10 Best Dancing Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Dancing Anime Characters

The visual nature of the medium allows these figures to express themselves through motion.

A wide range of artists and genres may be seen in anime, from manga authors and illustrators to poets and novelists. Some of the most successful anime programs have even incorporated dancing, whether it be traditional or modern.

Performing a series of motions in a way that is appealing to the eye and performed for the enjoyment of the performer or their audience is commonly referred to as dancing. As a child, for many, dance was something they began and grew to enjoy, while for others, it was something they began later in life and fell in love with. Dancing is a passion for a number of anime characters, regardless of how it came to be.

10. T.K Loves To Dance While Fighting And Even His Catchphrases Are Dance-Related (Angel Beats!)

T.K (Angel Beats!)

A unique character from the anime series Angel Beats! is T.K, a high schooler with unresolved issues in the afterlife.

Nobody understands what he’s saying since he speaks in illogical phrases and frequently refers to English pop culture. As one of the most intriguing aspects of T.K., no one knows who he is or even his genuine name.

Everyone knows that he enjoys dancing and has a lot of talent in that area. When he’s in battle, he’ll even dance to distract the enemy, which makes for some hilarious scenes. “C’mon, let’s dance!” “Feel the groove guy,” and “Don’t stop dancing” are just some of T.K.’s most popular words.

9. Ahiru Is A Duck That Can Transform Into A Talented And Beautiful Ballet Dancer (Princess Tutu)

Princess Tutu’s primary character, Ahiru, is a kindhearted and pleasant person with a rare skill. She can shift into a human girl with the mystical pendant she wears around her neck. Princess Tutu is her pseudonym when she is a child.

This transformation into a beautiful and gifted ballet dancer has the goal of helping to alleviate grief and conflict in the hearts of all she comes into contact with. She enjoys dancing and helping others. It’s no surprise that she utilizes her powers to assist a Prince recover the shards of his broken heart.

8. Nagihiko Fujisaki Comes From A Family Of Dancers With An Unusual Custom (Shugo Chara!)

Nagihiko Fujisaki (Shugo Chara!)

Shugo Chara! features a character named Nagihiko Fujisaki. as well as the male counterpart to Nadeshiko Fujisaki Unless he’s being teased for acting like a girl, Nagihiko maintains a cool demeanor. If that is the case, he has no qualms about getting even.

Males in the Fujisaki family are traditionally raised as females in order to play female roles in traditional Japanese dance. Nagihiko is a gifted Japanese dancer who devotes a lot of his time and energy to improving his craft, which he and his family take great pride in.

7. Mint Aizawa Is A Talented Ballet Dancer Who Became A Prima Ballerina (Tokyo Mew Mew)

The protagonist of Tokyo Mew Mew is Mint Aizawa. She was the second Mew Mew (girls who are implanted with the DNA of endangered creatures and must protect the Earth from invaders) to be introduced. The blue lorikeet’s DNA was implanted into her.

She was a great dancer from an early age. In order to show off her skills, she would attend ballet performances and shows. In spite of her inexperience, she was quickly promoted to Prima Ballerina owing to her exceptional abilities.

6. Kiyoharu Hyoudou Is Often Referred To As A Monster Who Dominates Several Dancing Divisions (Welcome To The Ballroom)

Kiyoharu Hyoudou (Welcome To The Ballroom)

As a junior high school student, Kiyoharu Hyoudou attends the Ogasawara Dance Studio, a ballroom dancing school, in addition to his schoolwork. In addition to being a great dancer, he won the JDSF Grand Prix, earning the nickname “Monster” for being so successful across multiple divisions.

His enthusiasm for dance offers him enormous happiness, even if he is perceived as cold and aloof. His desire to improve as a dancer is so strong that he is always eager to put in the extra effort.

5. Hiyoko Saionji Comes From A Family Of Well-Known Dancers (Danganronpa: The Animation)

To describe Hiyoko Saionji’s dancing prowess, one can say she is the “ultimate traditional dancer.” Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 77-B also includes Hiyoko. She was a participant in the Killing School Life game that took place at this school.

Heiress to Japan’s most prestigious clan, she is frequently seen doing Japanese folk dancing both domestically and abroad. Her ancestors are also noted for their ability to dance. Because of her adorable beauty and impressive abilities, she frequently draws large crowds.

4. Kimi Aoi Uses Dancing In Combat As A Form Of Defense (Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere)

Kimi Aoi (Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere)

Students at Musashi Ariadust Academy, one of Japan’s most prestigious military and general education schools, are known as “Kimi Aoi.” Clever Sister, she’s not very skilled at dealing with spirits and follows the God of Eroticism and Dancing.

In Japan, someone who performs traditional Japanese dances is known as a Shirabyoushi. As a result, she possesses a unique set of combat talents based on dance. Depending on how much fun she has amusing her foe, her abilities will improve. Due to her speed, her dancing actually produces barriers that can protect her from her opponent’s strikes.

3. Yuri Katsuki Was A Ballet Dancer Before Taking His Moves Onto The Ice (Yuri!!! On Ice)

It is the figure skater from the anime series, Yuri!!! On Ice who is the protagonist of this section of the story. Because he is so easily knocked off his feet and distraught if he loses, he is regarded as the figure skater with the world’s largest heart of glass.

He began his training in ballet, but his teacher encouraged him to switch to figure skating. Yuri is a versatile performer who excels on and off the rink in a variety of types of dance. In addition, he enjoys what he performs and grows in confidence as a dancer as a result.

2. Hinako Kujou Is A Dancer Who’s Following Her Dreams And Staying True To Her Beliefs (Devil Survivor 2: The Animation)

Hinako Kujou (Devil Survivor 2 The Animation)

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation’s Hinako Kujou is a playable character. The reason she joins JP’s, an organization that investigates geomagnetism, is because she wants to assist others. When it comes to human decency and caring for others, Hinako is all in.

She refuses to shift out of her less-than-modest dance attire because it wouldn’t have the same effect on the audience. She is always striving to achieve her goals as a dancer. Her first dance lesson is in traditional Japanese dancing, which she quickly masters.

1. Hana N. Fountainstand Moved To Japan And Fell In Love With Yosakoi (Hanayamata)

Hanayamata’s protagonist, Hana N. Fountainstand, is a well-known character. As a young woman who has recently relocated to Japan, she makes friends with a local named Naru. Hana is then introduced to the Yosakoi realm by Naru. Yosakoi is a traditional Japanese dance that is frequently seen at fairs and other gatherings.

She is a vivacious young lady who is captivated by all things Yosakoi. As long as she has the want to dance, she will go to any lengths to do so. A huge fan, she sets out to build a Yosakoi Club that she hopes will be a huge success.