10 Best Shows Like Victorious On Netflix Update 04/2024

Shows Like Victorious On Netflix

If you enjoyed Victorious and want to see more like it, take a look at these ten shows that feature the same actors, have similar themes, or follow similar storylines.

In many ways, Victorious was a bridge between High School Musical and Glee for millennials on Nickelodeon. The show focused on Tori, a young singer who enrolls in a performing arts school for gifted children and struggles to succeed despite all the obstacles she encounters along the way.

As the quick-witted and talented Tori on the show, Victoria Justice’s performance was well-received. The series aired for a total of four seasons and was enormously successful. So, if you’re a fan of Victorious and you’re missing it, here are some shows you might enjoy instead.

10. Glee


Victorious may have influenced Glee’s relationship dynamics, but the two shows have very different tones. For example, both shows featured the mean girl and her sweet boyfriend trope. However, Victorious fans may enjoy Glee’s elaborate song-and-dance sequences because both shows have a strong focus on the performing arts.

Glee’s drama and humor are obviously darker, but Victorious fans may recognize some of the character development in Glee.

9. How To Rock

Despite the lack of a second season for this Nickelodeon show, Victorious fans may enjoy this one as a good pick-me-up after bingeing on Victorious. In spite of the show’s modest success, the basic premise of the show was flawed.

Once a popular mean girl, she falls out of favor after being briefly seen wearing glasses and braces, and she turns to music to express herself and make new friends as a result of her newfound fame. As Kacey becomes the lead singer of a band, there is a lot of emphasis on music, as well as a lot of teen rivalry.

8. Sam And Cat

Sam And Cat

Fans of Ariana Grande will enjoy watching the spin-off series Sam and Cat, which stars Ariana Grande’s character Cat from Victorious and Jennette McCurdy’s character Sam from iCarly as well.

It’s funny, relatable, and a little out of the ordinary all at the same time. The plot revolves around two young women who become friends and decide to start a baby-sitting business together, only to find out it’s much harder than they expected. The concept of a joint spin-off is novel, and it helped the show gain interest from viewers of both shows.

7. Hannah Montana

Although Hannah Montana doesn’t go as deep into performance institutions as Victorious did, the show does explore the difficulties of being a teenager and juggling several things at once.

It was also a great show because it was semi-autobiographical and based on Miley Cyrus’ own life; it went on to become one of the biggest teen hits ever.

6. Grown-ish


In particular for younger millennials or Gen-Z fans of Victorious, the Black-ish spin-off could be very interesting to watch because it’s fun and relevant, and it also explores some important and complex issues like mental health and teen relationships on social media and.

In essence, Grown-ish follows Zoey Johnson, the Johnsons’ eldest child, as she embarks on her college career. Since Victorious also has a teen who has left the nest and is trying to find her way in the world, both shows have a lot of themes that are similar. Deon Dole, who played Charlie in Black-ish, returns to the show as well, and it was just renewed for a fourth season.

5. Drake And Josh

When it comes to Drake and Josh, it was a recurring theme that young people must be able to live with others who aren’t exactly like them. A similar approach is taken by Victorious, and the film succeeds in conveying its message.

Fans of Victorious will connect with the character’s flaws as the misfit sibling. The show Drake and Josh centers on the lives of two stepbrothers who couldn’t be more different. One is a well-known musician in high school, while the other is a computer nerd.

4. Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire

During Lizzie McGuire’s middle school years, she focuses on coming to terms with who she is and how much she values the people in her life, especially her family. Lizzie is a middle school student trying to make sense of her life and develop her own sense of self as she makes her way through middle school and tries to hang on to her friends.

The two shows have a lot in common in terms of tone and narrative, as Tori does the same thing in Victorious to broaden her social circle so she feels like she belongs.

3. The Carrie Diaries

Victorious and The Carrie Diaries both have a strong “finding-yourself” theme, and both have teenage protagonists who are still trying to figure out their career goals. When Tori is in Victorious, she must find her place in a school full of talented students while also dealing with her passions for music and acting.

A teen Carrie discovers that fashion is her true passion in Sex and the City’s spin-off The Carrie Diaries and makes some significant decisions that will have an impact on her adult life.

2. Dynasty


Except for the fact that both shows feature Elizabeth Gillies as a super popular mean girl, and in Dynasty, she’s the less diabolical Regina George, Victorious fans have no reason to enjoy watching Dynasty.

The character she portrays in Victorious is Jade, a fearsome foe of Tori’s who is essentially frightening and intimidating in nature. Dynasty sees her as an heiress to a large fortune who must deal with plenty of high-stakes drama. It’s clear that Gillies understands the anti-heroine concept well because of her work on both shows.

1. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you just finished watching Victorious, this show will be a significant departure. However, there are many common themes between the two shows that viewers will realize after watching the first episode. As gifted teenagers, Tori and Sabrina must attend a school where success is expected and they must learn a lot about themselves and their goals.

It goes without saying that both shows have their fair share of catty girls, swoon-worthy men, fearsome role models, and excellent music. Victorious did not have as many allusions to the devil as its predecessor, but this shouldn’t be a problem for viewers who already understand the premise.