have to execute an action, something like a payment, that comes instinctively to them, nothing distinguishes humans from contractors. Hei, a contractor who goes under the moniker “Black Reaper,” stands out among the rest.

Hei has a unique quality about her. When it comes to using his authority, he does not have to pay any price. he’s the only contractor with a perfect track record. He disappears without a trace, so no one has any idea what he looks like. It comes as no surprise to everyone who knows him that he is the best assassin in the world.

The “Syndicate” is the name of Hei’s employer. It becomes clear to him that something far more important is going on, something that affects the lives of every contractor on the planet. That doesn’t bother him in the slightest; his only purpose is to locate his sister, a contractor who was kidnapped at Hell’s Gate.

1. Hellsing

The supernatural is real in this planet. Hellsing is a group that specialized in dealing with otherworldly threats, and they call themselves that. The villagers of Cheddar are being kidnapped and turned into ghouls by a vampire. The citizens had no choice but to plead with “Hellsing” for assistance before they were all gone.Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates, Hellsing’s leader, dispatches his most powerful aide to clean up the ensuing shambles. Alucard, one of the most powerful and ancient vampires currently roaming the planet, is that asset.

Alucard slew, killed, and decimated every enemy he encountered with a simple handgun. During the commotion, a police officer was critically hurt and on the verge of death. He then gives her a choice: perish right now, or live on as one of his brethren for eternity. Seras evolved into a blood-sucking monster after accepting his offer.

With each passing day, she understands that Alucard is a monster in his own right, even in comparison to other monsters. Enemies shudder in horror when they detect his aura, which is more brutal and cruel than any other creature. When you look into his eyes, you see nothing but hatred and hate in his heart.