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Cancer Anime Characters

It is said that persons born under the sign of Cancer have a homely, sensitive nature and are easily offended. Many anime characters fall within this category.

From MBTI personality types to Dungeons & Dragons alignments to astrological signs, anime fans can identify the characters in Japanese anime in a variety of different ways. The astrological signs of some anime characters are perfectly reflected in their on-screen personas, whereas the signs of others are not.

Horoscopes and anime characters can be approached in a different way. For the sake of convenience, anime fans can just look at an astrologer’s chart to see what sign they fall under, regardless of when they were born. On characters who don’t have an exact date of birth, this strategy is also quite effective. Now, which anime characters are best suited to the Cancer zodiac sign?

1. Tohru Honda Cares Deeply For Others (Fruits Basket)

Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Cancer People born under the water sign of the crab have a keen sense of intuition and are sensitive to the feelings of those around them. When it comes to family, comfort, and a quiet environment, cancers are known for their predilection for the latter. To avoid the turbulence of the world, they hunker down like crabs.

Heroine Tohru Honda is a wonderful Cancer. She is a compassionate person who is willing to put herself in harm’s way to aid someone else in need. She’s also an excellent cook and can transform any property into a real home.

2. Izumi Miyamura Is Welcome In Any Home (Horimiya)

In the eyes of some, Izumi Miyamura appears to be a punk or a loser, but he is in fact a quietly “edgy” child. At school, he appears gloomy and a nuisance, yet Izumi is a happy and cheery guy who can put anyone at ease.

The Cancer-like nature of Izumi makes him a natural fit in any family, making everyone feel like they’re part of the family again. Since his family runs a bakery, he’s also a competent cook and baker. Kyoko Hori, his lover, is always surprised by his antics.

3. Hitohito Tadano Is Deeply Attuned To The Needs Of Others (Komi Can’t Communicate)

Hitohito Tadano (Komi Can't Communicate)

The story of Komi Can’t Communicate revolves around the life of an average high school student named Hitohito Tadano. He’s not much of a nerd, jock, punk, or any of those other labels. However, this is actually his greatest asset, as it allows him to focus on the needs of others instead of his own.

When it comes to his bashful new friend Shoko, Hito is borderline psychic in his ability to read the needs and thoughts of others. Cancers are known for their keen sensitivity to the needs and thoughts of others. Aside from being a great host to his guests, Hitohito is also a Cancer in every other way.

4. Futaro Uesugi Is A Great Tutor (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

As far as astrological signs go, Futaro Uesugi may be regarded as a combination of Libra and Leo. The best way to characterize him is as a Cancer, a kind and compassionate young man who can offer solace to anyone in need.

In his role as tutor to the five Nakano sisters, Futaro’s Cancer side emerges as he works to get to know each of the ladies on a personal level and to better comprehend their emotional states. At home, he’s a calming influence on his younger sister Raiha, who looks up to him greatly.

5. Megumi Tadokoro Loves Home-Style Cooking (Food Wars!)

Megumi Tadokoro (Food Wars!)

Despite her shyness and talent, Megumi Tadokoro, a Cancer, joined in Totsuki Culinary Arts School to further her education and discover her full potential. When it comes to her Cancer side, Megumi shows it best in her cooking and her motherly hospitality, both of which she learned from.

Megumi’s emotional sensitivity and selflessness make her a perfect match for Cancer’s emphasis on home comforts. Like many Cancers, she can be shy and reserved at first, but with time, she’s able to build solid relationships.

6. Ryuji Takasu Has Serious Domestic Skills (Toradora!)

Ryuji Takasu’s stern and frightening eyes lead most people to believe that he is a tough-talking punk, and they avoid him. The inside of Ryuji is a cute Cancer crab, like Izumi Miyamura, and he is adored by his friends and family because of it. He’s a pleasure to be around.

It’s not uncommon for Ryuji to be forced to run the household and cook all of his mother’s meals, just like a genuine Cancer. He’s also generous and considerate, with a keen awareness of the needs of others around him.

7. Mr. Yoshimura Runs A Cozy Café & Is Sympathetic To Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Mr. Yoshimura (Tokyo Ghoul)

This character is unusual in Tokyo Ghoul, but it isn’t unheard of in many other anime series. Mr. Yoshimura, an elderly ghoul who manages a café by the name of Anteiku, is the Cancer in this story. Most of Anteiku’s employees look up to him as an uncle or grandfather figure.

Café Yoshimura is a safe haven for humans and ghouls alike, making Mr. Yoshimura an exemplary Cancer in the eyes of the game’s players. Mr. Yoshimura, who hires problematic young ghouls like Ken Kaneki, is particularly kind to them. He was Ken’s lifeline early on.

8. Trisha Elric Is A Soothing Cancer (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

As a mother to two sons, Trisha Elric is a contented woman who enjoys taking pride in the successes of her husband and sons. The only thing Trisha Elric possessed that Van Hohenheim lacked was alchemy and the analytical mind of a scientist.

Just a few words from Trisha were all that was needed to grasp Hohenheim’s plight and bring him to tears of joy. She was also a strict housewife who adored her sons, and her death from an illness left a huge void in the family.

9. Princess Shuna Loves The Peaceful Life (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Princess Shuna (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Even though she is one of the six remaining ogres, Princess Shuna prefers that her brother Benimaru handle the actual battling to protect Rimuru City. Shuna prefers quiet activities like weaving, organizing formal parties, and dressing Rimuru in new outfits.

In Shuna’s company, you’ll find that she is a kind and friendly person who is capable of making any abode feel like home, even if the occupants are goblins, orcs, dire wolves, or Lizard-men. Additionally, she is an extremely compassionate person who can empathize with anyone who is going through a difficult time.

10. Mirajane Strauss Is Comforting But Sometimes Pinches (Fairy Tail)

Despite being one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful wizards, Mirajane Strauss is a modest individual. As a matter of fact, Mirajane is happiest when the guildhall is peaceful, and she frequently offers her services as a barmaid and waitress. Cancers are known for their generosity, and she enjoys serving others in this role.

Also, Mirajane is a comforter and empathizer, and she’s eager to provide a helping hand to anyone who’s in need of some encouragement from a big sister figure like her. People that anger or antagonize cancers are known to “pinch” them, and Mirajane isn’t hesitant to employ a spanking if necessary.