32 Best Indian Characters In Anime That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Indian Characters In Anime

Since ancient times, Japan and India have shared many cultural traits. India’s Buddhism has had a profound impact on Japanese society and culture. Not only have texts, scholars, and literature from both Japan and India been exchanged extensively since antiquity. Since many anime characters are based on Indian mythology, and many characters are of Indian heritage, it’s no wonder that the notion of ‘Chakra’ is used in Naruto and other anime, as well.

It’s a good idea to check out this list if you’re interested in characters who are based on Indian culture and you’re a fan of anime. Anime characters based on Hinduism and Buddhism are included in this list.

1. Indra & Asura (Naruto)

Indra & Asura (Naruto)

When it comes to demigods with bad intents, Indra is ruler of the Devas. In the Hindu scriptures, he’s in a perpetual battle with the Asuras. Indra and Asura, two of Hagoromo’s children, are engaged in a generational war against each other in much the same way. Each time they die, they are reborn as a different person.

2. Yemma (Dragon Ball Z)

There is a god of death and justice in Hinduism known as Yamraj, who chooses whether a person goes to paradise or hell, based on the deeds they have done in this life. To decide who goes to heaven or hell in Dragon Ball Z we have Yemma, who is also in command. As recounted in Hindu literature, he even has the appearance of Yamraj.

3. Silat (Berserk)

Silat (Berserk)

The Rajputs of India inspired the design of Silat. The Rajputs are renowned for their prowess with swords and other weapons, making them formidable warriors. Kalarippayattu, an ancient Indian martial technique, is one of Silat’s favorite weapons. He like the ‘Talvar,’ ‘Chakram,’ and ‘Araa,’ all of which are from the Rajput arsenal.

4. Rakshas (Berserk)

There are numerous allusions to Indian mythology and history in Berserk. Emperor Kanishka of the Kushan clan may be a nod to the centuries-old Kushan Empire that ruled parts of northwestern India. Rakshas is an enigmatic figure that delights in torture and is, in essence, a murderer. Rachas are demons in Hindu mythology who slaughter mankind and cause trouble on the Earth.

5. The Legend of Prince Rama

The Legend of Prince Rama

Indian classic Ramayana is reimagined into an anime series called The Legend of Prince Rama. The Ramayana tells the tale of Prince Ram, who is forced to flee his kingdom in order to fulfill a promise made to him by his father. The demon king Ravana then kidnaps his wife, Sita. Following this expedition, Rama sets out with his brother, Lakshman, and his trusted companion Hanuman to rescue his wife, Sita, from Ravana’s palace.

6. Rakshat Chawla (Code Geass)

Research and development is led by Rakshat, an Indian scientist. She has a cool and serene demeanor, but she can also be laid back and easygoing from time to time. She was born in the Indian Military District.

7. Kokujo Tengen Myooh (Bleach)

Captain Komamura’s last Bankai stage is a giant humanoid wrapped in chains, which he decapitates. Vidyaraja of Kalasutra’s Heavenly Punishment is what it means when translated into English. One of the wise rulers, Vidyaraja’s task was to safeguard the Buddha’s wisdom. To consign those who commit sin to hell, they employ black ropes known as Kalasutra.

8. Juna Ariyoshi (Earth Maiden Arjuna)

Juna Ariyoshi (Earth Maiden Arjuna)

Mother Earth During her rebirth as an avatar of time, a young Japanese schoolgirl named Arjuna must safeguard the planet. Arjuna from ‘Mahabharat’ has a major influence on Juna Ariyoshi’s character. Even though Chris Hawken is based on ‘Krishna,’ Juna must defend all she cares about in order to protect our planet and is aided in her efforts by Chris Hawken, who can be considered as an inspiration for Arjuna.

9. Gadevi (Arslan Senki)

Many of Arslan Senki’s characters take their cues from mythological and historical figures in India. Gadevi is an example of this type of character. As one of the princes of Sindhura’s line of succession, he is cold-hearted, self-centered, and willing to do everything to take the throne for himself.

10. Rajendra (Arslan Senki)

In addition to being the heir to the kingdom, Rajendra is Gadevi’s brother. To be fair, his recklessness and eccentricity have won over the people, and he now effectively and legally governs the kingdom of Sindhura as its king.

11. Mahendra (Arslan Senki)

Mahendra (Arslan Senki)

The king’s right-hand man, Mahendra, is the Sindhura kingdom’s Prime Minister. Even though he knows Gadevi is not the ideal person for the kingdom, he must still support him because he made a pledge to serve him. Indian civilization places a high value on oath and loyalty, and Mahendra shows this via his actions.

12. Jaswant (Arslan Senki)

As Mahendra’s stepson, Jaswant has proven to be an exemplary son and staunch ally of the Kingdom of Sindhura throughout his life. He has a strong moral compass and an equally strong sense of fairness. He never neglects his responsibilities, and he does it with full dedication.

13. Aishwarya Rai (Digimon)

When the artificial life forms known as Digimon were created, she was part of a group of people known as Monster Makers. Yamaki and the other Monster Makers enlist her assistance, and she goes on to aid both those children and those monsters they previously created. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, an Indian actress who was crowned Miss World in 1994, is likely the inspiration for her character’s name.

14.  Agni (Kuroshitsuji)

Agni (Kuroshitsuji)

Japanese anime Kuroshitsuji also features a large number of Indian characters, places and references in it. Brahmins make up the bulk of the cast, and one of them is Agni, one of the show’s central figures. After meeting Prince Soma, he was able to see God in Soma and return to his religion. Like the word “fire” in his name, he is friendly, warm, and welcome. Indian deity Agni Dev bears his name as well.

15. Prince Soma Asman Kadar (Kuroshitsuji)

In addition to being a prince of Bengal, Soma Asman Kadar is also the Raja of Bengal’s 26th child. Soma, the youngest of the family, received little attention and care from both of his parents because he was the only child. Mina, a royal servant, was under his care. Soma aided Agni in adopting a new identity and a new name while also encouraging him to give up his old ways. He is a lovable and charismatic person who enjoys spending time with others.

16. Mina (Kuroshitsuji)

As a royal maid, she cared for Prince Soma while he was a youngster, but she later married Harold West Jeb and fled India. In the beginning, she looks to be a warm, kind, and caring person, but she has hidden motives and is self-centered. The “wealthy wife” in England is what she left India for. Then there’s the fact that she has a crush on Harold West, too.

17. Ramdas (Little Princess Sarah)

Sarah Crewe is the central character in the historical novel Little Princess Sarah, which is set in British India. Ramdas is Sarah Crewe’s personal servant. He exudes charm, compassion, and goodness. He goes out of his way to assist Sarah in every way he can.

18. Jerry (D.Gray-Man)

D.Gray-Man is another anime that features a large number of characters of Indian descent. One of these people is Jerry. Jerry’s parents were Muay Thai fighters, but he prefers to cook. Consequently, he sets off on a mission to improve his cooking talents before joining the Black Order.

19. Urmina (D.Gray-Man)

When Cross and Allen first met with the Maharaja in India, she was his widow. She was also a fan of Cross’s who dated him.

20. Narain (D.Gray-Man)

Narain is one of Allen’s buddies who later becomes a demon and is murdered by Allen as fate would have it.

21. Amitabh Kapoor (Darker Than Black)

For Amitabh Kapoor, the Heaven and Hell gate has given him superhuman powers, making him a contractor. In the event that his own is destroyed, he makes use of the body of Nori Ukiyama. In India, Amitabh Kapoor’s name is regarded as one of the country’s most prestigious.

22. Sharna Alamgir (Hayate The Combat Butler)

Sharna is an Indian transfer student who has a lot to offer. Fumi’s best friend, she attends Hakuo Academy. In addition to her long black hair and eyeglasses, she exudes the persona of a geek. While in Turkey with Fumi, she also takes the “Silk Road” to India.

23. Meena (Dinosaur King)

Despite being an Indian princess, Meena wishes she wasn’t. She hopes to discover her prince charming by swimming all the way to the mouth of the Ganga River and exploring all the way to its mouth. To aid Max and Rex in their search for a dinosaur, she swapped places with Zoe and the D-team near the palace. Her badge made her the only individual to join the D-Team as an official member.

24. Éclair (Fairy Tail)

The way she dresses, her sari, bangles, and overall wardrobe are all typical of an Indian woman, even though she doesn’t have any Indian ancestry. When the time comes, Éclair must give the Phoenix Stone to its rightful owner. In order to protect the Phoenix Stone, she will do whatever it takes.

25. Janet Bai (Black Lagoon)

Janet Bai is an expert counterfeiter of Indian currency. When it comes to her work, she doesn’t give a damn about the time or money constraints.

26. Bishamonten (Noragami)

One of the ‘Seven Gods of Fortune’, Bishamonten is a deity. War and warriors are her specialties. The reimagined Vaishravan, the punisher of sinners, is her counterpart. Mahayana Buddhism’s Four Heavenly Kings inspire her. Despite her status as a deity of war, she is surprisingly hospitable to those who come to her for help.

27. Vinsmoke Judge (One Piece)

He is known as Garuda, or Vinsmoke Judge, and is monarch of the Germa Kingdom. Buddhism’s golden bird and Hinduism’s king of birds, Garuda Dev, are both known as “Garuda.”

28. Lancer Of Red (Fate/Apocrypha)

In Fate/Apocrypha, Lancer of Red, also known as ‘Karna,’ is a powerful character. The Indian epic Mahabharat’s hero Karna served as a major inspiration for Lancer of Red. Golden armor adorns Lancer, like Karna’s in the Mahabharat. The ‘Brahmastra’ and many other elements in Fate/Apocrypha draw inspiration from the Mahabharata.

29. Enma (YuYu Hakusho)

Enma is the series’ God of Death. For those seeking to join paradise, Enma serves as the final arbiter. He takes his cue from the Hindu God of Death, Yamaraj. As intimidating as he appears, he also has a gentler side to him. You will adore him if you are just since he rewards individuals according to their Dharma and conduct.

30. Ganesha (DanMachi)

In the DanMachi anime, Ganesha is a muscular character with a red elephant mask. He wears gold-themed clothing and is flashy. The safety of the people is the most important thing to him, and he will stop at nothing to ensure that they are kept safe. Ganesha, an elephant-headed Hindu deity known as the defender and hurdle remover, is the inspiration for his character.

31. Akira Agarkar Yamada (Tsuritama)

Mysterious and isolated, Akira is rarely seen in public. However, he is actually a D.U.C.K. spy. While the rest of the characters are younger than him, he is elderly and wears a turban.

32. Mina Kandswamy (Darker Than Black)

PANDORA scientist Mina Kandaswami is working with the Syndicate on Hell’s Gate research. A highly educated woman, she is the PANDORA’s top researcher and often puts her own research on hold in order to assist Hei with missions.