10 Best Anime Weapons That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Anime Weapons

Manga heroes and villains had weapons so powerful they were out of this world! Anime fans, these are the 10 strongest weapons in the history of the medium!

For those who watch anime, it’s not a surprise to see highly competent combatants from various martial arts schools, some aided by supernatural powers. Most of us are familiar with strong, classic fighting techniques like the Kamehameha and Detroit Smash, but few of us have heard of the anime-specific weapons.

Everyone loves the allure of a powerful weapon like a sword or rifle, and the bigger and more devastating it is, the better. We’ll be taking a look at 10 of anime’s most impressive pieces of technology in this roundup. Be sure to tell us about your favorite posts in the comments section if you think we’ll miss them.

1. Toyako Bokuto

Toyako Bokuto

Gintoki uses the Toyako Bokuto as his primary weapon, claiming that he bought the blade while vacationing at the lakeside town of Toya. Forged from the wood of a 10,000-year-old tree from another planet, the Star Smasher is the legendary artifact in Gintama. Its owner is the ghost of a middle-aged man who wears sunglasses. Throughout the series, he orders replacements from a television shopping network when the weapon malfunctions. The Toyako Bokuto is the most dangerous piece of wood in all of anime because of its unusual ability to slice through practically anything like a massive metal cannon while remaining wood.

2. The Punisher

In the hands of a 300-pound, 5-foot-7-inch brute, the weaker guy would be teetering on the brink of collapse. Somewhere between 10 and 15 have been created and are capable of sending out enormous amounts of electricity. With each end of the cross being a unique and deadly weapon, Wolfwood’s Punisher from the Trigun series looks like a huge cross. To this day, the Punisher’s arsenal includes four pistols, two machine guns, and a rocket launcher on each side.

3. Dimension Sword

Dimension Sword

Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho’s renowned sword, is one of the most powerful in anime history, akin to the spirit sword. The Dimension Sword is the expression of Kuwarbabra’s fighting spirit, a focused beam of energy that he can channel. Although he could only use the spirit sword at first, by the end of the series he had gained the ability to pierce the fabric of space and time. Dimension Sword assaults are unassailable due to the Dimension Sword’s colossal destructive potential.

4. Tessaiga

The Demon Blade is the primary weapon of Inuyasha, a dog-human half-breed. His demon father crafted Tessaiga, which is supposed to be capable of defeating 100 demonic foes with a single blow.

When used on a monster, the sword of destruction, a legendary weapon among the underworld’s demons, can absorb the skills and abilities of the creature it kills. A protective barrier can even be built around its bearer in order to keep them safe. Swords in the series take on a variety of appearances, including crimson, black, and even exploding into flames.

5. Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon

Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon

The Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon may have been written in Gintama as a spoof because to its striking resemblance to the male reproductive organ, but it is a very potent weapon. To take control over Edo, the original Amanto relied on a fabled and powerful weapon known as the “Amanto Sword.” In several intergalactic conflicts, the fabled device played an important part in determining the balance of power and politics in the cosmos. Whatever has the power to rule the cosmos has earned a place on our list.

6. The Dragon Slayer

You may safely state that you are one of the most powerful weapons in existence if you have a name like “The Dragon Slayer” and are taller than the normal human being. It was forged by a renowned blacksmith who was commissioned by the local king to create a weapon powerful enough to kill a dragon in the Berserk manga and anime. The only known weapon capable of inflicting harm on a member of the God Hand, the most ferocious and elite gang of demons who hurled the entire planet into turmoil, the sword has been tempered by the blood of both demons and bad spirits.

7. Spear Of Longinus

Spear Of Longinus

Longinus Spear, an extraterrestrial relic that played a role in all the impacts shown in Neon Genesis Evangelion is a weapon of enormous power. An enormous, double-helix-styled red bident resembling the spear is capable of destroying interdimensional gods.

It saved the cosmos from annihilation by capturing EVA unit 01 and vanishing into outer space during the third hit. The Spear of Longinus is an organic weapon with the potential to heal the planet, according to legend. It is claimed to be endowed with an individual mind and free will.

8. Death Note

Light Yagami’s weapon of choice, which is called “Death Note,” has the ability to unleash havoc on Earth. When used by the gods of death, it was a notebook in which the names and causes of death of those they marked down were recorded, allowing the god of death to preserve his life energy. The Death Note, on the other hand, becomes a killing machine of epic proportions when it falls into the hands of Light. This causes society to descend into a cycle of agonizing worry and fear. As a result, the Death Note is virtually unbeatable because to its ability to record the name and manner in which a person will die for ANYONE.

9. Sword Of Rupture

Sword Of Rupture

Gilgamesh’s legendary weapon! During the Fate series, the Sword of Rupture can rip the earth, heaven, and space in half with ease. Because of its power to reveal the truth about anything and devastate practically anything it comes into contact with, it is more of a tragedy than a weapon. Once activated, one assault has the power to unleash a swirling void strong enough to demolish the entire cosmos, resurrecting every matter that enters and rebuilding the world.

10. Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the most powerful weapon and mecha ever created. It has no equal. It dwarfs its predecessor in terms of size and power, drawing from an unlimited multiverse of energy; it’s safe to assume that nothing can equal to its strength. Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill is the mecha’s greatest form; it grows to 20 trillion light-years in height and takes on the shape of a massive drill bit. Intended to manipulate reality, time, space, matter, and existence itself as a fundamental function of the weapon, It would be a calamity for all of creation if it was in the wrong hands.