14 Best Anime Girl With Big Forehead That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Girl With Big Forehead

Although hair in this media can transcend gravity and human pigmentation, the humble brow is typically disregarded because it is often hidden by rainbow drapes. This is illegal. As a workhorse of our heads, our heads’ smooth expanse of skin is condemned if it is too little or large but rarely commended on its own merits.

An anime that has a character with a bared forehead is absolutely remarkable. As a result, I’ve produced a list of the 14 anime characters with the best-looking foreheads.

1. Rossiu –Gurren Lagann

Rossiu - Gurren Lagann

There aren’t many animes where we get to view such a beautiful forehead throughout its full life cycle, from the youthful roundness of an infant to the dignified brow of an older man. In spite of the fact that his hairline has become more uneven with age, the plane-like appearance of his follicles is still struggling to break free and run wild across the entirety of his head.

2. Isidro –Berserk

You can only go so far with your talents. It takes a long time to achieve your goals and develop your inherent talents. This is seen in Isidro’s peculiar foreland. His hairdo, short and clipped around the temples so that the hairline terminates at the top of the ears, adds enormous width to Isidor’s forehead, which when coupled with his exceptionally spherical skull, creates for something that’s nearly too big and broad to be called the forehead.

3. Tsuruya –The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Tsuruya -The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

This may be the list’s most unappreciated forehead. Tsuruya has a lot of personality and a lot of hair, both of which detract from her best qualities. Make sure you don’t forget that her knee-length hair is unable to cover her stunning zenith, with even the shorter bangs looking hung in the air and not falling on her brow. Like she was endowed with some type of mystical ability…

4. Howard Marks –JOKER GAME

Just have a look at it. When it comes to raw size, Marks is unquestionably the best in the business. In order to show off his physique, he keeps his hair styled in a way that shows off his muscle, rather than letting the bangs fall. I have never seen a forehead that appeared to begin at the corners of a person’s mouth before. Howard has the head shape of a man who always has a good idea, despite the fact that his face is quite large.

5. Alex Louis Armstrong –Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alex Louis Armstrong - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Try to convince me that a bold decision by one of the most adventurous and stylish State Alchemists is the only reason for this head of hair. Armstrong, realizing that he had a true treasure lying on his head, decided to remove his hairline and leave only a single lock to accentuate his exceptionally remarkable dome. An fixation with physical appearance would not allow Armstrong to forget about his most amazing muscle—his mind.

6. Nico Robin –One Piece

It wasn’t until two years after she was first introduced that Robin revealed that she had a particularly beautiful forehead. It wasn’t long before Robin grew tired of hiding behind her magnificent set of bangs and decided to go with a more refined style. Her new openness to life as a member of the Strawhats is mirrored in the space above her brows, like a crucial haircut. We can only hope that she was not imprisoned and that one of the greatest foreheads of our time was not lost forever.

7. Eijiro Kirishima – My Hero Academia

Eijiro Kirishima - My Hero Academia

That Kirishima can decorate his precipice is a peculiarity that may be disregarded in favor of its fighting use. Unless he uses a lot of product or has had some evolutionary help, it would be difficult to convince anyone that his hair stands upright like a crown crowning his beautiful hairline. The red is very eye-catching, focusing the viewer’s attention to the top of his face. I adore his hair because it does such a great job of highlighting one of the most impressive foreheads in the entire UA.


He’s a tease, like everything else. Mysterious geometry on her forehead complements her mysterious smile to create an intriguing contrast. Just by looking at her, it’s clear that she has a rare cerebral expanse, but it’s concealed by two curtains of hair on the outside. Aside from the expected prank, you must keep an eye out for a sight of her hairline.

9. Ushiyama Tatsuma –Golden Kamuy

Ushiyama Tatsuma -Golden Kamuy

This guy has both form and function that places him above the impressive competition in Golden Kamuy. At least one villain had an unfair forehead prosthetic to contend against. There is nothing wrong with the form of this forehead; it is simply lovely, especially attracting attention from his prominent judo ear! New geometry is being added to the forehead game thanks to his huge frontal bone, which may even deflect nails!

10. Charmy –Black Clover

Yami’s top magic knight is also the Black Bulls member with the most prominent forehead. Charmy’s forehead can only be described as “magical” with one word. There is nothing artificial about the way her bangs fall on either side of her glittering face, like an old-fashioned frame. There is a subtle sheen to her brown that looks as though it is rising from the horizon as the sun does. Such glowing skin necessitates a well-balanced diet.

11. Shima Tetsuo – Akira

Shima Tetsuo - Akira

Tetsuo’s extraordinary telepathic powers are no surprise given the dome he’s encased in. Tetsuo’s great height is one area where Kaneda will never fall short of him, thanks to a swept back hairdo. With low, thin eyebrows, Tetsuo’s most prominent feature appears to be much more prominent than it really is. Between his eyebrows and hairline, you could fit another person’s face.

12. Haruno Sakura –Naruto / Boruto

A series about atonement, Sakura’s forehead may have been the most impressive. Sakura’s hair was originally a source of embarrassment for her, which she tried to hide behind. The more she grew up, the more confident she became in displaying her brow, even adding an emphasis to bring attention to it. A gorgeous forehead has always been Sakura’s, she simply needed the courage to see it for what it is.

13. Vegeta – Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta - Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta may never be the greatest fighter in the universe(s), but he will always be the best in one area: fighting. Foreheads. Otherwise, Dragon Ball wouldn’t be Dragon Ball. When Krillin first started out, he used his shiny dome to blind his foes, the Android twins had perfectly framed planes, and SSJ3 has a flawless hairstyle. He possesses the most masculine forehead since the neanderthals, according to Goku. His widow’s peak nearly divides everything above his eyes in two, allowing him to see everything clearly. One thing is certain: Goku will never be able to go beyond this limit.

14. Saikawa –Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Saikawa’s forehead, a beacon of light in our dark world, is a gift. Unlike a specific reindeer, shine functions as her own personal headlight to illuminate her way. How blinding her brow will be when it is fully exposed is a question that beckons. In a field of majestic dragons, her forehead is unrivaled in beauty. Saikawa’s greatest fear is that she hasn’t yet fully developed her own personality. It’s hard to imagine how far she can go as an elementary schooler.


Hopefully, you had a good time perusing this collection. Who has the best-looking forehead on this list? Is it more important to have a large or a small diamond? Surely I’ve overlooked a part of my face. Let us know what you think in the comments!