10 Best Anime Characters With Big Swords That You Should Know Update 04/2024


Anime worlds are rife with absurdly large weaponry that have no place in real life. As a result of this, these swordsmen aren’t your typical human beings.

In battle-heavy anime, giant swords are almost a given. Everyone is always amazed by the skill and dexterity required to wield a sword that is at least as long as the wielder’s arm.

As a result of their everyday encounters with enormous foes, shonen characters must be physically and mentally strong enough to wield enormous blades. Each huge sword has a purpose, a significant name, and an even more distinctive power hidden inside its length. Only those who handle them may fully realize their potential.

10. Leraje Comes In Various Forms (Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic)

A strong djinn known as Leraje forged a contract with the Ko Empire’s Third Imperial Prince,Ren Koha, noted for her physical strength. Inside his enormous sword, he hides her. Whenever Ren uses his Djinn Equip powers, the sword’s massive black blade can transform into a variety of different weapons. Alternatively, it can be transformed into a two-sided weapon, with a scythe on one side and a hammer on the other.

9. There Are A Few Huge Swords In The Soul Society (Bleach)

Bleach’s zanpakuto are difficult weapons to wield because they include a spirit that communicates with the user. The most prevalent design is the katana, which resembles a standard sword but can have a blade as small as a dagger or as large as a cleaver.

Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zangetsu, Kenpachi Zaraki’s Nozarashi, and Ikkaku Madarame’s Hozukimaru are three of the show’s largest blades. Since of their ability to grow several times larger than their wielder, Zanpakuto are useful in warfare because they can cover more land.

8. The Dragon Slayer’s Size Is Nothing To Sneeze At (Berserk)

It has been Guts’ weapon of choice since Godot, the blacksmith, forged it for him. In the belief that it can cut through a dragon because of its size, the name was given to the creature. Guts, who has never faced a dragon, can nonetheless use this mighty blade to dispatch any foe, large or small. Dragon Slayer dwarfs Guts, who stands at about 6’6″ “Due to his childhood familiarity with huge swords, he is able to wield this weapon with ease.

7. Sanosuke’s Sword Is Similar To Guts’ Dragon Slayer (Ruroni Kenshin)

When Sanosuke Sagara was hired as a hitman by a client, he utilized a massive sword to kill his targets. Sanosuke’s sword, dubbed a “zanbato” or “horse-slaying sword,” is twice as tall as he is and has a blade that is several times as wide as a typical sword. An relic from the Onin War, the rusting metal is nearly three hundred years old. His first combat with Kenshin Himura resulted in the zanbato being destroyed. As part of his final maneuver, he slashed the enormous sword in half, putting an end to its use.

6. Kubikiribocho Is About As Fearsome As Its User (Naruto)


As far as we know, Zabuza Momochi was not the first person to handle this enormous weapon. It was first used by Juzo Biwa, one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, who was known as Kubikiribocho or the “Decapitating Carving Knife.”. During the Third Great Ninja War, Kubikiribocho was responsible for the death of numerous ninjas. It was subsequently passed on to Zabuza, a new member of the Ninja Swordsmen, who would carry on the violent heritage of Kubikiribocho.

In the shape of a giant butcher knife, it’s the size of a full-grown man. The blade of the sword has two holes drilled within for the purpose of beheading an opponent. The iron of Kubikiribocho may be regenerated by the blood of its victims after it is destroyed. Now that Suigetsu Hozuki holds the blade, it’s unclear whether or not that’s a good thing, given his past association with Orochimaru.

5. Panther Lily’s Bustermarm Is Four Times Its User’s Size (Fairy Tail)

Panther Lily’s Bustermarm is a familiar sight to fans of Fairy Tail. At roughly four times the size of Panther Lily’s humanoid form, the sword towers over him. Only the massive hilt was shown when it was first debuted in the series. As a result, it becomes a two-edged sword when its abilities are triggered. In addition to cutting through dirt and even iron, the Bustermarm can be lengthened or shortened based on the user’s requirements.

4. Yoru Helped Its Wielder Earn His Title (One Piece)

(One Piece)

His Yoru trademark weapon is what makes Dracule Mihawk one of the most powerful swordsmen in the One Piece universe. Yoru is modeled after a German sword called a “kriegsmesser,” which stands a full head taller than its 6’4″ owner.” In addition to the cryptic name, “night” refers to the blade’s dark and shiny appearance. Its cross-like hilt is designed for two-handed sword fighting, allowing Dracule to control his strokes more effectively.

3. Samehada Is A Danger To All Shinobi (Naruto)


Samehada, like Kubikiribocho, is a blade that no one wants to encounter. In addition to his enormous chakra reserves, Kisame’s use of Samehada makes him even more formidable.

Like other swords held by the Ninja Swordsmen, Samehada is sentient and enjoys “eating” chakra from powerful ninja, especially when it’s a flavorful one. In comparison to Kubikiribocho, it’s about the same size, but the blade is covered in dark blue scales that shed any damage it suffers from. As it “eats” more chakra, Samehada expands in size. The blade’s front end is even punctured by teeth.

2. Durandal Is One Of Four Prominent Swords (High School DxD)

(High School DxD)

One of the Four Holy Swords in High School DxD is Xenovia Quarta’s Durandal. Unlike the other Holy Swords, this one was fashioned with a unique combination of alchemy and magic.

Large dark blue broadsword, somewhat higher than Xenovia and gold-decorated. To the desires of its wielder, Durandal answers. The blade has a menacing and destructive aura for Xenovia, who intends to annihilate all of her opponents.

1. The Tessusaiga Is One Of The Most Famous Large Swords In Anime (Inuyasha)

“Iron-Cleaving Fang” is the name given to the “Iron-Cleaving Tessaiga” by Inuyasha. Even those who aren’t lovers of anime are familiar with Inuyasha’s massive, fur-covered blade because to the anime’s widespread appeal.

The Tessaiga has the appearance of a rusted and damaged katana when it is not in use. The barrier it creates around the user makes it impervious to pureblood demon attacks, but that doesn’t make it dangerous in any way. In use, the blade assumes a more noticeable, fang-like form. Inuyasha’s Wind Scar is his most well-known move while he is in this active state.