10 Best Short Anime On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Short Anime On Netflix

We’ve all sat down after a long day of work with the intention of starting a new anime series, only to give up when we saw how many episodes there were. It’s difficult to discover short anime series and movies that keep you engaged till the end.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best short animes on Netflix America that you can watch in a day or two.

15) Yasuke 


Taking action? That’s a definite yes. Mystery? Check. Is it possible that flying robots are firing lasers? Check. Samurais? Check.

Don’t be fooled by the rating; Yasuke, partially based on the true story of a black samurai, is one of the best series published in early 2021, regardless of the rating.

An action-packed miniseries that follows a strange little girl’s quest to visit a doctor, which goes tragically wrong and results in jaw-dropping action sequences is what this series is about. You won’t be disappointed if you give it a go.

14) Deadman Wonderland 

Due to an earthquake, three-quarters of Japan has been submerged. This is the setting of Deadman Wonderland. To preserve his existence at the prison-turned-delight-park, Ganta Igarashi must undertake numerous acts for the amusement of the visitors in order to prove his innocence.

The story takes a new turn. To become an exceptional deadman, Ganta masters the art of blood manipulation. Follow Ganta as he soars through the air to achieve his ultimate goal: freedom.

13) Arpeggio Of Blue Steel 

Arpeggio Of Blue Steel

After a few arcs of One Piece, have you ever given up on the series? Arpeggio Of Blue Steel is also a seafarer, but he’s not a swashbuckling buccaneer. An international fleet of military ships known as “Fleet of Fog” came up in a future world when the oceans cover most of the planet owing to climate change, and they beat navies from all over the world, claiming authority over waters controlled by the Admiralty Code.

The year is now 17 years later, and Gunzou Chihaya, a graduate of the National Marine Academy, has found I-401, which for some reason supports humanity. Funzou and his buddies set out in search of World Peace with renewed hope.

12) Devilman Crybaby 

What happens if a good soul joins forces with a bad one? Is he doomed to become the embodiment of evil, or can he triumph against it and put an end to it? InDevilman Crybaby, these are the questions addressed.

There are some people who will do anything to ensure their friend Ryou Asuka’s survival, and one of them is Akira Fudou. In order to protect humanity from demons, they take on all evil in the world together.

11) Yuri! On Ice 

Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

Consider the possibility that your hero shows up at your door one day and offers to be your teacher. In Yuri! On Ice, a video of protagonist Yuuri Katsuki doing a performance by a former 5-time world champion goes popular on the internet.

Coach Victor Nikiforov will put Yuri through a rigorous training regimen in order to turn him into a world champion. However, with Victor’s former studentYuri Plisetsky attempting to win back his coach, the competition will only get more difficult. Watch out for Yuuri as she ascends to the pinnacle of the figure-skating world in this classic work of sports animation.

10) Noragami (season 1) 

All those lost gods have you ever pondered about? Those who used to be prayed to but are no longer remembered by name. They eventually go away. And so, in order to assure their own survival, the Gods engage in a variety of odd tasks. If you find a red phone number and call it, the person on the other end will identify himself as “Yato God.”

Throughout the story, Hiyori Iki (a high school student who purportedly saved Yato) and Yato form a close friendship. Yato sets out to change his fortunes with the help of her and sacred spirits that transform into terrible weapons known as regalia.

9) No Game No Life 

No Game No Life

What would it be like to be unbeatable in all of your games? Just like every other brother and sister team, Shora and Shiro are unstoppable. As if by magic, one day they find themselves in a realm where conflicts have been replaced by high stakes games.

Can they keep their perfect record intact? If you’re a fan of strategy fights, you should definitely check out this series.

8) Terror in Resonance 

All that is left is the word “VON,” painted red, after a devastating nuclear strike on a Japanese plant. Unable to identify the assailants, the authorities wait for a mystery video posted on the internet by two adolescent lads going by the name “sphinx” to threaten Tokyo with mass catastrophe.

It is DetectiveKenjirou Shibazakito’s job to bring these criminals to punishment in the face of public discontent, but how will he achieve it?

7) Castle in The Sky 

Laputa Castle In The Sky (1986)

For the first time, we’ve included an anime film. When Sheeta is taken by the government for her amulet’s crust, this story follows her trip. She encounters a lad, Pazu, who dreams of reaching the flying castle Laputa, as she travels through a world of airplanes, airships, and pirates.

They band together to elude the authorities, pirates, and anybody else after them in this steampunk/dieselpunk adventure from the 1990s.

6) My Neighbor Totoro 

Their mother is in the hospital in Tokyo, and Satsuki and Mei, together with their fatherTatsuo Kusakabe, migrate to the countryside in 1950 Japan in order to be close to her. There, Mei runs upon Totoro, the forest’s huge guardian spirit, who is hunting a small bunny-like creature.

They go on a series of strange adventures in the forest with Totoro by their side, exploring the beautiful camaraderie between humans and natural spirits and animals.

5) Erased 


There have been many occasions in the past when we’ve desired to make a change. Erased, in which Satoru Fujinuma is sent back 18 years in order to solve a mystery and avert deaths, makes this possible. Satoru is given a second chance to correct the wrongs he has caused and to stop his classmates from being slaughtered.

Will Satoru be able to solve the case of Kayo Hinazuki’s kidnapping or will he fail once again? Find out in this suspenseful web series.

4) Howl’s Moving Castle 

This stunning film adaptation of a novel by British author Diana Wynne Jones combines the beauty of architecture with the purity of a little girl’s heart.

The Witch of the Wasteland curses Sophie, the daughter of a humble hatter, to become an old woman.

She’ll have to join the evil magician Howl in his teleporting castle if she wants to break the spell. Join Howl and Sophie on their wonderful journey of a lifetime as they fight dragons, flaming demons, and jumping scarecrows.

3) Violet Evergarden 


A post-war steampunk world is the setting for Violet Evergarden’s quest after losing both her hands and her prosthesis in battle. After a disagreement with her guardians, she begins working as an AutoMemory Doll.

Auto Memory Dolls are charged with writing loving messages for customers, and Violet tries to find her peace inside them, which leads her on a terrible yet beautiful journey of exploration..

2) Spirited Away 

Chihiro Ogino, a ten-year-old willful and headstrong girl, discovers an abandoned amusement park with her parents and sets out to explore it.

Her parents are suddenly transformed into pigs as a result of her curiosity in what she sees, just like any other 10-year-old girl. To save her parents, Chihiro sets out on a journey of discovery in a new land.

1) A Silent Voice 

A Silent Voice, The Story Of Redemption

One of the greatest animated films ever made is probably this one. Period. Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf student in Shoya Ishid’s class, was bullied by the brazen fifth-grader.

Years later, as a third-year university student, the plot followsShouya’s change, his following search for Shouko and an apology, and his honest attempt at a personal catharsis as the shadows of his past loom over him once more.

All of the above-mentioned shows can be found on Netflix America for free. Netflix America may be accessed from anywhere in the world using a virtual private network (VPN). Thanks for watching!