Top 10 Female Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Top 10 Female Anime Characters

It is unusual to find well-written female characters, but MyAnimeList readers have voted for these characters to be their favorites. We’ve ranked the best ten.

In anime, female characters who are well-developed are few and far between. Even when they’re not being marketed as “waifu” content, they are typically compelled to fit into narrow confines of anime cliches, which they rarely manage to break out of.

Some female characters have been written exceptionally well, and the entire fandom adores them. Characters like these are hard to come by. When a show is popular, its female characters tend to follow suit in popularity. MyAnimeList users have voted these 10 female characters their favorites.

1. Asuna Yuuki (Votes: 25,048)

Asuna Yuuki

Sword Art Online’s main female character isn’t surprising to see on this list of the top 10 most popular anime isekai. Asuna has a lot going for her: she’s loyal, brilliant, and a fierce fighter who won’t hesitate to risk her own life to rescue the lives of those she cares about.

As the SAO series progressed, Asuna quickly became nothing more than a bride for Kirito, a position that the fandom slammed.

2. Shinobu Oshino (Votes: 25,813)

Bakemonogatari is a very obscure anime series, so it’s possible that many fans won’t recognize her. The fact that she appears young belies her advanced age. Most of the time, her face is filled with a look of resentment, and she wants to stay put in her favored location. Meme and Koyomi get special treatment from her despite her harsh demeanor.

As the series progresses, she becomes more upbeat and chatty, yet she never lets go of her inflated sense of self-importance in the face of others’ ignorance.

3. Saber (From The Fate Series) (Votes: 26,818)

Obligatory Saber Part (Fate Series)

Most of the Fate anime series have featured Saber as a central character. Her power as a servant, serving her lord, has frequently been compared to that of other strong slaves.

In nearly every battle category, her records are near-perfect. The fact that she keeps her word shows that she is not just devoted to her lord but also a someone who can be trusted (even if it was a pact made with another servant).

4. Taiga Aisaka (Votes: 29,214)

One of anime’s most popular tsundere characters, Taiga, is Taiga (of all genders). Because of her tiny stature, she’s a bit of a tease at school. Ryuuji’s best buddy is Ryuuji’s best friend, and she develops affections for Ryuuji himself.

It has been suggested that she is known as the Palmtop Tiger (due to her height). To make up for whatever feelings of shame or humiliation she might be experiencing, she uses physical violence against others.

5. Yuno Gasai (Votes: 29,538)

Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

One of the best-known yanderes in anime is Yuno Gasai. The pink-haired, crazy (literally) teenager who stars in The Future Diary soon drew the attention of many of the show’s viewers.

That’s because her sociopathic character is a stark counterpoint to her attractiveness. She is obsessive with one person – Yukiteru – and will do anything to protect him, even if it means killing others.

6. Megumin (Votes: 29,907)

It’s no secret that Megumin is one of the main characters in the KonoSuba anime. A formidable arch mage with a strong pedigree, she has only one skill – explosion magic. She’s stubborn, as evidenced by her inability to pick up new skills.

She’s outlandish and obnoxious. You can often hear her bragging about how good she is at acting and being theatrical. As soon as you put her in a situation where she can’t escape, she goes into meltdown mode.

7. Hitagi Senjougahara (Votes: 30,816)

Hitagi Senjougahara From Bakemonogatari

Bakemonogatari’s principal female character is not a surprise to see on this list. A mystery ailment has left her looking thin and old. Most people don’t notice the sincerity in her statements, despite her strong rhetoric.

She identifies as a tsundere despite the fact that she is actually a kuudere. Tsukihi Phoenix’s Tsukihi Phoenix is a story about a girl who becomes a lovable person despite her violent method of speaking.

8. Mikasa (Votes: 35,337)

I don’t need to tell you anything about Mikasa Ackerman. Fans are naturally drawn to her because she is one of the most powerful female characters in anime (physically and intellectually).

Despite her affections for Eren, she has never let her job as a soldier to protect her people from the titans get in the way of that. She is a woman of great strength and compassion, as well as extraordinary talent (perhaps innate) in a wide range of combat disciplines.

9. Rem (Votes: 40,861)

Rem, along with her identical twin sister, works as a maid for Roswaal L Mathers. Her pleasant demeanor belies her explosive temper when confronted with a potentially dangerous circumstance.

She has no qualms about carrying out her responsibilities, no matter the cost. Because she views her sister in such high regard, she suffers from an inferiority problem. Eventually, she is seen to fall in love with Subaru, the main character of the program.

10. Kurisu Makise (Votes: 46,052)

Kurisu Makise

Kurisu, the protagonist of the sci-fi anime Steins;Gate, was an unexpected inclusion. She is a member of the Brain Research Program at Victor Qondria University and is well-known in the United States because to her dissertations.

She’s a young woman with a lot of poise, self-assurance, and intelligence. She is a classic tsundere because of her inquisitive nature.