Top 10 Female Anime Characters With Swords That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Female Anime Characters With Swords

I’m going to talk about my favorite anime swordswomen today. Swordswomen who are powerful in anime are included below. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen a lot of anime where the protagonist or a supporting character uses a sword.

I have no doubt that young females who wield swords are sincere and utterly unconcerned, based just on their appearance and movement. Pay no attention to where they’re placed; I’m more interested in their personalities and activities. There’s no time like the present!

1. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) (Female Swordsman)

Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

S-class Fairy Tail mage and member of Team Natsu, Erza goes on to become the organization’s seventh specialist in X792 without any sign of Makarov. Titania is her fictitious name.

She’s a drill sergeant, which means she’s tough as nails but soft as a baby. Erza is a beautiful young woman with red hair, brown eyes, and a slender frame. The blue Fairy Tail stamp on her left upper arm may be found in the center of the tattoo.

She makes use of Requip Magic, which allows her to adapt her swords and clothing to suit the situation. She can also employ supernatural powers, which she didn’t know she possessed and which she discovered when she was close to nothing, despite not being aware of them.

2. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online) (Female Swordsman)

When Asuna was caught in Sword Art Online, a sub-head for KoB, she was among 10,000 other players. The Flash is the name given to her because of her prowess with the blade.

She has hazel eyes and orangish-earthy hair. She is a selfless young lady who will not abandon those in need. Asuna takes a ruthless attitude to the game, and she isn’t afraid to take matters into her own hands.

3. Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki No Kyojin) (Female Swordsman)

Mikasa Ackerman -- Attack On Titan

In addition to Armin Arlert, she is Eren Jaeger’s receptive older sister. Eren protected her after human dealers killed her natural guardians, and she resided with him and his family before Wall Maria fell.

She has long, dark hair that falls to her jawline and damaged eyes. Mikasa is a tall, strong, and fit young woman. Survey Corps outfit and wings of opportunity cape are her go-to attire for combat.

What sets her apart from the rest is the scarlet scarf around her neck, which she received from Eren. She’s a real pro when it comes to working with ODM gear and the edges. Without a doubt, she is capable of defeating even the most formidable of foes.

4. Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach) (Female Swordsman)

She is the former commander of the Gotei 13’s second division. Marenoshin Omaeda served as her lieutenant. Her hair is purple, her skin is brown, and her eyes are yellow. There are two white stripes on each shoulder of the orange overshirt she is wearing, a large scarf around her midriff, and black jeans on her.

She can transform into a dark feline, which sets her apart from other well-known shinigami. A man’s voice and beautiful eyes are her only attributes in this context. As far as the Soul Society is concerned, she is the most capable Hoho ace there is. In addition, she is a master of the Shunko style of martial arts. As a result of her abilities, she has been dubbed the Flash Goddess.

Captain of the thirteenth division is Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach). Captain Jushiro Ukitake had previously assigned her as a lieutenant in the Thirteenth Division. In addition, she is Byakuya Kuchiki’s receptive sister and Ichigo Kurosaki’s friend.

5. Rukia Kuchiki (Female Swordsman)

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is a diminutive and unassuming figure. She has brown hair and bright purple eyes. Rukia, while coming from a respectable background, is a modest young lady. Her greatest asset is her use of Kido, which enables her to restrain, recuperate, and obliterate her enemies.

She is well-versed in the fundamentals of Zanjutsu and can handle herself in a fight if she puts in the effort. “Imai Nobume” She was formerly known as Mukuro and was a member of the Mimawarigumi’s killing squad before being promoted to the position of lousy habit commander.

6. Imai Nobume (Female Swordsman)

With large red eyes, Nobume has a three-sided face There are short beats on her forehead with long blue hair. Having been raised as a heartless professional murderer by the Naraku organization, her eyes had an understudy-less and “lethal-like” appearance to them.

However, with the death of Sasaki Isaburo, she was able to rediscover her aspirations, and her eyes were filled with life in the form of understudies. Her swordsmanship abilities are comparable to those of Okita Sougo, her Shinsengumi clone.

7. Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame, Akame Ga Kill

Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame, or just Akame. She was initially offered to the Empire by her sister, Kurome, to be trained as an experienced assassin in close proximity to the Imperial Palace. Finally, Akame left the radicals when she was sent to assassinate the chief of Night Raid, General Najenda, and joined the anti-government movement.

Akame is a small child with red eyes and short, dark hair that falls to her knees in the middle of the floor. Sleeveless dress with middle class and scarlet tie on her However, Akame appears to be a ferocious and aggressive person at first, she is in fact socially dysfunctional.

In Night Raid, she is one of the most dependable characters, able to take out even the most formidable foes with little effort. Akame is a skilled swordsman who employs her Teigu Murasame with great caution and skill.

8. Sabre (Fate/Stay Night)

She is one of the three main Fate/stay night champions and a key character in Fate/Zero. Servant of Kiritsugu Emiya in the 4th HGW and Shirou Emiya in the 5th HGW, An attractive young woman, she has light complexion and green eyes. Sparkling reinforcement is frequently paired with an old-fashioned dress made of blue fabric, which she often wears.

Classes like Saber are dubbed the “Most Outstanding” because of their consistently high ratings across all categories, and Saber doesn’t disappoint in this regard. She is a skilled swordswoman, but her real power comes from her magical energies.

9. Busujima Saeko (High school Of The Dead)

Busujima Saeko (High school Of The Dead)

She is a student at Fujimi High School, a member of Takashi Komuro’s survival group, and the daughter of Master Busujima. She had just completed her third year of college and served as the Kendo Club commander at the time of the end times.

In addition to her long, purple hair, Saeko has blue eyes and an elongated frame. Throughout her life, she has been a kind, thoughtful, solid, and trustworthy person. Despite the carnage surrounding her, Busujima maintains her composure. She’s a skilled Kendo swordswoman with amazing skill. Even with a wooden bokuto, she is able to land significant strikes with exceptional accuracy.

10. Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)

Spirit Albarn’s ex-girlfriend, Maka, is a Scythe-Meister. Meister Maka was roused by her mother’s example after seeing her father cheat, and so she became a Meister Maka, working with the “Demon Scythe” Soul Eater to create a Death Scythe that was more impressive than her father’s.

Ponytails are her preferred method of styling her hair, which is a light beige color. In general, she wears a white blouse, a yellow sweater vest, and black pants. Because of her Anti-Demon Wavelength and unusual Soul Perception, Maka is considered a dangerous and significant enemy.

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