10 Best Death Note Episodes, According To IMDb Update 05/2024

Is Death Note The Best Anime

There is no doubt that Death Note is one of the best anime series of the last few decades, and we’ve compiled a list of the top ten episodes, according to IMDb.

Death Note is one of the most well-known anime series, if not the most well-known. If you’ve ever wanted to see a masterpiece, this is the anime for you. A high school boy named Light Yagami discovers the Death Note, a notebook that has the power to instantly kill anyone who writes their name in its pages. After that, Light decides to rid the world of evil by going on a killing spree.

Netflix attempted to make a live-action version of the anime once it became widely successful, but the project was met with critical and public acclaim (and possibly a sequel). If there’s no second season, fans will have to relive their favorite episodes from the first season of the anime. According to IMDb ratings, these are the top 10 episodes of the anime.

1. E09 – Encounter | 8.4/10

E09 - Encounter

The episode “Encounter” is one of the most suspenseful in the entire run of The 100. To-Oh University accepts Light as a student with the best grades. He and Hideki Ryuga, a fellow student, have to deliver a joint speech at the induction ceremony (the name is the same as that of a pop star). On the Kira case, Hideki then goes on to reveal that he is actually L, aka L, the lead detective.

In this episode, the cat-and-mouse chase had reached a new peak. Even though they’ve just met, Light feels he can’t kill L at this point because it’s too suspicious. The alias Hideki Ryaga was obvious, as was Hideki Ryaga. Light calms down, adding that if they had any evidence against L, he wouldn’t have taken such an extreme step.

2. E11 – Assault | 8.5/10

The police rush to stop Kira from allegedly broadcasting on Sakura TV, resulting in the killing of Ukita. Finally, Light’s father, Soichiro, crashes into the station and manages to bring an end to the broadcast. This Kira, however, was not Light, but a human with a Death Note, which L also deduces.

From the very beginning, this episode was jam-packed with action. Very effectively done in keeping the viewer guessing that Kira wasn’t Light, but someone else with a Death Note and Shinigami Eyes. It concludes with the appearance of fan favorite Misa Amane.

3. E23 – Frenzy | 8.6/10

E23 - Frenzy

From beginning to end, “Frenzy” is one of the show’s most action-packed episodes yet. With no luck at all killing Matsuda, Higuchi goes to Yotsuba and then Sakura TV, where the task force members have set up a trap for him in hopes of killing him. However, he manages to evade capture until he is ultimately caught on a bridge.

Another demonstration of L and Light’s strategic abilities is on display in this episode, which demonstrates exactly how far Higuchi will go to assassinate Matsuda.

4. E36 – 1.28 | 8.6/10

When Near and Light finally meet in “1.28,” the stakes are raised even higher, making this the penultimate episode of the season. Eventually, the Task Force gets at the place to meet with SPK, Near’s squad and the scheduled meeting time arrives.

Near says that he intends to expose Kira, which Light chuckles about. Light and Near have both changed the Death Note at the same time. To get their names in the genuine notebook, Mikami would have to write them down and then murder them. The episode finishes on a cliffhanger after 40 seconds when Light whispers that he has won.

5. E15 – Wager | 8.6/10

E15 - Wager

A chance to see his real name came when Misa revealed herself to L and said, “I’m Light’s girlfriend.” He finds that L has stolen Misa’s phone when she’s taken away by her manager and he tells him that Misa has been detained on charges of being the Second Kira, as her DNA had been detected on the tapes.

An subterranean bunker has been set up for Misa, where she is being kept under armed security. Rem tells her to give up control of the Death Note so that she can forget about the assassinations forever. The next day, Light tells Rem and Ryuk that he has a plan to save her.

6. E04 – Pursuit | 8.6/10

Light reveals to Ryuk that he has devised a strategy to ascertain the identity of the assailant stalking him. He and a classmate are making plans to go to Spaceworld together. After getting off the train at the station and boarding a bus, a drug dealer who is being controlled by Light gets on and is killed by Light using the abilities of the Death Note.

Just how clever, strategic, and ruthless is Light shown in this episode? Using the Death Note’s rules to his advantage, he not only uncovers the identity of the FBI agent hot on his trail but also dispels any doubts Raye had about Light’s character.

7. E07 – Overcast | 8.8/10

E07 - Overcast

“Overcast,” one of the show’s best episodes, exemplifies the writers’ and characters’ wits to the fullest. In the wake of discovering that Raye’s fiance has been using an alias, Light makes an effort to convince her to reveal him her real name, which she does. In order to get her to join the Task Force, he utilizes his eloquence and charm to persuade her to divulge her real name: Naomi Misora.

The episode once again demonstrates Light’s ruthlessness and cunning. In addition to the episode’s great script and timing, it’s a joy to see.

8. E02 – Confrontation | 8.8/10

Viewers were hooked from the show’s very first episode, which aired on episode two. This is one of the best episodes of anime because of the intriguing premise and the superb writing and voice acting. Light murders “L” when he appears on television, believing he has won.

Real L shows up on TV, and he confesses that Kira’s assailant was really an imposter named L. Kira’s position has been pinpointed by the actual L, and he will soon be captured. L and Kira’s cat-and-mouse battle of wits is on display for the first time in the show’s first episode.

9. E24 – Revival | 9.0/10

E24 - Revival

All of Higuchi’s memories come back after Light touches the Death Note. He slays Higuchi with the notepad and reclaims his title as rightful owner. Kira has returned! Light’s intention to release Misa was revealed to be the driving force behind all of this. Detectives have discovered the notebook’s existence.

Light, on the other hand, had Ryuk write two phony regulations in it, erasing all suspicion. When Misa unearths a long-lost notepad, she also reclaims some of her lost memories. Finally, L knows he is about to die and makes all of his final plans at the end.

10. E25 – Silence | 9.3/10

For many fans, “Silence” is known as the series’ best episode, and is commonly referred to as “the end of when Death Note used to be excellent.” Rem understands Light had planned this and kills Watari even if it means she will die. When L admits he aims to test the two fictitious rules for himself, Rem recognizes Light had planned this.

L is subsequently killed by Rem, who witnesses Light’s evil grin and kills him. Knowing that he was correct, he passes away quietly. Light then hides Rem’s notepad, claiming he intends to pursue the Kira investigation further.” The God of the New World is what he refers to himself as afterwards. A gratifying and appropriate conclusion so concludes the first chapter of the series.