20 Best Introvert Anime Characters That You Need Know Update 06/2024

Introvert Anime Characters

Anime is no exception to this preference for quiet contemplation over raucous celebrations and large crowds.

In anime, introverts aren’t a rarity at all.

Some of the characters are the main protagonists, while others are the secondary protagonists. Their personalities are just as appealing as those of their more extroverted classmates, and their experiences are just as compelling.

The following list includes some of my all-time favorite anime characters who are introverted. There’s no need to engage in conversation.

20. Hinako Sakuragi

Hinako Sakuragi

Hinako Note is a Japanese animated series.

Until I saw Hinako Note, a beautiful girl who has had enough of being unable to interact, Studio Passione didn’t exist in my head.

To join the school’s theater club, Hinako relocates from the countryside to Tokyo. Because the club is on vacation, things don’t proceed as planned. She can’t return to her old school because she’s already enrolled in the new one.

Heavily thanks to the efforts of her landlord, Chiaki Hagino, she is able to form her own group of fellow tenants.

Although Hinako has always had more positive experiences with animals, it’s time for her to meet people who can help her grow.

19. Sawako Kuronuma

From Me to You, an anime by Kimi ni Todoke

I can’t believe Kimi no Todoke premiered more than a decade ago.

This is still one of the best shoujo romance titles, and Sawako and Shouta make a wonderful couple on screen.

To be specific, there’s a high school girl named Sawako Kuronuma in particular who craves true companionship, but has one minor issue:

She has a striking resemblance to the infamous horror character from the film The Ring.

Despite the fact that Sawako is a kind, hardworking, and wonderful friend to have, she isn’t given the opportunity to reveal this side to the world because of her awful first look.

Shouta comes into play here.

Introverts sometimes simply need the perfect person to enter their world at the right time, and Sawako proves it again and time again.

Ichimatsu Matsuno is the 18th player to appear in the game.

18. Ichimatsu Matsuno

Ichimatsu Matsuno

There’s never enough Osomatsu-san, that’s for sure.

Fans around the world have fallen in love with the six identical twins after three seasons.

Ichimatsu Matsuno is my favorite character.

As a child, we were taught that the fourth brother was this socially awkward, antisocial (or just plain asocial) creature who could never be trusted. Even so, he had a tough time as a teenager attempting to keep up this extroverted, popular image.

Now, he’s more comfortable around cats than humans. And that’s something to which I can certainly identify. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how much time he spends mingling with other people.

Ichimatsu, like any true introvert, lacks the stamina to socialize with large groups of people and strangers.

17. Hinata Hyuga

Naruto: Shippuden

Boruto exists because Naruto fans finally had their fantasy come true when Naruto and Hinata were able to consummate their relationship.

Hinata is without a doubt one of the most well-known and beloved anime introverts of the last twenty years.

Her demeanor from the moment she walked into the room gave off an impression of awe and reverence.

The fact that she’s this way is fine with me, but it wasn’t her choice.

As with many people, Hinata’s self-esteem was damaged by familial troubles.

The good news is that she was able to maintain her kind, caring nature thanks to the support and encouragement she received from Naruto and the rest of her team. It’s not just any woman, however.

16. Yuno

Hidamari Sketch: The Anime

As a fan of slice-of-life and seinen manga, Hidamari Sketch is one of my favorites.

This is a cute and relatable character in Yuno’s case as well.

It’s important to understand that being introverted does not imply that one has no friends; rather, it means that one prefers to spend time alone or with a small group of close friends.

I admire Hidamari Sketch’s exploration of the issue of growing up more than Yuno’s transformation into a more confident person.

Yuno has a natural talent for drawing but isn’t sure what she wants to do with it.

Even though it isn’t just an issue for introverts, because of how much time they spend alone with their thoughts, it can be particularly distressing for them.

15. Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi

In anime, this is known as the maxim: Parasyte.

Parasyte is still a wonder to this day.

Beginning in 1989, the manga lasted until 1995. It’s nothing short of amazing that Madhouse (of all studios) decided to adapt it to the big screen in 2014.

However, I had a mistaken impression of the series; it wasn’t as bloody as I had expected.

Anime character growth has never been better than that of Shinichi Izumi’s.

To say that he went from being an awkward, nerdy high schooler with spectacles to a self-confident young man is an understatement.

A parasitic extraterrestrial may have boosted his physical capabilities, but it’s hard to refute that when you see the atrocities (and philosophical conundrums) he has to go through with Migi.

14. Armin Arlert

Attack on Titan is a popular anime series.

Shingeki no Kyojin has come to a conclusion, and it has been an incredible journey.

The series is unquestionably one of my favorites thus far, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I gave each season an A+.

Armin Arlert is an exceptional artist.

This guy’s character growth has been excellent. His fear stems in part from his lack of strength and martial prowess, which has made him cautious since he was little (at least compared to Mikasa and Eren).

In spite of this, Armin is one of the greatest planners in the series. ‘ It warms my heart to hear individuals acknowledge the good and the bad in others.

Armin has always had the ability, but his desire to serve others (and humanity) necessitated that people see his value and encourage him to do more.

13. Mio Akiyama

K-On! is a popular anime series.

K-On has a special place in my heart. This is Naoko Yamada’s directorial debut, the show that first attracted me to Kyoto Animation.

K-On has well-developed characters, just like any other top-tier slice-of-life game.

Azusa Nakano and Mio Akiyama are both introverted, to the point where they can barely speak to one other.

However, this does not imply that she is mute. Introverts aren’t always quiet, and K-On is aware of this.

It’s true that Mio dislikes being the center of attention. She chose the bass over the guitar because of this.

It is only in the club room with her few but dear friends that she will speak more and better express herself.

For those of us who are introverted, Mio is our songwriter. To be able to express your emotions and thoughts, you frequently require a creative outlet.

12. Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara

Durarara! The Anime

It’s hard for me to choose between Durarara and Anri Sonohara because they are both favorites of mine. Adaptation by Brain’s Base was flawless.

I think Anri’s character design is flawless:

Her feminine features are accentuated by her short black hair, well-endowed body, glasses, and the school uniform she wears.

Her facial expressions are also superb, and they contribute to the impression they give of her reserved demeanor.

Anri, like many others on my list, is fortunate to have wonderful friends who accept her exactly as she is. Even yet, she’s still apprehensive.

For the sake of her mental health, she should be able to have as much personal space as possible and social comfort as she desires. The revelation of her secret identity is an added bonus.

11. Legoshi

Cartoon: The Beast Arsenal

Legoshi and Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke face the similar problem of having appearances that make it difficult to make friends or appear social.

He’s a carnivorous gray wolf.

It’s understandable why some people avoid Legoshi in a scenario where anthropomorphic animals live and work together.

Prejudice and intolerance abound in his world, just as they do in the real one.

Legoshi, on the other hand, isn’t like that.

This socially shy wolf treats others with respect in stark contrast to what he’s experienced. He’s compassionate and always tries to see things from the point of view of the other party.

I really like Legoshi as a character. To be a good citizen, one must not only avoid adding to the problems of society, but also come to terms with one’s own personal identity (or identities).

10. Kaoru Nishimi

Children on the Slope: Anime

Kaoru Nishimi, another person I can identify with, is another person I can identify with.

Also, I’m not very good at the piano.

But I can sympathize with the stress of moving from one location to the next. It’s not the same even if you keep in touch online or by phone with your buddies from school and your area.

As a result, Kaoru’s introversion is more believable than a plot device.

Even though he is an introvert, his tale demonstrates that the lives of introverts are heavily influenced by others. Even if they prefer to spend much of their time alone.

9. Mitsuya Majime

Mitsuya Majime

Great Passage, a Japanese anime

Although I like the live-action film version of Fune wo Amu, the anime version is just as good.

The MC Mitsuya Majime is on my list because the scenario of The Great Passage, which entails the slow and hard process of creating a new dictionary, fits perfectly with the world of introverts.

It would be an understatement to say that Mitsuya enjoys reading and learning new words.

His obsession with them has made him awkward in social situations, making it difficult for him to establish himself as a reputable and dignified figure at work.

However, he begins to emerge from his shell.

At work, at his house, and in his personal life, Mitsuya becomes a man who understands his responsibilities.

8. Chizuru Hishiro

ReLIFE is a Japanese anime.

Instead of telling the story of an unhappy young man who is given the opportunity to return to high school in order to make things right, ReLIFE could’ve gone down a more immature, fanservice road.

Chizuru Hishiro’s contribution to the story was crucial, as it allowed it to depict the difficulties of childhood to maturity with genuine heart.

As a fan of An Onoya, I’m more drawn to Chizuru since she’s an educated girl who has a hard time making friends.

Chizuru is unable to even smile or speak in a conversational tone.

It turns out that her current disposition wasn’t entirely her own choice, and there are a number of considerations to take into account.

In the end, Chizuru needs assistance, just like everybody else.

Even if she appears to be completely self-sufficient.

The Ikari brothers

7. Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari

The inclusion of Shinji on this list may be seen as a surprise to some. He is more likely to be portrayed as a suicidal or even mentally ill adolescent than as an introvert.

But here’s the problem:

Depression (or any other extreme psychological, emotional, or mental state) is not mutually exclusive with introversion.

It doesn’t imply Shinji isn’t an introvert just because he’s often in a state of absolute misery, fury, loneliness, and self-loathing.

Intuitive people have a tendency to tune out the outside world and focus on their own ideas by listening to music.

In addition, people’s personalities develop for a variety of causes.

Abuse, bullying, social rejection, betrayal, and years spent in a noisy and chaotic neighborhood or household are just a few examples of the horrific things that can lead to mental illness.

This series has long been lauded and discussed in academic circles (and through memes), and Shinji’s rich life story provides enough of food for thought for fans.

6. Shigeo Kageyama

Mob Psycho 100 is a Japanese anime series.

I wish I could say the same with One Punch Man’s two seasons of Mob Psycho 100.

MC Shigeo Kageyama, known for his demeanor, needs to control his emotions due to the psychic skills he possesses. It’s understandable that he doesn’t always succeed, considering his circumstances. Negative sentiments are a part of life for everyone.

Shigeo, on the other hand, is always kind, even when things aren’t going his way.

I was pleased when he was able to voice his thoughts more freely.

As for his experience speaking on stage during the student president elections, I can totally relate to how he felt.

Although I’ve only had a few opportunities to speak in front of large groups of students, I’ve always regretted the things I said (or didn’t say) during those speeches. Shigeo, don’t worry about it.

5. Tanaka


Anime: Tanaka-kun is a Slacker All the Time

This man Tanaka is a personal favorite of mine.

Studio Silver Link’s 12-episode magnum opus is what first drew me to them, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The more I see of Tanaka, the more envious I become of him.

He is able to sleep nearly all the time, even in class, because his peers are aware of how sleepy he is and how easily he falls asleep.

Plus, he’s always got his trusty best friend Oota (who also happens to be a sweet tooth) to help him get around.

Tanaka’s experiences at school and throughout town are reassuringly routine.

When you meet him for the first time, you’d know right away that he’s an introvert.

Yes, he can be a bit sluggish and uninterested at times. But he is aware of his flaws from time to time and tries to improve his demeanor.

I realize it’s difficult to lead a life like his. Silver Link, on the other hand, has more motive to declare a second season.

4. Hachiman Hikigaya

SNAFU! : A Romantic Comedy About a Lost Love

It’s interesting to note that opinions on Hachiman (and the show as a whole) can range from positive to negative.

The major characters, the MC and the two leading ladies, have received a lot of praise, but they’ve also drawn a lot of criticism.

I’m a fan of Hachiman, and I’m sure many others are as well.

He has a cynical view on youth and society in general, similar to the other people on my list who are apathetic. This means that Hachiman will have to join the Volunteer Service Club as a result of what he learned from his teacher.

As a result of the anime’s three terrific seasons, you can see Hachiman begin to confront his long-held convictions.

In the past, I’ve done the same thing by portraying myself as completely self-sufficient and refusing to accept assistance from others, as well as being content with the idea of having no social network.

Hachiman, on the other hand, learns that people are important and that caring for others (and having others care for you) is actually pretty fun.

3. Tatsuhiro Satou

Tatsuhiro Satou

You’ve arrived at NHK, the home of anime.

Extroverts can be so different from one other, and Tatsuhiro Satou is no exception. Despite their shared desire for solitude and a low level of social interaction, a wide range of influences govern their daily lives.

Tatsuhiro is a NEET, which means he’s more than simply an introvert.

When he was in college, he experienced a panic attack. His life has been one of social exclusion ever then.

Lives on the parental allowance in his small studio apartment, playing video games as a way to forget about his troubles.

Selfish, cynical and lonely are just some of Tatsuhiro’s many descriptors.

It’s not impossible for him to fix it. The fact that he is aware of this isn’t enough for him to break out of his own self-imposed prison.

However, eventually, someone will step up to the plate and provide assistance.

Self-improvement can be a bumpy road for him. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and at times, demoralizing.

You can notice improvement, no matter how small, compared to what other people in his age group have already accomplished.

My heart was broken numerous times upon my arrival at the NHK.

But it’s also been crucial to my self-reflection and efforts to improve. I pray for Tatsuhiro.

2. Rei Kiriyama

It’s that time of year again!

Who could have predicted that Sangatsu no Lion would be both heartbreaking and uplifting?

The second season has only gotten better, and I’m confident there will be a third.

Although socially awkward, Rei Kiriyama is a talented professional shogi player.

However, this is not a sports-related topic.

Will you see Rei’s shogi game? In contrast, March Comes In Like a Lion examines and explores the long process of healing from hurt, sadness, and trauma.

There are many realistic people in the story, each coping with their own challenges (that highlight social issues). And to suggest that Rei’s story won’t go down in anime history as one of the best is an understatement.

1. Houtarou Oreki

Houtarou Oreki

Hyouka, the anime

Houtarou Oreki is the first anime character that springs to me when I think of introverts.

My favorite GIF shows him clapping while staring out the window at school.

When it comes to character design and animation, Kyoto Animation has the best of both worlds under its belt.

For Oreki, conserving energy is the only thing that matters, just as it was for Tanaka in Tanaka-kun Is Always Sluggish.

These two introverts may appear disinterested and tired, yet if they chose to, they may demonstrate their cognitive and empathic prowess.

Tanaka, on the other hand, is a typical high school student, while Oreki and the members of the Classic Literature Club are thrown into a world of non-life-threatening yet fascinating mysteries.

Slice-of-life series Hyouka is among the best out there. In addition, Oreki may rest easy knowing that he’s still my favorite anime introvert.