10 Blue Eyed Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

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Blue is a very attractive hue for the eyes. Between 8% and 10% of the world’s population has blue eyes, according to Healthline. Europeans, especially those from Scandinavia, are more likely to have blue eyes.

Blue-eyed people are seen as kind, engaging, and appealing.

MaL was used to compile this list, which features the most popular blue-eyed cuties.

10. Chitoge Kirisaki

Chitoge Kirisaki (Nisekoi)

A Japanese anime called “Nisekoi” has been released.

Nisekoi, a popular harem anime, features a charming female lead named Chitoge.

It’s because she’s human that people like her character design: she has flaws, dreams, makes mistakes, and wants to improve herself.

9. Chika Fujiwara

I challenge you to name one individual who doesn’t adore Chika. I understand that she can be a bit of a nuisance, but she’s more like a class clown than anything else.

In spite of her flaws, Chika is adorable, amusing and full of life. She also happens to be an excellent friend.

8. Miku Nakano

Miku Nakano

To begin, how do we begin this one…

The Quintessential Quintuplets’ Miku is the undisputed waifu of the franchise.

Her shyness, lack of interest in appearances and social awkwardness make her a perfect match for the male protagonist. After that, we witness her feigning shyness about her feelings for him and doing her best to win him over—fighting fair and square.

7. Yukino Yukinoshita

The combination of Yukino’s stunning looks and charming demeanor is what immediately draws you to her.

The nickname Ice Queen is a play on her aloof and a little awkward demeanor. Yukino is a sweet and friendly person underneath this chilly exterior, but she needs to warm up a bit before she can be trusted.

6. Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka (Fate Stay Night)

Why do we all have such a soft spot for tsundere girls?

The Master of Archer (Servant) of the Fifth Holy Grail War is this tsundere. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at this Fate series article.

When it comes to those she cares about, her icy beauty can be utterly endearing.

5. Asuka Langley Sohryu

Animation: Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Asuka spent a long time preparing to fly the Evangelion. She wears the A10 nerve clip in her hair almost always to show off her status as an Eva pilot.

While Asuka appears to be confident and proud, she is in fact an extroverted mess. A broken and hurt woman is putting on a brave face in order to appear strong. She’s one of the best-written characters in anime because of all of these characteristics.

4. Kaori Miyazono

Kaori Miyazono from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Anime: April Fool’s Day

In her third year atSumiya Junior High School, Kaori is a talented violinist and a member of the orchestra.

For just as she is a self-confident and outgoing person, so is her music.

When it comes to others, she’s sensitive and understanding, yet she can also be short-tempered.

3. Violet Evergarden

In the anime Violet Evergarden,

Since her service in the military had come to an end, Violet has been acting like a doll, incapable of feeling anything other than boredom.

While attempting to learn more about human emotions, she takes on the role of an Auto Memory doll (a person who writes for others).

Throughout the series, she transforms from a cold and calculating Auto Memory doll to an empathetic person who is able to portray the emotions of her clients in their letters.

2. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara From Bakemonogatari

Monogatari: The Movie

According to MaL, she is one of the most popular gals.

Hitagi, despite her appearance, is a gorgeous, intelligent, and witty person who will taunt and mock you at every opportunity. She is, after all, the queen of wit!

As much as I can understand why some might think her humor is tsun-like, I can assure you that this is not the case.

1. Rem

Re:Zero is an anime series.

When it comes to waifu polls, Rem is always at the top of the list.

Despite the fact that she has an adorable design, her popularity isn’t based on that. She is regarded as the ideal waifu because of her unwavering devotion to the male protagonist, even after he has rejected her. In addition, she is an Oni maid with a mace who can kick ass.

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