10 Best Host Club Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Host Club Anime Characters

If you’re looking for love and fun in high school, the Ouran Host Club is a great place to start.

Ouran High School Host Club, a popular teen romance anime that aired for one season in 2006, is all about falling in love. “Reverse-harem” (as one bright 4-year old calls it in the episode) is aimed to ensure that everyone at the school has a love partner. Because Kyoya and Tamaki are both suited to the guest who like the “Cool Type,” Kyoya is her option. In the event that neither of the above choices appeals to her, Haruhi is most likely her go-to host.

Of course, the problem is that these characters’ personalities outside of the club are rather different from their Host personas, which is problematic. Girls may fantasize about dating them and it being great but the reality is that some of them are definitely more difficult to be in a relationship with than others. Ouran High School Host Club’s 10 main characters are graded in order of how enticing they are to a potential suitor.

1. Mitskuni “Honey” Haninozuka

Mitskuni 'Honey' Haninozuka

Honey-senpai is, in fact, the cutest thing you’ll ever meet. He’s kind and fond of cake, but he’s also loyal and direct with his friends when the situation calls for it. However, despite the fact that he is legally eighteen years old, he still behaves like a child. That alone should prevent most people from wanting to date him on the surface, but even if they could get over that, the logistics would be more problematic.

If you’re looking for a lover, Honey’s degree of maturity (or lack thereof) would necessitate regular care and attention. Moreover, he has a strong emotional connection to his cousin Mori, and it would be difficult for him to compete for attention there.

2. Umehito Nekozawa

Even for those who consider themselves relationship “fixers,” Nekozowa-senpai would be too much of a challenge to date. Students at Ouran should look for another emo male who enjoys the occult and prefers to go out at night rather than during the day because Nekozowa’s penchant to skulk around and his literal allergy to sunlight would likely make him difficult to date.

Perhaps a student who was interested in dating him should wait until he has a secure relationship with his younger sister before pursuing a relationship with him.

3. Renge Houshakuji

Renge Houshakuji

People may wonder why they’re dating Renge even though no one is going to warn them not to. Renge Houshakuji is a sweetheart who genuinely cares about the well-being of those around her (even if she has to coach them through it step-by-step).

While she’s a fan of pricey cosplay, dating sims, and high-maintenance relationships, she’d definitely be the most demanding girlfriend any Ouran boy could dream…

4. Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru is a nice man, despite his tendency to cause mischief. For those who enjoy a good joke, his mischievousness may be a lot of fun. When Hikaru wants to go on a date with Haruhi, he reveals how emotionally immature he is.

He’s not good at expressing himself, and being separated from his twin brother makes him much worse. Hikaru isn’t the best dating option for any of the Ouran students until he matures emotionally and learns to let go of his attachment to Kaoru.

5. Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori appears to be the ideal boyfriend, but he’s actually a lot cooler and more calculated than he lets on to his visitors. There are times when even his ice-cold attitude might be a mask.

Kyoya is a difficult person to understand. When it’s not necessary, he puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the greatest, because of his upbringing and his family’s expectations of him. Still, it’s evident that he truly cares about the people he works with and will go to tremendous lengths to make them happy without ever taking credit for their efforts. It’s not the worst alternative to date for the student who has decided to try to go to his emotional center.

6. Haruhi Fujioka

When it comes to Haruhi, you get exactly what you pay for. She’s not the type to play games or stress about labels; not even those pertaining to her gender faze her at all. There’s a reason she’s a favorite of the club’s hosts – she’s kind, caring, and sincere, with a large heart and intelligence to match.

Yes, Haruhi Fujioka is a dateable girl, but only if the person who wants to date her can get her attention. She’s completely oblivious to even the most overt displays of devotion. As long as you don’t mind that she’s primarily focused on one thing, and it’s not romance, she’s a fantastic partner.

7. Kaoru Hitachiin

Kaoru Hitachiin

Kaoru, on the other hand, suffers from fewer of the same problems as his brother. The two of them are inseparable, and he doesn’t want their time together to come to an end. Even so, he’s far more emotionally mature and self-aware than Hikaru is. He even realizes that he and his brother will have to grow up and rely on others.

Hikaru has a long way to go before he’s ready to go on a date with him, but even he can see that. Kaoru would be a wonderful boyfriend who is both lovely and supportive, as well as someone who isn’t afraid to pull a few pranks every now and again.

8. Tamaki Suoh

Is Tamaki being overly theatrical here? Yes. Just a few? You can bet on it. Deluded and manic in their enthusiasm? Most of the time. There’s no denying that dating Tamaki Suoh would be a lot of work, especially if you’re not the romantic sort. For those students who are super-romantic, dating Tamaki would be like a dream come true; and even if they aren’t, Tamaki has a heart of gold to give them.

When it comes to Tamaki’s core desire to make everyone he loves happy, he naturally places the person who holds his heart at the top of the list That’s not a bad deal for the occasional dose of drama.

9. Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka

Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka

Mori is a perfect match for anyone who is looking for a partner. In addition to being gorgeous, strong, kind, and trustworthy, I’ve found that he’s a fantastic listener as well. Mori is the most emotionally mature member of the genuine Host Club. He’s a lovely, unassuming soul. The one thing a potential partner might have to get around with Mori is his attachment and commitment to Honey, which will always come first. he says.

When someone who is courting him can promise him that he will still have enough room for his cousin and that they adore Honey as much as he did, Mori will make an excellent boyfriend. That is provided that the person courting him is willing to carry most of the dialogues in their relationship.

10. Ritsu Kasanoda

Ritsu Kasanoda, despite the fact that he isn’t a member of the Host Club, is Ouran’s most eligible bachelor. When it comes to strangers and damaged birds, his compassion is undeniable. The only thing that he truly wants to do is play games and have some fun, so he puts on a mean face.

Kasanoda would be a fantastic lover for a college student who can see past his slightly odd appearance (and the fact that he is the head of a mafia family) Even as a supporting character, he and the person he was with would be the most adorable couple on the show.