22 Best Kodi Anime That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Kodi Anime

The best Kodi anime addons may be found by searching for them on the internet. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to watch anime on Kodi using the most recent and most widely used addons. Kodi is a great place to find a wide variety of high-quality anime. For anime and other video entertainment, Kodi is the best choice. To watch anime on Kodi, follow this guide.

Many anime enthusiasts now use Kodi to watch HD anime on their smartphones and televisions, and it’s easy to see why. Anime fans will enjoy it, as would anyone who enjoys Japanese animation in general. All of the most popular anime series and episodes may be found here. Popular anime programs like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are available to view. You may watch the entire series in order on Kodi’s anime addons for free by following the naruto watch order. You can watch your favorite anime and cartoons on Kodi thanks to a plethora of high-quality addons. There is no way you can tell which one is the best unless you are an expert in the industry.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve narrowed down a handful of the finest addons for anime on Kodi to assist you in making an informed decision. You can find the greatest anime addons for Kodi in 2022 in this article.

Anime and cartoons are family-friendly, therefore if you have children, you should watch them. Anime is both amusing and educational, and it does both at the same time.

Anime and Cartoons addons are also available in a vast variety, much like other categories. Some of these addons may already be installed, but they may not be suitable for Anime content. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best Kodi addons for anime fans.

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Best Anime Kodi Addons 2022

To make it easier for our readers to find anime addons, I’ve compiled a list of all the presently active anime addons. The greatest Kodi addons for anime are listed here, along with a link to a step-by-step guide for installation.

1. Kaito

During my search for the most recent anime addons for Kodi, I discovered Kaito. It’s a well-liked Kodi addon anime, as evidenced by the positive ratings and endorsements from actual users.

Kodi 19 Matrix users will be happy to know that this addon is totally compatible with their version of the software. With the newer version of Kodi, this is the best place to begin. The Kaito addon is a new one, therefore some sources may not be up to date. Keep your patience with Kaito and you will soon be content.

When it comes to finding new anime to watch, there are plenty of options with the Kaito anime addon. These include categories like “Airing” and “Latest addition” as well as “English Dubbed” and “Trending” as well as “Anime of the Season.” More alternatives like this can be found in the Kaito Kodi anime repo

2. FANime

Updates to FANime, an older addon, occur on a regular basis. The most recent version of this classic anime addon is entirely compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix. Like previous add-ons, this one is unique. This add-content on’s can only be accessed with the use of a PIN.

Watching nonstop stuff for the next four hours will be possible after you enter the PIN. On this site you may find everything from the most recent episodes of your favorite shows to A-Z lists of all of your favorite subgenres.

3. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is a Kodi plugin that lets you watch anime straight from your media center. Gogoanime is the place to go if you want to get your hands on some real anime. Gogoanime.com’s material is scraped by this app. Installing this add-on will allow you to view HD-quality anime in English dubs and subbeds for free.

There are sections for the most popular anime, current anime, the most seen anime, the most viewed content, the most popular anime genres, and so on.

4. Big Toons

Both anime and cartoons can be found at Big Toon. The Origin Repository holds it. With the aid of this anime addon for Kodi, you can watch anime, cartoons, dubbed content, movies, and television series. Experts believe it to be one of the best and most sought-after addons for anime and cartoon fans.

5. Netflix (Anime content category)

Unlike other unofficial Kodi anime addons, Netflix is always available to give you the greatest pleasure of watching anime on your home device. This is why Netflix has been added to this category.

Aggretsuko, Devilman Crybaby, and many other original anime series are now being produced by Netflix. Netflix has a wide selection of anime made by a variety of companies. If you already have an account with Netflix, you can use that to access the add-on.

6. Hummingbird

As its name suggests, Hummingbird is an addon that gathers stuff from all over the Internet. In terms of Kodi anime addons, Hummingbird is a relatively fresh entry. In the event that you have previously utilized the Masternai addon, which is no longer supported, Masternai is the best replacement.

Kitsu, FanartTV, AniList, MyNimeList, and a few other well-known anime sites are among the many sources it scrapes. Anime by Season, Anime by Genres, Anime by Year of Release, Highest Rated Anime, and many more are included in the list of categories.

7. YouTube (Anime Video Content & Cartoons)

You don’t even have to mention YouTube because it’s a great location to watch anime movies and TV shows. Everything from music to movies to TV shows to sports to animation can be found on YouTube. It’s possible that YouTube is the greatest place to learn about other anime addons if you’ve never used one before. It has a lot of anime-related material.

The official Kodi repository can be used to install the YouTube addon on Kodi. On any PC, laptop, or other device running any OS, you can get YouTube working with the official Kodi repository. The official Kodi repository has it.

8. Q Continuum

Q Continuum is completely supported in the latest Kodi 19 Matrix. While it isn’t a solely dedicated anime addon, it is a comprehensive Kodi addon that offers a wide range of anime options. This is a new Kodi addon that lets you fast view your favorite anime series in HD.

Additionally, the Q Continuum add-on has sections for movies, television series, standup comedy, kids section, sports and much more.

9. WatchNixtoons2

WatchNixtoons2 is located in the Incursion repository and can be accessible from Incursion if you are familiar with it. Multiple divisions and categories make it a fantastic Kodi addon. You may view ongoing series, dubbed anime, cartoon list, cartoon favorites, subtitled anime, OVA series, TV shows, and movies.

Compatibility with Kodi 19 Matrix is guaranteed. You’ll be able to find the newest releases, as well as the most well-known anime series as well as dubs, cartoons, and subs.

10. Funimation Now Addon

A popular Kodi addon for watching cartoons and anime is Funimation NOW. Kodi’s Blamo repository houses this plugin. There are numerous sections, including most popular, dubbed vs. subsubbed anime, movies and more.

It is the most popular addon in the United States since it constantly updates with new episodes of the best anime series. Crunchyroll is now the official partner of the addon, which means it may now be used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

11. Ares Anime

At this time, Ares Anime Kodi addon is available for use in good functional order. One of the greatest anime addons for Kodi, it has a wide range of anime sectors from which you may find the best videos..

For a long time, the Ares team has been known for delivering high-quality addons. Ares is the finest place to go to find the best addons for your unending gaming pleasure. The Kodil repository has this addon.

12. SoggySandwich

SoggySandwich is not a popular or well-known Kodi addon, but you’ll enjoy it. After you add this addition to your collection, you’ll be able to discover all of its hidden features. This Kodi addon, Soggy Sandwich, can help you satisfy your craving for superb anime.

In addition, you may watch Japanese TV shows with the Soggy Sandwich Kodi Anime addon and learn more about the culture of the Japanese people.

13. Exodus Redux

Exodus is a name that should be very known to everyone who uses Kodi. The Exodus Redux Kodi addon is well-known for its movie and television content, but it also has a small anime area. Exodus Redux is the fork of the legendary Exodus, a magnificent name in the Movies additions.

This addon lets you to view popular anime Movies, including Howl Moving Castle and Akira. Although this addon does not include any of the most popular anime series, the material it does contain is intriguing.

14. Anime On Demand

To satisfy your cravings for Anime entertainment, use the “Anime on Demand” Kodi add-on instead. While it’s a great name in the world of anime addons, there’s nothing for free here. The best way to use it is to have a membership. However, it is well worth the monthly fee. Anime from Germany can be found here.

Netflix for Anime Dubbed and subbed anime can be found among the Kodi addons. All of the sections are well labeled. It is possible to see this addon’s material on its website if you are unable to access this addon.

15. Chocolate Salty Balls

Chocolate Salty Balls Addon is the best choice for American cartoon fans looking for a new show to enjoy. However, it is excellent for watching American cartoons with this addon.

This collection has a lot of options if you’re not in the mood for cartoons and Anime addons.

16. Cartoons On

The Cartoons On Kodi addon is a must-have for anyone who wants to watch anime and cartoons at the same time. This add-on is ideal for anime fans who want to watch both subtitled and dubbed episodes. This isn’t all that fantastic, but it can be used in the absence of any better options.

17. Polaris

Polaris isn’t a Kodi addon that’s solely dedicated to anime. In order to make use of the various video playlists, it has been included. Anime is only one of many video segments seen here. In fact, the add-on is still in its early stages of development, and many other features are on the way.

Anime, Karaoke, Blast from the Past, and Car Addicts are just a few examples of the many categories you’ll find within. For additional information on the Polaris addon, please check back here soon.

18. 7 of 9 Addon

It’s another one-stop shop with a slew of different entertainment options. With so many possibilities, you’re sure to find something you like. The Diamond repository provides access to seven of the nine. For your entertainment, there are both family and IPTV categories to choose from. Listed below are a number of useful links for configuring and personalizing your computer. Trakt lists are compatible with it.

Additionally, you get access to a variety of movies, TV shows, kids programming, news, MyTrakt playlists and playlists of your own creations, as well as live TV, documentaries and a slew of other options through this service.

19. Brettus Anime

Brettus Anime is a steadfast Kodi addon for enjoying anime on-demand. In the Brettus Builds Repo, a well-known repository for high-quality Kodi addons, you’ll find this addon. Categories for prominent anime genres may be found right at your fingertips with this app.

All kinds of anime are available at Brettus Anime, including subtitled, dubbed, and overseas anime.

In the Brettus Builds Repo, you can find Brettus Anime: https://www.midian.appboxes-co/repo2/.

To get Brettus Anime on Kodi, follow these steps: It can be installed by clicking this link.

20. Cypher 9 Kodi Anime Addon

An all-in-one Kodi anime addon, Cypher 9 caters to the needs of anime enthusiasts. Many other areas are available in the addon, including the most recent shows, the most popular dubbed shows, and more.

Search and settings options are also available to help you find what you’re looking for more quickly.

Cypher9’s content is well scheduled and performs flawlessly, so you won’t have any troubles while utilizing it.

21. Cartoon Online

In the Cartoons online Kodi addon, there is a noticeable amount of anime. Streaming your favorite content without any buffering is possible thanks to this app The Cartoons Online Kodi addon may be found in the Super repositories. You may get everything from dubbed anime to cartoons to movies to current series here.

22. AnimeFTW.tv

Even though it may be the first choice for all anime aficionados, AnimeFTW.tv does not offer any free content. There is only a free trial available, and if you want to continue watching the cartoons, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

Because AsAnimeftw.TV is a premium service, you can expect high-definition video and audio. Subtitled and dubbed versions of media are readily available for viewing.