Top 10 Anime With Animal Characters That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Anime With Animal Characters

Animals teach us a lot as children. We can learn a lot from these characters, whether they’re from Disney or some of the documentaries we watch. Because of this. Many people have a soft spot for animals as children. It’s essential to give these animals human features as part of this.

Animals play an important role in anime, just as they do in other types of media. In most cases, they’ll serve as supporting characters, but they’re always a source of amusement. There are, however, a few instances in which animals are the primary protagonists. Because they must keep both their human features and those of the animal they portray, these characters are immensely striking.

Here are the ten best anime with main animal protagonists.



When it comes to anime, this is one of its most nuanced and mature offerings. In this world, carnivores and herbivores coexist together in harmony. Legosi, a shy and empathetic wolf, is the protagonist of our story and must struggle with the preconception that he is a predator.

After developing affections for Haru, a tiny white rabbit, things get even more tricky. In exploring social rank and socioeconomic differences, it’s a world worth immersing yourself in. You’ll learn a lot about the characters and the world through this anime.


If you plan on watching this series, you’ll need a supply of Kleenex because it’s a roller coaster of emotions. A single mother’s story of the difficulties of raising a family on her alone, Hana’s story is told. The only snag is that her two children, who acquired this ability from their father, can transform into wolves.

It’s going to be difficult for Hana to juggle her motherly duties with keeping her children’s identities a secret. It will make you want to cradle your mother in your arms and cry.



This anime isn’t as heavy as the first two, but it’s still an emotional rollercoaster. Despite its odd sense of humor, it is a lot of fun. Retsuko, a red panda lady, is the protagonist of the story, yet her life is a constant source of anxiety. Despite the fact that she has a steady employment, she is fed up with her daily routine. Death metal karaoke was the answer to her problem.

As a result, she’s known as Aggressive Retsuko, and her performances are nothing short of epic. It would be depressing if this series didn’t feature a slew of cuddly critters.


CHI’S SWEET HOME is a great place for cat lovers to visit. The story revolves around the life of a cute kitten who is forced to survive on the streets. Until she is adopted by a loving family and we may follow her on her journeys. Pet ownership and respect for animal rights are prominent themes in this anime. Cats are notorious for getting into trouble, and that’s what anime is all about. In addition, there are a few heartwarming family scenes.



While anime often deals with serious problems and tells complex tales, it doesn’t have to be that way. SHIROKUMA CAFE is a great example of a show that is both relaxing to watch and amusing at the same time.

The story revolves around the employees of a zoo café, with the exception that they are all animals. Despite their similarities, each of them has a distinct personality.


The Shiba Inu is often regarded as one of the world’s cutest and most fiery canines. Everyone who loves dogs should check out this anime series. Muco lives in the mountains with his owner. Even in difficult situations, they always come out on top. You’ll have a blast following along on their mountaineering exploits.



For the most part, animated series are able to get away with utterly absurd plot points. Next up, we have a plot that makes no sense at all in this anime. It’s about a bookworm who is shot by a thief in high school. A dachshund puppy takes the place of the character’s previous life. His greatest regret is that he is unable to read books, but when his favorite novelist decides to adopt him, everything changes. He was shocked to discover that she is a sadist to the core!


Old school anime enthusiasts will recognize SILVER FANG, even if newer viewers aren’t familiar with it. Gin, a silver-haired Akita pup, joins a gang of wild dogs, and the plot revolves around his adventures. Dogs from all around Japan are recruited to fight Akakabuto, the bear that killed Gin’s father, in a war of attrition.

Although the anime depicts violence, it’s not suitable for young children. In spite of this, the plot is tight and action-packed. The show’s portrayal of bears as evil characters isn’t the finest representation of bears.



A troop of pizza-loving ninja turtles may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s true. These are pizza-loving Samurai Cats, as the show’s title suggests. Even the pizza in the anime appears to be excellent, because to the characters’ impressive armor.


Natsu, Machi’s talking bear, is the focus of the story. In the nation, she is a shrine maiden who wishes to attend high school. Natsu is her best source of information, but his advise is often amusing, and they get into a lot of problems as a result. Natsu is one of the funniest bears to appear in media, and he’s not alone.