10 Best Gmod Anime Girl Player Model Update 05/2024

Gmod Anime Girl Player Model

Ugh. I’ve given my soul to the devil, but now I’ll be showing you my top 10 favorite anime character models. All of these models can be used in a variety of ways, from a server to a weeb who enjoys looking at anime chicks in single-player (there ain’t no shame in your game). What do you know?

As a disclaimer, I’m not an anime expert, so please don’t stab me with a Nodachi while yelling “baka” and “uWu” at me. In addition, I have a few weeb pals, and they’re a lot of fun to hang out with.

10. Casual Girl (Playermodel)

Casual Girl (Playermodel)

It’s nothing special, but it’s deserving of some attention.

“Casual Girl” player model, as the title suggests. She has the same round eyes and straight hair that you’d expect to see on an anime character. When I first saw her, she was wearing a sweater and jeans, as well as some booties that I have no idea what they’re called.

9. NYMPH Playermodel

Blue hair with cat ears. Everything a weeb could ask for.

Regarding this player’s model: Her hair and outfit have a nice combination of blue and dark. Also, the strange cape with stripes is something I enjoy. I’m not sure what the idea is, but it does look great. It also comes with CAT EARS!!!!!!!!!!!1111111



Weapons twice the weight of an anime figure.

What else can be said? It looks like something straight out of elementary school with a pink-haired, short playermodel. A more masculine variant of the figure is available, while the more feminine form is available in purple/pink attire. I’m ready to pass out.

7. Choukai (Kancolle) P.M. & NPC

A little amount of skin.

Hello, weeb, and welcome. If you’re looking for a new skin for your character, I’ve got another one for you based on a player model from a card game that I’m pretty sure of. Whatever the cause for her wearing two different kinds of knee-high socks, it’s a woman with grey hair and a small, slender hat on her head. She’s also got some cleavage on display. Yay!

6. Chell (MMD) P.M. & NPC

Chell (MMD) P.M. & NPC

This was a huge success.

My favorite video games developed by Valve are Portal 1 and 2, and you’re telling me that Chell, the character from those games, is a Gmod anime player model. Wow! Waoww! If you’re a fan of anime and portal games, here is the place for you. A completely cartoon/anime recreation of Chell is out now, so get your hands on it now!

It’s Yowane Haku (Christmas)

5. Yowane Haku (Christmas)

Haku would have topped the charts if he hadn’t been a few months late. Regardless, the chick wears a Christmas clown hat and grey hair, as well as red attire decorated with grey decorations. Aside from the fact that there isn’t a lot of apparel, this is fantastic news for weebs.

4. FKG Setaria Green PM/NPC

FKG Setaria Green PM-NPC

Awful, those cat ears.

Anime girl with brown hair and cat ears in a white dress and shoes; she even has a tail with a ribbon on the tip of it – to make her even cuter, I suppose? The model has a high level of quality and detail, as well as a wide range of customization options. It’s a good model, and it deserves to be ranked 4th.

3. USS Iowa (Kancolle) Playermodel and NPC

Baby USA-Japan was born.

Because it’s not your standard Japanese-style anime gurl but with a pinch of Americanism in it, this player model looks nice. A woman with blonde hair and a lot of cleavage in her grey-white outfit. In addition to the top, she wears a skirt and stockings with the flag of the United States of America. Because of how it was presented, this character model made it into the top three on my list!

2. Cinder Fall Playermodel & NPC

Cinder Fall Playermodel & NPC

This anime girl knows how to do it right.

The model has a cool style, with a red dress with golden hems, dark hair, and high heels. It’s not a raunchy anime character, but rather a refined character. I don’t know what else to say here, because I’ve seen so many player models with “special qualities” that Cinder Fall deserves the second place in my view.

1. Hatsune Miku V3

I had hoped to choose Goku, but alas.

That player model is very common on Gmod servers, no matter what type of game they’re playing. However, if you look at Miku’s player model you’ll find she has a lot of shine. She has long as fu-blue hair, some sort of school outfit with thigh-high stockings and shoes, and the textures of this playermodel were deliberately designed to shine.

There have been numerous instances where administrators with Hatsune Miku player models have taken me to a roof with gravity guns and told me why I’m going to be banned for RDMing, griefing, and blocking the spawn spot. This player model reminds me of such instances If you want to get your hands on one, you can buy it on pointshops. As a child, I saw this model and it brought back so many memories, thus it’s receiving the number one spot on my list.